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Prepared Food and Desserts in the Silver Spring, Maryland, Vicinity

by lukfam 10 years ago

We will be spending Rosh Hashona in Silver Spring, Maryland. Our daughter is a full time student and we would like to help with the food preparations. Since we are from out of town I would appreci...

Recommendations--dinner--Alexandria to Silver Springs

by sarosenthall 10 years ago

Meeting my cousin in a couple of weeks and looking for a fun place to go for dinner. We'll be meeting up in Arlington (but could go down to Alexandria for a good place) and ending up in Silver Spr...

Best place to get bones for stocks near Silver Spring?

by mallhattan 10 years ago

Hi can anyone recommend a good place to get bones for stocks: veal, beef, chicken necks, etc, that's near Silver Spring-ish. Full service butcher or grungy supermarket, doesn't matter. Whole foo...

Good Delivery Pizza in Silver Spring/Wheaton

by gelato98 12 years ago

Does anyone know of any local/non-big chain pizza places that DELIVERS pizza just outside the beltway in the Silver Spring/Wheaton area? ("Delivery" being key!) This request excludes places lik...

Breakfast in/near Silver Spring, College Park

by capicksnw 11 years ago

Hi all, I'm looking for a good breakfast place near me (Hyattsville/Adelphi). I've been to Plato's Diner twice and am underwhelmed (what? syrup in packets? come on, now!). Am open to diners and ...

Songkran (Thai New Year) Festival 2010 in Silver Spring Tomorrow (April 11)

by bmorecupcake 12 years ago

http://www.watthaidc.org/ I took friends and family here for the first time last year and everyone had a blast. I would advise not to arrive too late because parking is a mess, and the crowds a...

New French/Malian food truck in Silver Spring!

by hamster 11 years ago

This sounds so cool: http://www.tbd.com/blogs/tbd-neighborhoods/2010/10/the-beginning-of-silver-spring-s-food-truck-wave--3281.html More info and menu: http://montgomeryplanning.org/blog-design/?p...

Back up place for brunch with a crowd (and kids) in Silver Spring?

by momnivore 11 years ago

We've planned on meeting friends for dim sum at Oriental East on Sunday only to realize that its the weekend before Chinese New Year and it might be even crazier than the usual craziness there. It...

Butcher plea in Silver Spring/Wheaton: Suet, pancetta, spring lamb...

by venera 11 years ago

Hello, Searched through the board for some butcher recommendations, but alas didn't find anything that fit. Posting in hopes of being able to get my hands on some suet so I can make my hubby min...

Silver Spring Brunch

by hopeinmee 11 years ago

I am planning a brunch in the Silver Spring area for 6 adults (4 from out of town) for a special occasion. Originally I was thinking Mrs. K's or Jackies however with a number of new restaurants rec...

Brunch @ 8407 Silver Spring

by monpetitescargot 11 years ago

Okay, I had read the reviews and come to understand that this place is more beneficial to visit at dinner, but we were in the mood for brunch last weekend and live in Silver Spring and didn't want ...

A good butcher in Adelphi/College Park/Silver Spring areas?

by capicksnw 11 years ago

Hi all, We've bought a house in Adelphi and I will be in need of a good (preferably mom-and-pop-ish) butcher. I'm willing to drive a bit. Thanks!

ruan thai- silver spring, recommendations?

by monpetitescargot 11 years ago

planning to visit ruan thai for the first time this weekend. what is on the menu that is not to be missed? i know that this restaurant is much talked about on the boards, but i didn't find too ...

Football for Foodies in DT Silver Spring or nearby

by kriscolby 11 years ago

looking for a place to watch the redskins-eagles game hoping for: Quarry House-like food McGinty-like space Galaxy-like television Walkable DTSS haven't yet figured out how to combine the f...

Lunch in Downtown Silver Spring for TOMORROW 9/9?

by hungry_fox 11 years ago

So I'm meeting a friend of mine for lunch tomorrow in downtown silver spring, we haven't seen each other in months and I'd really like a very good place to go for lunch. I'm looking for something ...

Dropping off daughter at college need some recs for dinner in DC or Silver spring or Bethesda

by mboxermd 11 years ago

Looking for good food, fun ambiance and not too expensive - all cuisines except considered but would prefer mediterranean.

Moving from NYC to Silver Spring

by JenEvans86 11 years ago

Hi All, My husband and I are moving from NYC to Silver Spring, Maryland (Indian Park Terrace neighborhood north of downtown Silver Spring) here in August. We both love food and love to cook. Wha...

Thai Derm - Silver Spring

by woodleyparkhound 11 years ago

I went to Thai Derm last night with a Silver Spring friend and her two small children. It was a nice place for kids (at least it was early in the evening, when we were there as it was uncrowded.) ...

Silver Spring Indian - Bombay Gaylord or Ghar e kabab (or somewhere else)?

by buzzy715 12 years ago

Hey all - where's the best indian in SIlver Spring? Looking for the standards like Chicken Tikka Masala, Biryanis, etc. I work up here and go out to lunch very rarely (waistline, you know...) so I'...

Downtown Silver Spring for 30 people?

by Sharkbait 11 years ago

I'm helping plan a group dinner from afar and I've landed on the Downtown Silver Spring area as the perfect location for our dinner, but I need a place that's decent, serves liquor and has a place ...