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Help with classic Jewish brisket sous vide

by Brsboarder 5 years ago

So, I want to cook a brisket for the upcoming jewish holidays but want to do it souse vide. I am thinking about doin...


acgold7 commented 19 hours ago

Sous Vide Roasts

by nmr2002 6 years ago

I have a Sous Vide Supreme and, while I know I can make 48h tender short ribs, I want to try to maximize flavor/textu...


zackly commented 13 days ago

Sous Vide Cooler Hacks

by kaleokahu 21 days ago

I just got my first SV circulator--a refurbished Anova 800W for $89--and I felt I needed have insulated, evap-resist...


zackly commented 20 days ago

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Sub $50.00 Immersion Circulator for Sous Vide

by zackly 21 days ago

Here is another Anova knockoff with good reviews. I'm in for one. I've used Monoprice for a long time and they've sav...

What did you cook the first time sous vide?

by GigiLove 3 months ago

I am so curious that what you guys cooked for the first time you tried sous vide cooking. Sous vide is so great but n...

DuffyH commented 1 month ago

Ziploc bags for sous vide, are they safe?

by zackly 3 years ago

I've been cooking sous vide for 7-8 years and have always used Ziploc (or another brand) bags to cook in because they...


JRC14 commented 2 months ago

Help with Sous Vide Precooking Idea

by m2MommaG 3 months ago

I have a question about stocking my very elderly parent"s freezer with large quantities of precooked sous vide beef, ...


m2MommaG commented 3 months ago

Anyone heard of this sous vide machine?

by johnfarmstrong 3 months ago

Hi all. I was looking for a sous vide machine and came across this link. Called MasterSous. The video shows it can so...


rararobb commented 3 months ago

Need opinions for this sous vide technique

by tastegenic 3 months ago

Hello everyone Recently I build a sous vide circulator from a hot water pump. As opposed to commercial sous vide ma...


travelerjjm commented 3 months ago

Sous vide pork loin--time?

by jgabsalot 5 months ago

Wondering if anyone has had an experience of sous vide-ing for too long? I have 3 9-pound loins from costo sealed in ...


ferret commented 5 months ago

Sous vide Boeuf Bouguignon help

by lsnmcg 6 months ago

Hi Hounds! I have a 3lb, well marbled beef chuck roast that I am envisioning turning into Boeuf Bouguignon. I wan...


lsnmcg commented 6 months ago

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Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin

by mexicaliblues 7 months ago

I have a request to cook a whole beef tenderloin for a guys fishing trip next weekend. I'd like to cook it sous vide ...

Sous Vide Corned Beef - Original Packaging?

by ninjak 5 years ago

First time posting, long time lurker! Having a family meal (20+ people) coming up this weekend, and picked up thre...


abycinnamon commented 7 months ago

Adapting Chicken Braise for Sous Vide

by michaeljc70 8 months ago

Has anyone experimented with using sous vide rather than a braise for chicken? I didn't find many recipes online. I...


michaeljc70 commented 8 months ago

Sous vide eggs help

by TimCarroll 9 months ago

does anyone have a good time and temp for poached eggs with a runny yolk and a set white(s) - I have seen so many dif...

JoanN commented 8 months ago

Combine BBQ and Sous Vide?

by JMF 3 years ago

Has anyone cooked a pork butt with several hours of smoke in the smoker, then bagged and finished sous vide? I jus...


SlateGuy commented 9 months ago

To those with a sous vide

by Mindflux 3 years ago

To those with a sous vide. I just got my Anova Sous Vide last night, there was a blurb in the manual about not cookin...


Mindflux commented 9 months ago

Electrolux Buys Anova Sous Vide

by zackly 10 months ago Just a few years ago they...

drrayeye commented 10 months ago

Sous Vide?

by Candy 10 months ago

I had been lukewarm about Sous Vide cooking until I read an article about cooking lobster tails and shrimp cooked sou...


LorenzoGA commented 10 months ago