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'Aish Tanoor' - How's the protein/meat part of their menu?

by Charles Yu 1 month ago

Whilst driving along Eglington West in search of a luncheon destination, my foodie brother-in-law dropped by 'Aish Ta...

prima commented 1 month ago

Israeli-style shawarma in PGH?

by alaskanjackal 2 years ago

I crave shawarma, and if I were banished to a deserted island and told I could only eat one specific thing for the re...


alaskanjackal commented 6 months ago

Fantastic Falafel & Mid-Eastern --- Millburn

by ChowJon99x 8 months ago

Excellent Falafel, Mid-Eastern Food --- Millburn... Pita on Essex 182 Essex Street Millburn, NJ 07041 http:...

Curlz commented 8 months ago

Shawarma Express in Fairfax - Report

by Steve 10 months ago

If you like your shawarma or felafel with your choice of a varity of toppings, then Shawarma Express just may be the ...


Steve commented 9 months ago

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Shawarma on the Rotisserie

by Dogboa 1 year ago

This was our first time making Shawarma (Gyro meat). It is a combination of beef and lamb. The ground beef, ground la...

Chowfind: Al Tanoor Lawrece East -Shawarma

by Vinnie Vidimangi 5 years ago

Al Tanoor 1903 Lawrence East Across from where Nasr used to be (Westney?) 647-341-6000 Iraqui Settled down a l...

mariecollins commented 2 years ago

Best Israeli-style shawarma in L.A. area?

by alaskanjackal 2 years ago

I crave shawarma, and if I were banished to a deserted island and told I could only eat one specific thing for the re...


MarkC commented 2 years ago

Shawarma Palace (Ottawa) - worthwhile visit from Montreal?

by OliverB 3 years ago

I'm a Montreal native who's currently living in San Francisco. There's not a lot to miss food-wise, but good cheap...


lagatta commented 2 years ago

What is the Difference between Shawarma and Donair? [Split from Western Canada Board]

by inuksuk 10 years ago

Oh, you just opened up a can of worms that I've been lugging about for years. What is the difference between shawarm...


existential_crisis commented 3 years ago

Shawarma Garlic Sauce-Recipe?

by chefmindy 7 years ago

In Ottawa, we're big Lebanese food lovers. With Shawarma, or Donair, I order this absolutely amazing garlic sauce.......

pikawicca commented 3 years ago

Where to find lebanese style shawarma?

by Karsalis 7 years ago

I live in Thornhill and do not like the chicken shawarmas that are abundant in the area. Anyone know where I can get ...


mingo.jones commented 3 years ago

Lamb Shawarma on Long Island or in New York City?

by NateHevens 3 years ago

It all but disappeared down in Florida, too. Now I'm hunting recipes (though coming up shorter than I expected), but ...

moonlightgraham commented 3 years ago

Shawarma & Falafel Question

by chocokitty 11 years ago

Hey 'hounders, I would like to know where is the best place for shawarma and/or falafel. I know it's a huge debate b...

Ttrockwood commented 3 years ago

Doner kebab/ shawarma: What's the difference?

by Tante 7 years ago

I fell in love with doner kebab in Germany a decade ago, and since there doesn't seem to be anywhere in the Nashua/Ma...

Caroline1 commented 3 years ago

Albayk San Mateo - for all your shawarma, falafel, hummus, babaganoush and kibbeh needs!

by RWCFoodie 5 years ago

Recently a few of us gathered to sample the menu at Albayk in San Mateo (thanks to pilinut for telling us about this ...


davidg1 commented 3 years ago

shawarma question

by frogsteak 3 years ago

Is there any particular reason why shawarma retaurants griddle freshly cut meat before serving? Is it a health code r...

prima commented 3 years ago

Best shwarma south florida

by bubby13 4 years ago

Looking of the best shwarma miami and points north


cheesecake17 commented 4 years ago

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Best cheap shawarma near Uni. of Toronto?

by ZakiZakaria9 4 years ago

What's the best cheapest shawarma near UofTo?