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Chef Edouardo Jordan's 'Old School' Oxtails Are Steeped In Flavor & Easy To Make

Growing up, Chef Edouardo Jordan looked forward to the Sundays when his mother would leave a pot of oxtails to simmer on the stove all day. Jordan’s mother would put the meat on to braise in the morning...

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Seattle: Great casual places for 20 somethings?

by Wrongside 11 years ago

Hey, a friend and myself are coming down to Seattle for Bumbershoot and we are looking for some great places to eat. We are in our 20s and live in an expensive resort town so we don't have the most...

Sunday Brunch

by Phenomenal_Fem 11 years ago

Heading to Seattle this weekend and looking for a good Sunday Brunch. Looking for something downtown, Lake Union or West Seattle as I have family there. Thoughts?

Who are you afraid will close?

by jaydeflix 12 years ago

Seattle's a great city with an incredible food scene, but, we all have our favorite restaurants that, every time we go in, we fear for their future. So, I figured, lets have a little thread wh...

New Middle Eastern Market [SEA]

by PAO 11 years ago

For those looking to cook Middle-Eastern, there's a new Mediterranean market, Goodies, at 13721 Lake City Way NE, (206) 362-2694. While small, they have a nice selection of staples in bulk, jarred...

Pub or restaurant near waterfront in Edmonds, Tacoma, Des Moines, Olympia...?

by SnackCakes 11 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I need to find a pub or restaurant that's within walking distance of a marina in Edmonds, Tacoma, Des Moines or pretty much anywhere within a short drive from Seattle. It just nee...

Very SoDo dining options (seattle)

by lala 15 years ago

Our office is moving waaaaay down into the deepest Sodo, near Spokane St. I've been charged with coming up with a neighborhood guide to food and fun places. To me, this is, well, a bit of a black h...

Szechuan Chef (Bellevue)

by kirkj 12 years ago

We went last week and were very disappointed. I don't know if it changed hands but I didn't recognize the staff. They didn't have any crab and gave us a story about only small ones being available ...

Visit to Sea/ Bellevue/ Redmond in a couple of weeks

by dip22 12 years ago

this will be my second visit to the Seattle area. 3 days and nites, staying in Bellevue. Please suggest your local favorites for the Bellevue area for mid-July. Re: Seattle, I've already experi...

Kitchen stores in tacoma?

by Vernitis 12 years ago

I need to shop for some new kitchen items and am trying not to drive up to Seattle to do it. Does anyone know of any stores that sell pots and pans etc in Tacoma? I am trying to not go to the mall ...

4 guys, 1 night business, Seattle/Bellevue

by irishkevbo 12 years ago

Monday night I will be in Seattle with 3 other business associates and I want to find a good place for dinner near bellevue that isn't a chain. Somewhere with steak, seafood etc but not overly pric...

DelBrocco's Tacoma disappointment

by thevinoman 12 years ago

A supposedly "Authentic Philly style" small pizza and hoagie joint at 6th and Proctor. Major disappointment on an "Old School" (their name) hoagie with the usual meats and provolone. Almost $10 f...

Retail seafood in Tacoma?

by Spot 12 years ago

My kid's living off-campus in Tacoma next year. Is there any great, even good, retail fish market in Tacoma or fairly close environs? He can't be running up to Mutual Fish every week, though I know...

bellevue/redmond espresso shop?

by gan911 12 years ago

I know vivace and a bunch of great espresso/coffee shops are in downtown seattle. Unfortunately, I've got to study and driving into town and trying to park for many hours will cost more than I'm wi...

Best Breakfast within a half hour of Seattle Bellevue

by The_Foodaholic 12 years ago

OK kids, lay it on me. Where can I get the best breakfast within a short drive of the Seattle Bellevue area? Dives are good, someplace where you can throw a hat on your un-combed hair and get a d...

Recommendations for a nice restaurant in Everett/Seattle/Redmond for a small celebration?

by M and G 12 years ago

I am looking for suggestions for a nice restaurant for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary dinner in late August. It will just be 14 people -- 9 adults, 5 kids. We're looking for nice but not to...

Searching for the Seattle equivalent of L.A.'s Mexican food...

by spudsocks 14 years ago

Seriously folks. Is La Carta de Oaxaca the best we can do? Does anyone know ANYWHERE (that's a sit down restaurant, not a taco truck) that has delicious, authentic Mexican food? Or do I have ...

Lunch in downtown redmond

by vega4933 12 years ago

I am taking a friend to lunch tomorrow for her birthday. Any suggestions for a decent, "on your lunch hour" place?

One Perfect Day in Seattle - Coffee, Lunch, Cocktails, Dinner...

by rlh 12 years ago

Last minute trip tonight and meeting tomorrow am leaves me with Wednesday lunch, afternoon, evening, and dinner opportunities in Seattle - I will be downtown in the the vicinity of Grand Hyatt on P...

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