Scotch Bonnet Pepper

Jamaican-Style Rice and Peas Are the Perfect Side Dish

Ayesha Curry, cookbook author, TV personality, and entrepreneur, certainly can wear a lot of hats. She launched the quarterly lifestyle magazine “Sweet July” this summer, founded the nonprofit Eat Learn...

Are scotch bonnets and habanero really the same thing?

by adamclyde 16 years ago

I've read both - some say they are the same, some say they are different, but make good substitutes for eachother. I know supermarkets will use the names synonomously depending on which demographic...

Where can I find Scotch Bonnet pepper seeds? Or habanero seeds?

by beetrootjuice 6 years ago

I need scotch bonnet (or habanero) seeds as soon as possible. Where in Toronto can I find them? Toronto is ideal, but I'm willing to travel to a few surrounding areas, not too far. (This question w...

Scotch bonnet peppers

by FrogPrincesse 10 years ago

Hi, I plan on making Jamaican jerk chicken this weekend and need a source for scotch bonnet peppers in San Diego. I tried Specialty Produce but they don't have them in stock. Any ideas? Th...

Scotch Bonnet Peppers in Los Angeles or Orange County??

by AnatomyOfABite 7 years ago

Anyone know a place that sources Scotch Bonnet peppers? Not looking for substitutions and would prefer them whole. Thanks foodie folks!

East Bay Jamaican jerk chicken and scotch bonnet sauce?

by jaxycooks 9 years ago

Anybody know where I can find a good plate of Jamaican jerk chicken (or pork) in the East Bay? I'm addicted to that green, smokey, herby sauce -- like chimichurri but smokier and with a super spicy...

Scotch Bonnet Peppers -- Best Hot Sauces? Recipes?

by Simon 10 years ago

While i've long been a fan of insanely hot chili peppers (a year living in Thailand pushed me over the edge into addiction), i discovered Scotch Bonnet peppers last year while living in Paris...a...

scotch bonnet peppers in the north bronx/lower westchester?

by fixxxer0 10 years ago

So i am trying to find scotch bonnet peppers for a jerk sauce recipie and all i was able to find was ONE place (fairway) that had habaneros, i don't want to substitute. i tried 2 stop and shops, a...

Real scotch bonnet peppers?

by hungryann 11 years ago

Where can I find them? The real deal, not habaneros (similar) which I have found without any problem. I won't be going to JTM and before I go to the Caribbean stores on Victoria, I was wondering if...

Where to find Scotch Bonnet Peppers?

by Pezzy 12 years ago

I'm trying to cook a particular Caribbean food dish and cannot find these elusive peppers. I could substitute them for Peron peppers but the taste is not quite the same. Any suggestions for a...

Fresh Scotch Bonnet peppers in NY-Nj area ??

by wsmoon 13 years ago

I have been looking for some fresh Scotch Bonnet peppers in the New jersey / New York area. Does any one know who has them ? From Wes "Down the Shore"

Habanero, Serrano and Scotch Bonnet peppers

by cdonchuknow1 13 years ago

Yesterday, my wife brought home a plastic bag full of peppers. I have quite a few serranos, some habaneros and a couple of scotch bonnet peppers. My question is what can I do with them to prepare a...

Scotch bonnet peppers in NoVA/DC

Cocinero Cubano
by Cocinero Cubano 13 years ago

A recent piece in the NYTimes has me on a jerk kick. Most of the necessary/recommended ingredients I can find easily, but I can't recall ever seeing scotch bonnet peppers anywhere; I've never look...

Help to make hot pepper sauce w scotch bonnets

by l_izzie 13 years ago

Have bought some lovely looking scotch bonnet peppers and want to make a hot pepper sauce. Any ideas/hints as to how to do this? Can I add shallots, how much vinegar? I will have enough for a smal...

Where to buy scotch bonnets?

by jgg13 13 years ago

Can anyone point me to a store in Boston/Cambridge/Somerville that sells scotch bonnet peppers? Habs are available pretty much everywhere these days, but I never see the SBs.

Looking for fresh Scotch Bonnets in Seattle area

by mudster 13 years ago

Asking for a friend: Anyone know where to find fresh Scotch Bonnets (not habaneros) in or around Seattle? Alternatively, do you know an online source? Thanks!

scotch bonnets

by pork_chop 14 years ago

My neighbor just gave be a bag of 15 scotch bonnet peppers. What should I do with them?