The Best Thing I Ate (or Drank) in 12 Countries This Year

Following a fever dream at the end of 2018, I decided to embark on a travel project that took me to 12 different countries in the 12 months of 2019. Focusing on the viability of short term, budget travel...

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B&B Recommendations for Dublin & Edinburgh

by Daniella 18 years ago

My significant other is taking me to Ireland, England and Scotland for two glorious weeks at the end of May/early June. Any good recommendations for Dublin & Edinburgh (we are staying with his rela...

Edinburgh/Scotland Assistance

by Tater 19 years ago

We are headed to Edinburgh, and then on to the Highlands, Orkney, Skye and back to Glasgow (then to Paris, but that's another post) in a couple of weeks and have some dining ideas for your feedback...

Edinburgh Eats

by Kiwigirlok 19 years ago

We found a mega cheap flight to Edinburgh from Stansted (£1.75, but a bit more to come back) Can anyone reccommend any restaurants that won't break the bank but are good eating and good value Thankyou

Advice on Scotland, Paris, London

by wlw18 19 years ago

Hi all, I'm an SF 'hound beginning to plan a late June/early July trip with my fellow food-loving S.O. to Paris, Scotland, and London, and I was hoping to get some advice from those most in the k...

Glasgow, Edinburgh in August

by MZeats 19 years ago

I will be in Glasgow and Edinburgh, and traveling between the two, this August. Does anyone have restaurant recommendations based on recent experiences? Budget is not an issue but we are focused ...

Amaryllis in Glasgow

by Bilbo 19 years ago

Has anyone eaten at Gordon Ramsay's Amaryllis in Glasgow? Should I try it? Thanks!

Roadside Scotland

by Duncan McLean 19 years ago

As someone who drives around Scotland a fair bit, I'm constantly on the lookout for weird and wonderful cafes, diners, lunchettes etc. The architecture, setting and staff can be wonderful as well a...

Lunch on the way to Glasgow

by zuriga 19 years ago

We'll be driving up from London to Glasgow and I wondered if any of you UK food lovers could suggest a great place to stop for lunch on the way. Now don't be cheeky and say McDonald's.. I'm a Yank....

Edinburgh recommendations?

by Gus H 19 years ago

Will be in Edinburgh for a couple of days over Easter and would appreciate some of your favorite restaurants. Will be staying in centre of city, so would like to be able to walk or simple transpor...


by zuriga 19 years ago

Any suggestions for restaurants we shouldn't miss? Thanks.

Scotland information request

by Tater 19 years ago

I've posted a request about an itinerary and lodging in Scotland on the Not About Food board. See the link below. I hope you can help! I'd be happy to return the favor if you need help for Atlanta ...


by MichaelZ 19 years ago

Going to Edinburgh for a 3 day stay. Some dining suggestions from readings are: Creelers, Dubh Prais, Martin's, Skipper's, Haldane's, Duck's and Witchery. Any suggestions from personal experience?...

Recommendations for Edinburgh

by Andy Lynes 20 years ago

Does anyone have a favourite restaurant in Edinburgh, I am staying overnight there in February and thinking about The Bonham, Atrium or Rhodes and Co, but any more obscure choices would be welcomed.

Seafood around Glasgow!

by Kent 20 years ago

I'll be in the Glasgow, Scotland area for a week the end of October. I've never been up there and would like any info on what the locals do best! I love seafood and good beef but am willing to try ...

Scotland (incl. altnaharrie inn. Probably best food in country)

by yvonne johnson 21 years ago

Stayed three weeks in Scotland last month, but first something from last year. Last summer, before I became a chowhound, I stayed at the Altnaharrie Inn. I’ve heard nothing to suggest it’s changed ...

dublin ireland and edinburgh scotland

by goody 21 years ago

i am a gourmet and major world travelled foodie can anyone please tell me the places they liked in dublin and edinburgh please all levels of dining would be appreciated from pubs to high end t...

Good (French) food in Edinburgh

by Melody Kleff 21 years ago

JM's Bistro in Edinburgh's trendy Stockbidge area, 5 minutes from Princes Street has delicious regional French specialities at very reasonable prices - wine too or BYOB. Find it in St Stephen Stree...

London to Glasgow, via Newcastle

by Chris E. 22 years ago

So I'm off on a trip that'll take me from London to Newcastle/Sunderland to Glasgow and back. Any tips for places in any of these spots or points in between would be much appreciated. Looking less ...

London for 4 days, Edinburgh for 3....any suggestions?

by Claire 23 years ago

I'll be in London and Scotland for a few days at the end of August, beginning of September. Too many London restaurants to choose from...can anyone recommend some top FOOD places, maybe someth...

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