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pistachio peas
by pistachio peas 2 years ago

Use this thread to post reports on the following chapters from DINNER: THE GRIND (p. 99-112); FISH & SEAFOOD (p. 116-145); and EGGS (p.150-171) If you are the first to report on a recipe, ple...

Princess Seafood Market & Deli - Fort Bragg (Mendocino County)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 16 days ago

In the course of reading everything I could find on social media for updates on last week's storms and disastrous flooding on California's North Coast, I came across the FB page for the F/V Princes...

Boston area restaurants - the new favorites?

by saregama 11 months ago

I lived in Boston many moons ago, and still visit frequently from NYC. I’m curious what folks consider their favorites nowadays - not what you’d recommend to tourists looking for a fancy meal or a ...

Eating in Paris (seafood/vegetarian)

by clp242 2 months ago

I am going to be in Paris for 2 days for work and I wanted to take the opportunity to have some really great food. However, I know that my dietary limitations will probably make it difficult. I w...

Fresh, Local Long Island Seafood

by Gastronomos 3 years ago

I know we've discussed this topic in other ways, but I'm curious as those posts are old and we need new, fresh sources and discussions. I was at Rachel's Waterside Grill recently (I know, I'm a ...

Canned crab meat?

by aglisson 2 months ago

When making crab-stuffed flounder, do I need to use fresh crabmeat or will a good canned product suffice? And anyone know a good brand? Anyone have a favorite stuffed flounder recipe? Thanks!

Newark Ironbound First Timer

by Daniel_D21 2 months ago

Have been looking forward to eating in Ironbound for many years, and will finally get the chance in two weeks. Best place for seafood for solo diner on a Sunday night?

San Diego restaurant itinerary help!

by foodie_from_montreal 2 months ago

Hi everyone! We are headed for a last minute trip to San Diego next week. We'll be in town for about a week. I did a bit of restaurant research and gathered a list of places i'd like to try. We...

Chinese+Dim Sum closer to airport and 3rd Wave Coffee area

by droolingdoggie 5 months ago

Hello: This is my first post, despite having lurked in CH forums for years. I am helping a close friend compose his solo coffee+food trip during his layover in Toronto. His flight arrives at 8...

Islamorada. Florida

by Barbarella 2 years ago

Leaving in a week for the Keys. Staying in Islamorada 7 days. How about some restaurant ideas.. Looking for seafood mainly...

Aguachile at Bankers Casino in Salinas

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

In March, a friend and I tried our luck at the restaurant at Bankers Casino in Oldtown Salinas. This was the first time either of us had been inside and we were pleasantly surprised at how att...

High dining seafood bay area for father's 80th b-day

by Mastove 5 months ago

Need out of this world fresh seafood experience for father's 80th birthday. Need absolutely best of the best. Quality is more important than ambiance (fisherman's wharf). However fine dining would ...

Three days in Sete, France- What is unique in food?

by foodell 5 months ago

My wife and I will be in Sete for three days. I gather there are lots of good restaurants with fresh seafood. Are there any which are unique or distinctive in their offerings? Can I get Bouillab...

StreetZlan Restaurant in Galt (and Gustavo Arellano's tour of Hwy 99)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Gustavo Arellano's must read of the summer, https://www.eater.com/2018/7/11/17537686/best-california-central-valley-restaurants-mexican-highway-99 , "The Central Valley Is the Heart and Soul of Cal...

Ensenada Fish Tacos: Tacos Corona vs. Tacos Mi Ranchito El Fenix vs. Puesto Tacos Fenix

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Making the rounds of the well-known fish taco stands in June 2017, Puesto Tacos Fenix, the small stand on Avenida Espinoza at the corner of Avenida Juarez (5ta) was my favorite. In January 2018, I ...

Seafood in Destin?

by outdoorboy 6 months ago

Does anybody have any suggestions for seafood in Destin for a birthday celebration that wont break the bank?

Freezing oysters

by Muteki 8 months ago

I bought some oysters and clams with the intent of cooking them that night. Some unexpected errands and tasks came up and I had to postpone. I was told before to wash them and put them in bags and ...

Santa Cruz Wharf: Riva vs. Gilda’s

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

Flashback to autumn 2011 . . . our family spent two weeks in a Santa Cruz beach house. A friend who grew up here recommended that we check out the daily specials at Gilda’s especially the Wedn...

Dinner Recommendation in Newburyport, MA

by wendy k 6 months ago

My college room mates and I are meeting in Newburyport, MA for dinner (there will be 6 of us). Any suggestions for interesting food, either seafood, or good ethnic food? It shouldn't be outrageousl...

Deeluxe Chicken now Open in Durham

by burgeoningfoodie 6 months ago

Looks like Scott Howell and a partner finally opened up Deeluxe Chicken in the old Oval Park Grille space on Broad Street. Menu looks good and the ordering system (and menu decoration) is reflecti...