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Sous Vide

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Ziploc bags for sous vide, are they safe?

by zackly 3 years ago

I've been cooking sous vide for 7-8 years and have always used Ziploc (or another brand) bags to cook in because they...


yummyhero commented 22 days ago

Sous-vide Question

by Nutellabear 29 days ago

I am hosting a group event with boneless ribeye steaks as the main course. Over time I've settled on doing bunches of...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 28 days ago

Is Sous Vide Worthwhile?

by dcrb 3 months ago

I am NOT sold on sous vide. But will admit I am somewhat intrigued. Prowling around various sites, I have narrowed m...


Candy commented 1 month ago

Sous Vide Currently Cooking... Help!

by drew052 2 months ago

Hey guys, I’m in need of a bit of help. I am fairly new to Sous vide and am currently cooking a tri tip for a group o...


BigG commented 2 months ago

Adapting Chicken Braise for Sous Vide

by michaeljc70 1 year ago

Has anyone experimented with using sous vide rather than a braise for chicken? I didn't find many recipes online. I...


Dlgoldstein commented 3 months ago

My sous vide steaks are just not hot enough - suggestions?

by sewti 6 months ago

Hot as in preferred serving/eating temperature rather than doneness or spiciness. I have been using my Anova sous vid...


sewti commented 4 months ago

BSCB Sous Vide + George Foreman = not bad, really

by sewti 5 months ago

I, like so many, have at least one if not more GF grills kicking around the place and have been mostly disappointed i...


sewti commented 5 months ago

Sous vide in the original Trader Joe's vacu-packaging? (pork tenderloin)

by sweet100s 3 years ago

Is there any reason why I should NOT sous vide in the same Trader Joe's vacu-pack'd tenderloin packaging that I purch...


j.w.w. commented 5 months ago

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Thomas Keller’s Under Pressure Sous Vide Cookbook

by Njchicaa 6 months ago

I’m friends with the head chef at our usual hangout. He has taught me some things over the past couple of years. Toda...

RIP Sansaire

by kaleokahu 6 months ago

No more Sansaire sous vide? What will we do to survive?


kaleokahu commented 6 months ago

Help - Sous Vide Turkey - Bourbon Red

by HangryHippo 7 months ago

We’ve cooked Heritage birds before, but always the more standard Bronze, but when a farmer showed up this year with B...


Amandarama commented 7 months ago

Sous Vide?

by Candy 1 year ago

I had been lukewarm about Sous Vide cooking until I read an article about cooking lobster tails and shrimp cooked sou...


BostonBestEats commented 8 months ago

Sous Vide Cooler Hacks

by kaleokahu 10 months ago

I just got my first SV circulator--a refurbished Anova 800W for $89--and I felt I needed have insulated, evap-resist...


zackly commented 9 months ago

Sous Vide help - why did my salmon dry out at 120?

by saregama 9 months ago

I tried out my new Anova with a frozen vacuum sealed salmon fillet, cooked at 120 for 40 mins. The app suggests 45 mi...


saregama commented 9 months ago

What did you cook the first time sous vide?

by GigiLove 12 months ago

I am so curious that what you guys cooked for the first time you tried sous vide cooking. Sous vide is so great but n...


Njchicaa commented 9 months ago

Vacuum Sealer (inexpensive / starter) - Help requested

by saregama 9 months ago

I've been thinking about getting a vacuum sealer for a while. Main uses would be freezing raw meats / fish in individ...


VFish commented 9 months ago

Sub $50.00 Immersion Circulator for Sous Vide

by zackly 10 months ago

Here is another Anova knockoff with good reviews. I'm in for one. I've used Monoprice for a long time and they've sav...


zackly commented 9 months ago

Help with classic Jewish brisket sous vide

by Brsboarder 6 years ago

So, I want to cook a brisket for the upcoming jewish holidays but want to do it souse vide. I am thinking about doin...


acgold7 commented 9 months ago