Breaking Down the Difference Between Biscuits and Scones

What is the difference between biscuits and scones? It’s mostly a matter of texture—airy and flaky versus rich and crumbly—and the ratio of ingredients that it takes to achieve each. Begin with flour...

SCONES & BISCUITS – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, September 2016

by masha 3 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for our September Dish of the Month. This month we will be baking Scones and Biscuits. To learn how we selected this dish, go to the voting and nominations threa...

Scones - egg or no egg?

by emmisme 11 years ago

My "go to" recipe for scones is really good. The recipe I use contains no eggs but I've seen recipes that do contain eggs. What would the addition of eggs do for the texture of scones?

The perfect crumble?

by MrStayPuft 11 months ago

I recently made some blueberry scones. The scones themselves turned out glorious, however the crumble I made was frustrating. It consisted of flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter mixed in with ...

Looking for simple scone recipe

by brittany_rose 8 years ago

I'm having a get together with my friends and would like to make scones before they come over. I'm looking for a recipe that doesn't involve eggs. Can anyone please help it'd be greatly thanked.

Hungarian Bakery-Biscuit/Scone

by Hilary 14 years ago

Help please! I am trying to surprise my mother-in-law with something she used to buy in a Hungarian bakery, but cannot find any more. She used to buy something called a Pagozch(spelled wrong). I...

Rasberry Oat Scones - need to re-create a favourite cafe recipe

by PommieCrumpet 14 years ago

Hi all, I have recently moved away from Calgary where the 'Heartland Cafe' sold the most delicious Rasberry Oat Scones. Cruncy and slightly golden on the outside, soft in the middle, the oats w...

Advice on this pumpkin scones recipe from Alice's Teacup

by Eric_Cartman 8 years ago

I bought their cookbook a while ago but after reading reviews on people attempting the pumpkin scones they're famous for (i went there with a friend and they were amazing), it seems many have run i...

Scones troubleshooting

by michaelnrdx 10 years ago

I made some scones this morning, and they were not bad: crispy crust on the outside, moist and soft on the inside. However, I felt that they spread out too much during baking and were a bit too sof...

Koffi palm springs scones

by SLanney 3 years ago

Hey guys on my recent road trip around California I landed upon Palm springs and over there they had a coffee shop called Koffi. This coffee shop had the most amazing craggy scones that were relati...

Scottish Potato Scones

by outRIAAge 3 years ago

What to do with leftover mashed potatoes? These are as quick and brainless as they are - with an added schmear of butter - addictive. For best flavour, you want some of those brown spots to be more...

Best Scones in the Twin Cities Metro

by kimmys 10 years ago

My co-workers and I are doing our own little Scone Review in search of the best scones in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. So far we've tried YUM!, Turtle Bread Co., and Bread & Chocolate/Cafe Latte...

Help with cheese scone or biscuit recipe

by katkoehler 4 years ago

The place I buy my cheese scones has discontinued them so I have decided to "man up" and make my own. I am looking for a cheese scone that is light and moist and that tastes great even without but...

How can I make these scones less crumbly?

by MsMaryMc 9 years ago

I could use some help from some experienced bakers and folks who understand baking chemistry better than I do. This recipe makes the most delicious scones--but the texture is impossibly crumbly....

Andytown Coffee Roasters, SF Outer Sunset - Snowy Plover & Scones w/ PICS!

by hhc 5 years ago

Finally got to try out Andytown Coffee Roasters - it's a small coffee shop in the Outer Sunset, SF. It's famous for their Snowy Plover Coffee Drink - I think it's espresso, Pellegrino, and homemad...

Freezing scones

by roxlet 8 years ago

According to King Arthur Flour's web site, freezing scones before baking improves them: "For best texture and highest rise, place the pan of scones in the freezer for 30 minutes, uncovered. A...

Looking for bread and scone baker to come to my house in SF to help me bake...

by wellworld 4 years ago

I am looking for some help from a baker who knows how to bake bread and scones, You may want a day away from your regular job, or you just may be a wonderful home baker. This would be for about 4 ...

Best Scones in Toronto

by kwass 6 years ago

I just realized that we don't have a thread devoted to scones. IMO, the best scones in Toronto can be found at the Drake. Their blueberry scones are an addiction of mine. I also had a very deliciou...

Looking for sandwich breads, mini croissants, mini quiches, mini scones, and bite size pastries for afternoon tea in December.

by wellworld 4 years ago

I host an annual afternoon holiday tea at my home in December. In the past, I have found bakeries that will do mini quiches, mini croissants, mini scones, and bite sized pastries, but this year, I ...

British Style Scones In Minneapolis / St. Paul?

by shadeone 5 years ago

After reading about the differences between American scones and real English / British scones, I want to ditch the over-sweetened coffee shop blasphemy for a bit and experience scones how they were...

Scones or what?

by Nyleve 5 years ago

So next week I am making a birthday dessert for a friend's dinner party. There is only one stipulation. There must be strawberries and cream. Which is fine. But since it's his birthday, I'd like it...