Sour Cream

What Is the Difference Between Sour Cream, Crème Fraîche, and Mascarpone?

At first glance, sour cream, crème fraîche, and mascarpone are easily interchangeable. All three are thick white condiments, typically seen posing atop soups in a rounded dollop, or used as an integral...

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Check out the label on that sour cream container!!

by Howard-2 16 years ago

The other day I bought a container of the store-brand regular sour cream of a major supermarket retailer in the west. When I got it home it looked awfully "soupy". That led me to read the label, I ...

Banana cake recipe with sour cream and SPRY

by SueFH 5 years ago

I'm looking for an old recipe for banana cake that used cake flour, butter, sour cream and SPRY which I am pretty sure was a solid vegetable shortening. It was the fluffiest and most delicious cak...

Need tips for whipping sour cream

by ilinda 5 years ago

I have a recipe that uses sour cream and sweetened condensed milk as frosting, provided the sour cream has at least 20% milk fat. I have 30%. However, I have noticed that it does not whip like regu...

Whipping sour cream

by tunapet 5 years ago

Looking to whip my sour cream for my enchiladas and am wondering how far in advance I can do that? It's something I've never done before but have read that it makes it tangy and lighter...I'm imagi...

How do you keep low-fat sour cream "creamy"

by KevinB 11 years ago

In a desperate attempt to remain in visual contact with my feet, I have made some changes in my eating habits. Cooking spray instead of butter, Splenda instead of sugar, etc. Most have been fairly ...

Can I replace sour cream with Greek yogurt in muffin recipe?

by kmanihot 7 years ago

Calling all bakers... can I use Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in a muffin recipe? It's a peach muffin recipe that uses baking powder as the raising agent. I was wondering if the yogurt would m...

Substitute yoghurt for sour cream in a cake?

by masha 8 years ago

A variant of an existing thread on the board: I have a recipe that I make regularly for an orange- sour cream cake. I would like to make it tomorrow and happen to have an open container of plain y...

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