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Thermomix? Worth it or not?

by lecker 4 years ago

After spending the weekend with friends in Italy, who were cooking with the Thermomix, my husband now wants one. I'm not so sure about its prowess and virtues. Is it like a Vita-mix that can also...

Confectionery/Using Brix Refractometer

by birdpants 12 years ago

Does anyone here have experience using a refractometer in candymaking? New to me and I want to make sure I get the right tool! Found something on eBay that measures up to 90% brix, but the "compens...

Help me love my Fagor Lux multi-cooker

by pagesinthesun 4 years ago

I finally took the leap and purchased a multi-cooker. I have a stove-top pressure cooker by Fagor, and this led to my purchase of the Fagor multi-cooker. It has It a pressure cooker, slow cooker, r...

Grain mill and flaker choices?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 4 years ago

I'm looking to grind my own flour so I'm interested in grain mills and flakers. While I would like a GrainMaker® Grain Mill and GrainMaker® Flaker Mill, I am put off by the high price and question...

Is it time to replace my Braun immersion blender?

by Kaymoz 4 years ago

There is nothing quite like my Braun immersion blender in the US market today!! I am sure others who ever had this versatile kitchen tool will agree. With a 400 watt motor, it has the power t...

Grain mill for breaking soybeans to make tempeh (moved from L.A. board)

by Tom_Fountain_Valley 9 years ago

Hi, Please recommend a grain mill that I can use to make tempeh. There are plenty of grain mills out there and I just don't know which one to buy and I hoping to avoid owning a lot of them unti...

Portable Gas Burner

by femmevox 9 years ago

I saw these in Chinatown. The label specified these were for cooking outside or in restaurant kitchens only. Has anyone used one of these? Do they get hotter than the gas burner on an ordinary g...

Experience with wine cooling units?

by OftenHungry 9 years ago

I am blaming it on habitual visits to the LCBO tasting counter (has the opposite effect of eating before grocery shopping), but I now find myself with about 15 cases of wine in the basement. Don...

Hot water urn?

by Southern Belle 4 years ago

Looking for recommendations for a hot water urn for Shabbat. I would like to try one with a spigot rather than a pump this time. I have my eye on one from Classic Kitchen but reviews are a little...

I can't take it anymore. I need a pizza oven.

by piano boy 4 years ago

I was down to 2 minutes for a margherita on my bbq but now it's winter. In Canada. I have enough space in my kitchen for a stand alone piece of equipment. Not going the wood burning direction thoug...

small chest freezer recommendation

babette feasts
by babette feasts 4 years ago

Hi, I'm looking for a small chest freezer, around 5 cubic feet, preferably energy star, and wondering if anyone had any recommendations. Any comments on Haier, Danby, GE, or other brands? Thanks!

Instant hot water dispenser,under the sink. What is the best brand?

by eclectick6n2 10 years ago

I have had an instant hot water dispenser under my sink for about 15 years. My first one was an Insinkerator and lasted about ten years before it self destructed. I bought another and it got a hole...

Electric raclette maker--advice needed on purchase

by Goblin 5 years ago

This is my first post on this board and I am hoping that some 'hounds can help. I am thinking seriously of purchasing an electric table-top raclette maker. The Swissmar brand seems to be the m...

Rival Roaster Oven

by judithincalgary 4 years ago

Gentle Readers: I have a Rival Roaster Oven and I have had great success cooking turkey and vegetables in it. I wonder if anyone has tried cooking a pastry-topped seafood pie in one? If so, an...

Weird stuff in your kitchen

by HabaneroLady 4 years ago

Just curious what kinds of weird or unusual kitchen gadgets, cookware, and other such stuff people have in their kitchen. I figure that if it can be imagined, it probably exists and it's always in...

Best grill

by frenchbistro 4 years ago

I'm trying to decide between the Wolf and Bluestar 36" grill. Any feedback?

Chowhound promotes induction from "appliance" to "technique."

by randallhank 4 years ago

So this is one of many changes pertaining to cookware on the new and improved CH. Though I am sure that it was met with approval from some posters, I found this one annoying. Thoughts? Others? ...

Used Wine Cabinet Purchase - Advice Needed

by revets2 4 years ago

My old WhisperKool failed. $1,400 just to replace the compressor for 200 bottles. Have been offered a Transtherm Ermitage of the same capacity for $1,000. It's 9 years old, owner says it's on...

Garbage Disposal Units - How common are they in the US?

by Breadcrumbs 4 years ago

Whenever I travel to the US and stay in self-catering rentals they tend to have garbage disposal units in the kitchen. Are these common in the US? I'm wondering why they never seem to have ca...

Wine fridge - Kenmore? Vinotemp?

by sabernar 13 years ago

I'm looking for a 30-40 bottle wine fridge, and I was wondering if anyone had any opinion on the Kenmore model (http://www.sears.com/sr/javasr/product.do?BV_UseBVCookie=Yes&pid=04614322000&vertical...

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