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Side dishes are just as important as the main event. Discuss great side dish recipes and get cooking inspiration, plus hear advice from other Chowhounds about the best side dishes at restaurants.

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Sides for Jambalaya?

by C. Hamster 4 days ago

Making jambalaya for a dinner party on Saturday. 10 people. Plan on serving green salad and crusty French bread wit...


acgold7 commented 3 days ago

Mozarabe sauce recipe?

by elleparisee 4 days ago

I recently got back from a trip to Spain, where I had a chicken dish with mozarabe sauce in a little restaurant in Gr...


Madrid commented 3 days ago

Have you made Persian rice? talk to me.

by migmigmig 1 month ago

I searched the old posts on Chowhound for discussion of Persian rice, but didn't find much useful or current. If you'...


docdough commented 4 days ago

Colcannon with seaweed?

by travelerjjm 5 days ago

I recently read that in some parts of Ireland colcannon is made with seaweed instead of cabbage or kale. I don't know...


hotoynoodle commented 5 days ago

St. Patrick's Day dinner for 75 people

by SCormier 14 days ago

I need help, I had to buy the corned beef already cook to get the quantity I needed, how much vegetables will I need ...


thegforceny commented 8 days ago

Lima beans

by felixlighter 15 days ago

can lima beans from the frozen section in the store be soaked with baking soda, or is that a different lima bean t...


saregama commented 13 days ago

Beef stroganoff side dish? Yeah, we're going oldschool tonight.

by shanagain 7 years ago

My husband has a flatout craving for beef stroganoff. I'm going to do rice instead of noodles, but what side/s would...


JW7374 commented 14 days ago

Pineapple salsa

by akdad 19 days ago

Wanna make pork chops, brined and seared in my new grill pan, then topped with a pineapple salsa consisting of pineap...


hotoynoodle commented 14 days ago

Side Dishes to make a Burgers and Brats BBQ special?

by Gretchen 1 year ago

We are throwing a birthday party on Saturday and while my husband is in charge of the basics on the grill, I'd like t...


alex9179 commented 16 days ago

Make clotted cream with Pasteurized heavy whipping cream?

by 7speter 18 days ago

Hi, I am wondering if it's possible to make clotted cream with pasteurized heavy whipping cream. Anyone have experien...


dfrostnh commented 18 days ago


by jaynelein 19 days ago

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy Halloumi cheese that is not ridiculously expensive in the Kingston are...


jaynelein commented 18 days ago

What do you serve with cabbage rolls?

by Abby0105 6 years ago

This is always a puzzle for me. In my version, the stuffing is sausage, rice, and the inner part of the cabbage, so t...


Querencia commented 23 days ago

White beans in red chili?

by DeeBK72 25 days ago

I'm making turkey chili with whatever beans I have on hand. I have kidney, black, and northern. Will the northern ble...


paulj commented 25 days ago

Can I simplify this recipe?

by walker 28 days ago

I made a Persian Herb and Leek Frittata tonight .. I made it once before. It takes me forever to chop all those herb...


sr44 commented 27 days ago

Pickled onions

by Hungry_1 1 month ago

First of all, a friendly hello to all of you as I am new to this Community. Playing with Baby Dill Pickle juice ou...


Hungry_1 commented 28 days ago

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Chicken tikka masala for 15 people?

by rany 30 days ago

Does anyone know a great recipe for chicken tikka masala for a crowd?

"Curry Powder" as an ingredient: automatic suspicion

by vjtaylor 3 months ago

Honestly when I see "curry powder" as an ingredient in a recipe I tend to assume the writer doesn't know what they're...


sisterfunkhaus commented 1 month ago

What Goes Well with a Chicken Pot Pie?

by Perilagu Khan 4 years ago

A CPP is pretty much a self-contained and complete meal, is it not? It's got meat, vegetables, and with the crust, gr...


JustCharlie commented 1 month ago

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