Slow Cookers

Which Crock-Pot Is Your Slow Cooking Soulmate?

Looking for the best Crock-Pot (or other slow cooker) you can buy? Your personal favorite will depend on your particular needs and lifestyle (there's even a slow cooker specifically for paleo eaters...

Slow Cookers

by zackly 1 month ago

I'm a big fan of slow cookers (Crock Pots). I do a lot of cooking in mine and also use it to transport warm food to functions. My Hamilton Breach (6 or 7 quart) is close to 10 y/o and getting pret...

Help decide on slow cooker gift

by Kaymoz 6 months ago

My son has asked for a slow cooker, now that he's setting up housekeeping with some friends and wants to get into cooking more. Yay! I'll definately buy one with a locking lid so he can take ...

Recommend multi-cooker?

by Seitan 1 year ago

I need an 8 quart multi-cooker that offers programmable temperatures that are very precise (e.g. 138°F) and has accurate temps that match manual thermometer checks. Can anyone recommend a brand?

Office “Souper” Bowl

by mickeygee 2 years ago

Our office is having a “Souper” Bowl contest (soup or stew) and I’m stuck on what to make (too many options!!!). Last year we did a chili contest, so I don’t want to do that, but I don’t have a lot...

Need to Replace Slow Cooker

by zackly 2 years ago

I need to replace a Hamilton Beach 6 or 7 quart slow cooker that had died. I use it primarily to make braises, stews etc. I have not kept up with this technology. Are there any meaningful advantage...

Help requested re rice for a potluck

by salemjan 2 years ago

I am charged with taking rice to an event for about 16 people. I have a small rice cooker that will not be able to keep up with the demand. Would it work for me to make multiple pots of rice and ...

What to do with a teeny "slow cooker"

by im_nomad 11 years ago

I had a small crock pot / slow cooker passed along to me which had been part of a set, but not used. Bravetti model, looks like it'd hold about 2 cups or so. There are no settings or knobs, just...

Cooking temperatures at 10000btu or 54000btu

by wrongasian 2 years ago

Hello foodies. I'm shopping for an outdoor grill and/or wok unit and most seem to come at 10,000btu's while several more heavy duty outputs at 54,000btu's, advertised. There seem to be a majo...

Help! My beef pot roast is falling apart but still chewy

by Cooking1049da 4 years ago

I decided to make a beef pot roast using a chuck roast. I seared the meat and cooked it my slow cooker on high for 5 hours when I decided to eat it. The meat fell apart and could shred easily, but ...

Turkey breast

by musiclvr56 2 years ago

I made a popular recipe- turkey breast in a crockpot with a can of cranberry sauce and an envelope of onion soup mix-the recipe states not to defrost the breast. This is my first time making it an...

Got a 3- crock slow cooker for Christmas, I love it- but I need some ideas!!!

by athina 10 years ago

Hey guys! I would like some ideas, 3 items, that I would make simultaneously, that would cook well in a slow cooker/ crock pot. Each crock has its own separate thermostat, so you can cook things ...

Everything I make taste Like ....crockpot...

by jefpen2 9 years ago

Crockpot. Maybe I have an old one. Maybe it's broken. It's just seems like it tastes...metallic .. tinny.. I'm just not sure. I want to love this technology, just like all the others. Do I need a ...

Liquidy Homemade yogurt - "incubation" issue?

by lisaleira 2 years ago

I recently got a ton of delicious raw goat milk and as I'll be going away for a few weeks, I thought I'd make some yogurt and kefir. The kefir is still plugging away (grains from "Kefir Lady") and ...

What are the cooking temperatures of your slow cooker?

Hank Hanover
by Hank Hanover 11 years ago

I have a Rival slow cooker. I was rather shocked to find out that the difference between high and low is the time it takes to get to 209 degrees. At low it is 8 hrs and high it is 4 hrs. I know the...

Slow cooker or instant pot for parents of twins

by Nyleve 3 years ago

Was talking to my daughter-in-law the other day. By the time they get the one-year-old twins down for the night they are too tired to cook real food and have sunk to terrible depths. They are both ...

Help! Why do my potatoes stay hard ( RAW ) in the slow cooker / crock pot?

by fr1p 11 years ago

This is my third attempt at making a crock pot recipe that involves chunks of potatoes, and once again, after many many hours of cooking (8 minimum) everything in the crock pot is incredibly tender...

Crock-Pot slow cookers too hot on "Low"

by LotusRapper 8 years ago

I have the white round version, approx. 5.5 qts IIRC. I've had this one for 3 years now and I use it mostly between Sept-Mar when the colder weather calls for comfort foods like soups, stews, etc. ...

Slow Cooker- Can you throw veggies in later?

by BwinCA 3 years ago

I use my slow cooker a bit but have recently gotten a bit tired of all the food in it having the same consistency. For example, I like the idea of the veggies cooking in the juices but wish they we...

Why do my slow cooker recipes always taste bad?

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 11 years ago

Hey folks. I bought a slow cooker a while back because I have a job where I work an afternoon/evening shift, and I thought it would be convenient to start something cooking when I go to bed (midni...

Slow Cooker Recommendations?

by DuffyH 3 years ago

My trusty 6qt Hamilton Beach analog slow cooker bit the dust last week and will no longer come up to the correct temperatures at either Low or High. With the holidays coming up in a few months I'm ...