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Share your favorite specialty food shops, ask questions about to where to find unusual ingredients and brands, and chat with Chowhounds about local shops and products in your area.

This Chicago Spice Shop Is Epic...Literally

Tucked beneath the facade of an old menswear store, Epic Spices is unassuming at first glance. Step through the little corridor between diagrams of posters (featuring figs, cloves, and pepper), and...

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Official Alphonso Mangos 2015 discussion

by foodyDudey 6 years ago

Since it's 2015, time for a new thread! I bought a box of "jumbo" Alphonso mangos from Kohinoor on Saturday, and we ate a few on Sunday evening. The size is not much different from previous ye...

Rice paper wrappers

by foodsnobz 5 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I can find rice paper wrappers? Ones that are made with rice? Red Rose or 3 Ladies brand. Thanks.

Whole Wheat Pastry Flour: Does it exist here?

by DishyDiva 12 years ago

Where in Toronto or the GTA at large can I get whole wheat pastry flour? I'm referring specifically to flour made for baking cakes and pastries and not regular whole wheat. Please let me know i...

Rose syrup for falooda: Where can I find it, near Yonge?

by HaveSpoonWillCook 5 years ago

I'm going to be in Toronto for 24 hours, staying on Yonge near Eaton Center, with no car. Is there anywhere within walking distance, or short cab ride, that carries rose syrup (not pomegranate or ...

Best place to get Middle Eastern ingredients in Paris?

by jhyjhy 5 years ago

Hello, I am looking for stores that sell Middle Eastern ingredients. Which ones do you usually go - recommend? I am looking for sweets, spices, etc.

Looking for bomba - (paella rice) in Minneapolis

by adrenalin1 9 years ago

Can anyone help I am looking for Bomba, in Minneapolis. Previous posts to inquiries on where to buy Spanish groceries suggested it could be found at Surdyks, and Kowalski's, Whole Foods and Bill's...

Cantoro, Plymouth, DTW?

by Goneril 7 years ago

Facebook makes me think the Cantoro Italian Market is open at 5 and Haggerty. Can anyone confirm that? If so, what should we put on the shopping list for tomorrow? Thanks!

what to bring from Zabar's

by luciemom 5 years ago

A friend has offered to bring a few items from Zabar's back to San Francisco. What would you suggest? Obviously nothing large-- is the smoked fish still the best bet? Rye bread?

Chili Pepper Sauce Withdrawals

by PeterC 16 years ago

Help! Everytime I encounter bland chinese food, I dream of chili pepper sauce. I've been looking for Yank Sing chili pepper sauce at several 99 supermarkets in L.A. County. I don't think they c...

Looking for huge international market in Houston

by fantasyjoker 10 years ago

I'm moving to Houston soon, and I'm wondering if there are any huge international farmer's markets. Up here in ATL, we have this huge store called Buford Highway Farmer's Market. It has tons of pro...

Duck legs

by herbrick 8 years ago

Hanging out in Vancouver for a few days and so far my search for duck legs has come up emtpy. Lots of whole ducks but I just want the legs. Tried T&T and a few other chinese markets but no luck. An...

Where to get a pig head in the DMV?

by magnadoodle 5 years ago

I have plans to roast a whoIe pig head but I have not found a place that sells them at a super cheap price. I'm hoping to pick a 10-20 pound head for about a $1 or less per pound. Great Wall on Hun...

Weisswurst in LA?

by glutton 13 years ago

My wife and I recently visited Munich, where I introduced her to weisswurst. This sausage was a staple for me growing up, but it was her first time. It made a smashing impression on her. I know ...

Lime juice powder

by hungryann 5 years ago

Where can I find this? Would the specialty spice stores, like Anatol or Spice Station carry this? Has anybody seen this anywhere?

SM Food Market, Middletown

by drongo 6 years ago

I was sad when the Asian Food Market on Rte 35 in Middletown closed because it was more convenient for me than the new location in Marlboro. Now I see a sign for "SM Food Market" over the old locat...

Where Can I Buy Kinnie?

by GuyNamedBen 14 years ago

Does anyone out there know if there's any place around the West End of the city that sells the Maltese soft drink Kinnie? My Dad's birthday is coming up & I'd like to buy him some. I live in Miss...

Bird chilis

by femmevox 5 years ago

I didn't see these at Shalimar in Central Square, where I'd gotten them before. When I asked the woman who runs the place, she told me they can't import them anymore--they come from Thailand and ap...

ISO Kewra essence and bergamot essence

by karela 5 years ago

So, I have some "essential" shopping to do. The kewra essence is pandan FLOWER extract (otherwise I would just buy some leaves and make it) and is used mostly in North Indian/Pakistani food. Mos...

Galleries LaFayette-Food Hall Changed Dramatically

by Delucacheesemonger 6 years ago

l may be the only one did not know this but the wonderful food court at Galleries LaFayette, which l preferred to Le Bon Marche's version, both old version and new version, has also changed. Gave ...