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Feeling hungry? Chowhounds talk all things snack-related, from great on-the-go recipes to favorite classic snack brands and more.

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Favorite Snacks/Processed Foods at Ethnic Grocery Stores

by ad7yn 2 days ago

What's your favorite snack from ethnic grocery stores? Here are mine: Japanese Cheeza Camembert Crackers Shin...

ad7yn commented 17 hours ago

No carb snacks for child

by HowlingWolf 3 years ago

Looking for some no carb or super low carb snack ideas for my 5 1/2 year old. My daughter was recently diagnosed with...


roopey0423a commented 8 days ago

Don't miss _______ in San Francisco

by Disneyfreak 1 month ago

Dish please, if you will, about the things you would tell people to not miss when they are visiting San Francisco. ...

HungryHobbit commented 17 days ago

Good cheap-ish eats near NoMad, all meals and snacks

by flygirl 26 days ago

Good morning everyone Off for another 30 hour trip to NYC. One afternoon and night, plus one day. So I figure I ha...

thegforceny commented 25 days ago

What do you eat when you don't know what you want?

by rainey 3 years ago

Know that feeling? You're hungry but nothing looks or sounds interesting. What do you go to in that situation?

prima commented 1 month ago

Lucerne, Alsace, Lyon, et al. - Snack Tips Requested

by JohnTalbotWannabe 2 months ago

We will be traveling through parts of Switzerland and France in week or so. We have decided on our restaurant destin...


JohnTalbotWannabe commented 2 months ago

Chinatown Dim Sum? Bakeries? Snacks?

by Disneyfreak 3 months ago

My Boston trip is on the horizon and I can't wait. I love to go into Boston's Chinatown for dim sum in the morning b...

galangatron commented 2 months ago

How to make parmesan crisps... Crispier?

by NonnieMuss 2 months ago

I'm trying to figure out how to make parmesan crisps (and yes, there are 1,000 recipes online and I've made them befo...


treb commented 2 months ago

Bodega Isn’t Just Bad Branding, It’s Bad Business

by Melanie Wong 2 months ago

" . . . The backlash was swift. Declaring that you want to replace family-run, neighborhood-oriented storefront retai...


ratgirlagogo commented 2 months ago

Any more info? Thoughts?

by Disneyfreak 3 months ago

First, thank you for your input when I was planning my dinners for my upcoming Boston trip. I am going to Waypoint, S...


Dan Boston commented 2 months ago

Healthy School Snacks for 30 Preschoolers

by Valentine529 4 years ago

Hi Chowhounders! I need your help in a major way! My 4 year old daughter starts her firsr day of school tomorrow. ...

LaLa commented 3 months ago

Snappies Anyone Remember?

by Eileen Harris 17 years ago

If you remember Snappies, the baked sort of cheesy cocktail snack, please let me know where I can get them or who mak...


rctvette commented 3 months ago

Need ideas for lunches-- no fridge, no microwave

by TrussedUp 6 years ago

I'm in a situation where I'm going to be on a campus for 10-12 hour days for a while, with no access to a microwave o...

The_Libster commented 4 months ago

Easy snack for 50+ people?

by AshleyStWare 4 months ago

I work in a facilities department and I've been making popcorn as a snack every other day. Soon however when the scho...


treb commented 4 months ago

devil's food cookie cakes--pre snack wells...

by frutiger75 9 years ago

I'm a bit of a youngin, so I don't really remember, but does anyone else? What were the names of the devil's food ...


sharonmeads commented 4 months ago

Ideas to dress up celery as a minimal-calorie snack?

by janethepain 11 years ago

I have munchies episodes (naturally, I assure you) that hit when I'm stressed or reading Chowhound, and need some ide...


zrar12 commented 5 months ago

What snack food would you take to a summer camp?

by lissar 15 years ago

I'm going away to a small summer camp for a week. The food is provided, but not very good, so I'm going to take suppl...


nichole53 commented 5 months ago

Doña Gordita | Zona Centro - Ensenada

by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Yesterday's drive from the OC to Ensenada stretched from the usual three hours to an exhausting six due to traffic de...

Melanie Wong commented 5 months ago

Summer Sleepaway Camp Snacks

by megan06 6 months ago

Hey! I'm going to sleep-away camp for a week in a week. So I was going through ideas for my snack list, here it is!!!...

MidwesternerTT commented 5 months ago

Vegetarian pre bedtime snack recommendations?

by desidude 2 years ago

Hello, Happy holidays to all. I am a male in my late 30s, and often traveling due to work. When traveling, I t...

The_Libster commented 6 months ago

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