Dark, Milk, White, and Green: This Boston-Based Chocolate Factory Puts the Environment First

“Mmm, chocolate!” If that quote doesn’t bring to mind a scene with two sisters savoring the scent of decadent chocolate, then chances are you don’t have a toddler or have yet to experience the joy of...

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Local Greek Yogurt

by Clobberella 2 years ago

I had the best greek yogurt of my life at the Somerville Greek Festival and fear I'm spoiled forever. Anyone have any hot tips on a local whole milk greek yogurt hook up in the Boston area? And ...

What's good in East Somerville?

by stephaniet 3 years ago

I rode my bike on the east end of Broadway in Somerville for the first time the other day, and noticed a ton of potentially worthwhile Central American and maybe Caribbean (?) places out there. I c...

Olde Magoun's - down the tubes?

by Weiszguy 3 years ago

We have lived around the corner from this pub for 10+ years and it has become a staple for our family. In the past month, we've noticed that most of the staff has changed over and the cook, Howard...

Foundry on Elm?

by radicaleinward 3 years ago

I haven't been to Foundry on Elm in quite a while, as their service has been terrible every single time of gone, but today I wanted a drink, was in Davis Sq. and every other place with decent drink...

R.I.P. La Hacienda

by Unfoodie 3 years ago

La Hacienda in Somerville was sold last week while they were on vacation and they will not reopen. Not sure what will come of the space.

BIsq in Inman Sq.: Totally Terrific Small Plates: Bright Flavors, Innovative, and UnderPriced!!

by opinionatedchef 3 years ago

Very welcoming feeling from the minute Chef Dan (spotting briefly for the GM) ushered us in. A few months ago, we had a great brunch there with the absolutely best biscuits in Boston. But who knew ...

Help! Laid-back beer cafe in Cambridge/Somerville?

by Nactus 3 years ago

This may not be the most usual search, but there is a small (4-5 people) group of us who want to get together one evening a week to write. We are searching for a place to meet. Ideally, we could ha...

Beacon Street Pizza, Somerville

by pollystyrene 3 years ago

I just moved from Wayland to Kirkland Village (between Harvard Sq. and Union Sq.), and am jumping-out-of-my-pants happy to now be living across the street from from KT&T and Bergamot instead of a 5...

Chinese Restaurant Catering/Takeout in Boston/Brighton/Allston/Cambridge/Somerville

by lamplight 3 years ago

Would anyone have a recommendation for a good, reasonable Chinese restaurant they could recommend from whom I can order a couple of trays of food(example noodles/fried rice, beef with broccoli) to...

Tacos at Tenoch, Medford Sq. and Taco Loco, East Somerville

by opinionatedchef 4 years ago

Last Taco Loco CH thread I found was 2008, but the Globe's recent feature put it on the docket for late lunch yesterday. Steak on the Tacos- was flavorful but chopped tiny, and not a lot of it. T...

Best retail Calvados selection?

by Klunco 3 years ago

Am looking to get a special bottle of Calvados for a friend's wedding. Ideally, I would love to find a bottle from either Adrien Camut, Michel Huard, or Domaine du Manoir du Montreuil. Are there...

TW Food, Bergamot, Alden & Harlow??? Suggestions nearish Davis Sq

by GreyFloors 3 years ago

Need to eventually get to Davis Square and looking for a dinner place ahead of time. Doesn't have to be in Davis Square - just someplace that would be a short commute on the T, walking or quick ca...

Tasting Counter visit

by TomS6 3 years ago

My wife and I had a great dining experience at Tasting Counter this past Friday for an anniversary dinner. The restaurant is run by Chef Peter Ungar who previously offered the chef's table exper...

Journeyman in Sommerville--So disappointed

by jcb212 3 years ago

Went to Journeyman last night for my hubby's birthday, after reading so many rave reviews here and elsewhere. It was a totally underwhelming experience, from the really off service to the totally b...

East Somerville Foodie Crawl tonight - Anyone been?

by joth68 3 years ago

The East Somerville Foodie Crawl is tonight. Has anyone been? I've been to other East Broadway fests and it has been a positive experience but those are pay as you go not prepaid admission

Deano's Pasta Factory Store in East Somerville - Squid Ink Tagliatelle

by grant.cook 3 years ago

I work in the Schrafft's center and walked up to the the Deano's Pasta factory store (really a door, with a sliding window into their office ops so one of their admins can help you out..). I pic...

Bagels (Somerville Area)

by meeps2002 4 years ago

Any recommendations for a good bagel spot in Somerville/Medford or randomly enough, near Chinatown (which is near work)

Fresh pita bread - where to get in Somerville / Cambridge?

by lekkereten 5 years ago

Am looking for great fresh pita bread to accompany middle eastern dishes. Any recommendations for where to get this in Somerville or Cambridge?

Choosing Between Sisters A 4 and Area Four: Stellar Pizza and More!

by opinionatedchef 4 years ago

For CHs and visitors who have not tried both A4 and Area Four, and are thinking of going, I thought I might briefly write up their differences, as regards dining in ( not take-out.) We live alot cl...

cake, cake, cake!

by granolagurl 4 years ago

Yep, it is that time of year again (my BIRTHDAY!) and I need a CAKE!!! 2 years ago (based on suggestions from my dear Chowhound friends), I got a strawberry shortcake from Vicki Lees. It was ok b...