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Chef Edouardo Jordan's 'Old School' Oxtails Are Steeped In Flavor & Easy To Make

Growing up, Chef Edouardo Jordan looked forward to the Sundays when his mother would leave a pot of oxtails to simmer on the stove all day. Jordan’s mother would put the meat on to braise in the morning...

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Thoughts on My Seattle Dining Options

by curiousgeo 12 years ago

I had posted earlier on late night dining for our nighttime arrival and received some great suggestions and opinions. For the rest of the weekend I'm considering the following restaurants, again o...

Where to eat AMAZING food? SEA

by tarlahill 12 years ago

I need some delicious foodie advice. Myself and my family of 11 (2 kids) are all going to Seattle to explore, eat, laugh, and become better acquainted with one another and I am in charge of our ONE...

Father and Son in Seattle for Weekend!! Where to eat?

by lookslikeiloveit 12 years ago

My dad and I will be in Seattle next Friday through Monday. We are staying without a car downtown at the Renissance Hotel. We are traveling from Chicago and want to eat like the locals. Where ar...

FishForDinner.com, Bellevue, Wa

by ritabwh 12 years ago

Found this shop in Bellevue totally by accident. Lots and LOTS of smoke fishes. The person working told me they were all smoked by the owner. The owner is Western United Fish. Every day, fresh f...

Downtown Seattle for a week

by AKReyes 12 years ago

Hey all, the wife and I will be staying in downtown Seattle from tomorow Wed thru next Wed. Coming from Albuquerque and Have never been here. So our hotel is the Camlin on 9th and Pike Street. Wher...

Ethnic / Unique Eats in Seattle for Single Girl Staying in Downtown, Reasonable Prices

by bobjunior 12 years ago

Hi, I'm coming to this late in the game but am in Seattle this beautiful weekend and am looking for reasonably priced eats to carry me through for four/five days between lunches and dinners. I'll...

Unicum in Seattle?

by jellywerker 12 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find this Hungarian liquor in or around Seattle? Thanks, Jelly

Late Night Dining in Seattle

by curiousgeo 12 years ago

My family and I will be arriving at our hotel after 10:00 pm on a weekend night. We will be looking to eat a late dinner somewhere in the vicinity of our hotel around the Westlake Center, maybe th...

Aussie Meat Pies in Seattle?

by casspants 12 years ago

Does anyone know a good place to get Aussie pub fare in Seattle? I've relocated from NYC and am looking to replace my favorite gastropub (Sheep Station in Park Slope), specifically their amazing me...

Places to pick wild blackberries in Seattle?

by icecreamgal 13 years ago

Hello, I am relatively new to Seattle and have seen how wild blackberries grow everywhere. Do you know of good places to pick? Thanks!

Tacoma Szechuan???

by MyNextMeal 12 years ago

I just came across this tidbit in an article and I am intrigued. Anyone been there? "Recently, my wife and I dined in a hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, Tacoma Szechuan, in a strip mall on...

Real Authentic Asian food in Seattle? Spec. szechuan hot pot and korean bulgogi

by phoenixhazard 12 years ago

So I just finished traveling Asia for past 6 months and boy do I miss the food. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a few places for me in Seattle area? I am craving a real szechuan hot pot res...

Tacoma Convention and Trade Center

by mrnelso 12 years ago

A deskbound Seattleite, I don't know much of Tacoma, but plan to meet some colleagues for lunch and/or cocktails later at a conference in the Tacoma Convention and Trade Center, so I'm looking for ...

Octopus in Seattle

Tom Armitage
by Tom Armitage 12 years ago

Where is the best octopus in Seattle? I have had a terrible time finding good grilled octopus. Most recently at Café Juanita, and prior to that at Sitka and Spruce, Tavolata, and other esteemed r...

Best local source for canning jars?

by bjl 15 years ago

I've been getting Kerr mason jars @ the Ballard Safeway, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of a local store with a really good selection of canning jars. I generally use plain 8 oz jars, but getti...

Meridian/Wallingford good eats?

by McJ 12 years ago

Hello, I am gonna be staying around NE 45th St and 4th ave NE. Haven't found much eats in the nabe...any suggestions? Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner suggestions. We are mostly trying to eat on a budge...

Alphonso Mangoes?

by DoomGoober 12 years ago

Are there any stores that sell Alphonso mangoes in the Seattle area? Importing Alphonso mangoes was legalized in 2007. It's 2009 and I still can't find them. Given the relatively large Indian an...

Good restaurants near Tacoma Dome

by SusieS 12 years ago

I' will be at the Tacoma Dome in a few weeks, & would love some restaurant recomendations. Don't know the area at all.....Thanks!

Korean BBQ in Seattle/Eastside?

by funkeemommee 14 years ago

Anyone know of a place that's good? We're fairly recent transplants from the LA area where Korean can be found in abundance. Dying for some garlic!

Yummy Eats in Seattle for a Newbie =)

by mymomisthebestcook 12 years ago

Hi Everyone! I will be in Seattle (for work) from Sept 17-25 and will be staying at the W Hotel. I would love it if you guys can give me advice on where to eat. I wont have a car, so the closer to...

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