Hop on the Prohibition-era bar trend and find a speakeasy near you. See what Chowhounds think the fuss is all about, and discuss favorite speakeasy cocktails, the coolest bars you've been to, and more.

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Speakeasy apricots

by greygarious 11 years ago

For several years, I have regularly ordered dried fruit from apricotking.com. I discovered them when looking for a source for dried pears, which were so good that I tried their other products. At...

LA Speakeasy

by canyon 12 years ago

I was in San Francisco, all set to go to Bourbon and Branch ,and then all the plans changed. Can someone tell me if there is an LA version of the new speakeasy style, with the pass words and the k...

Speakeasy concept Restaurant w/ Hot Dog sign outside?

by calconscious 12 years ago

Sorry I tried a search by I forgot the name of this restaurant - I think you go in a phone booth to get into the restaurant? Would you recommend it for a visiting group of 7 and one 12 year old k...

speakeasy in baltimore

by green_chili 12 years ago

I just read this in gawker and I was wondering if anyone knows about a speakeasy or unmarked bar in baltimore? http://gawker.com/5279140/bars-too-cool-for-you Does this even exist here are we...

Cerrito Speakeasy Theatre

by gordon wing 14 years ago

Finally made it to the Cerrito Speakeasy Theatre tonight for the 2 for 1 Wednesday deal. Two admissions for $6. That makes it easy to pop for food & drinks. Pizza, beer, sandwiches, snacks, etc...

Baltimore - fancy old bars/speakeasies?

by amelia peabody 12 years ago

I would like to do a classic Baltimore bar night this weekend with some friends... preferably in the Mount Vernon area. I plan to go to the Owl Bar (legitimate former speakeasy) and the Tusk Loung...

Speakeasy / Hidden Bars?

by eateryrow 12 years ago

I'll be in DC for a weekend soon and am wondering if there are any speakeasies or hidden bars where I can go for some great cocktails. I'm not looking for a meat market place to meet a girl or a pl...

J.L. Sullivans Speakeasy

by kel1971 13 years ago

Went there last week, it is way too expensive for what they offer. We had the duck nachos to start for four of us. There were eight small sized chips perfectly positioned on a plate. We could no...

"Speakeasy" type bars in Boston?

by Miccygan 14 years ago

Does anyone know of a "speakeasy" type bar in Boston? Something along the lines of Employees Only or Milk and Honey?

Speakeasy in Clinton Hill

by biancuzza 14 years ago

After much wait and excitement for it too open (it is just down the block from my apartment and adds a warm glow to the formerly desolated corner of Waverly and Greene Avenue) my husband and I mana...

Oswald's Speakeasy

by Fydeaux 14 years ago

A while ago, I heard rumors of something chow-worthy moving in to the spot on Decatur previously occupied by Oswald's speakeasy. Does anyone know anything about this?

Cerrito Speakeasy Theater

by EdwardAdams 14 years ago

I watched the SuperBowl here because I wanted to check it out. I've always had the intention to try the Parkway but the drive across town disuaded me. The El Cerrito location turned out to be great...

Speakeasy Supperclub?

by mib 15 years ago

Going out on this weekend and need a new recommendation - preferably northside. I know its not very new, but any positive experiences with Speakeasy Supperclub? Other suggestions are welcome - look...

Wine Bar/Speakeasy Bar Recs

by Anisy 16 years ago

I am looking for a nice, classy wine bar or lounge in Manhattan. I would prefer a place with a history, perhaps a speakeasy type of vibe. I have already know about 21 Club, The Back Room and Wine...


by e22nd st. reality 16 years ago

Help me add to this list SVP! I'd like to limit the list, if possible, to former speakeasies that continue to operate as bars and such. (As opposed to former spots that now operate as nail salons a...

hong kong speakeasy, cautionary

by Betty 17 years ago

I am sure there are many speakeasies in Hong Kong which offer quite excellent food at great prices. However, Club Qing is not one of them. For 480HK per person, one could normally eat quite well in...

Speakeasy Sorta Spot

by EV Andrew 17 years ago

Have come accross this very interesting spot down on the LES that turned out to be quite a find. While some friends insisted that I not post about it for fear of it turning into an overrun mess, ...

Speakeasy Supperclub--best BYO in Chicago?

by Ms. Paris 17 years ago

Went there on a Friday night a few weeks ago with my brother. It was fairly empty-- but also was opening week for South (sister restaurant, used to be The Room) which might explain it. Inside it is...

Georgian Hotel's Speakeasy Restaurant - anyone been?

by Clare K. 17 years ago

Has anyone tried the Speakeasy Restaurant in the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica? I believe it is on Ocean. If so, any suggestions?