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Rasberry Oat Scones - need to re-create a favourite cafe recipe

by PommieCrumpet 12 years ago

Hi all, I have recently moved away from Calgary where the 'Heartland Cafe' sold the most delicious Rasberry Oat Sco...


leashiepoo commented 8 months ago

Advice on this pumpkin scones recipe from Alice's Teacup

by Eric_Cartman 6 years ago

I bought their cookbook a while ago but after reading reviews on people attempting the pumpkin scones they're famous ...


paulj commented 10 months ago

Scones troubleshooting

by michaelnrdx 8 years ago

I made some scones this morning, and they were not bad: crispy crust on the outside, moist and soft on the inside. Ho...


Foxeyblue commented 1 year ago

SCONES & BISCUITS – Home Cooking Dish of the Month, September 2016

by masha 2 years ago

Welcome to the reporting thread for our September Dish of the Month. This month we will be baking Scones and Biscuit...


masha commented 1 year ago

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Koffi palm springs scones

by SLanney 1 year ago

Hey guys on my recent road trip around California I landed upon Palm springs and over there they had a coffee shop ca...

Scottish Potato Scones

by outRIAAge 2 years ago

What to do with leftover mashed potatoes? These are as quick and brainless as they are - with an added schmear of but...


outRIAAge commented 1 year ago

Best Scones in the Twin Cities Metro

by kimmys 9 years ago

My co-workers and I are doing our own little Scone Review in search of the best scones in the Minneapolis/St. Paul ar...


PepperJ777 commented 2 years ago

Help with cheese scone or biscuit recipe

by katkoehler 2 years ago

The place I buy my cheese scones has discontinued them so I have decided to "man up" and make my own. I am looking f...


zackly commented 2 years ago

How can I make these scones less crumbly?

by MsMaryMc 7 years ago

I could use some help from some experienced bakers and folks who understand baking chemistry better than I do. Thi...


daBinsi commented 2 years ago

Andytown Coffee Roasters, SF Outer Sunset - Snowy Plover & Scones w/ PICS!

by hhc 4 years ago

Finally got to try out Andytown Coffee Roasters - it's a small coffee shop in the Outer Sunset, SF. It's famous for ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 2 years ago

Freezing scones

by roxlet 6 years ago

According to King Arthur Flour's web site, freezing scones before baking improves them: "For best texture and high...


NanaTess commented 2 years ago

Looking for bread and scone baker to come to my house in SF to help me bake...

by wellworld 3 years ago

I am looking for some help from a baker who knows how to bake bread and scones, You may want a day away from your reg...


wellworld commented 3 years ago

Best Scones in Toronto

by kwass 4 years ago

I just realized that we don't have a thread devoted to scones. IMO, the best scones in Toronto can be found at the Dr...


magic commented 3 years ago

British Style Scones In Minneapolis / St. Paul?

by shadeone 3 years ago

After reading about the differences between American scones and real English / British scones, I want to ditch the ov...


gryffindor249 commented 3 years ago

Scones or what?

by Nyleve 3 years ago

So next week I am making a birthday dessert for a friend's dinner party. There is only one stipulation. There must be...


Nyleve commented 3 years ago

ISO - recipe for whole wheat scones from Living the G. I. Diet

by pâté chinois 3 years ago

This is a great, healthy and versatile recipe for scones, which comes with a savoury (green onions and flax I think) ...


nothingswrong commented 3 years ago

*April 2009 COTM* Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: Eggs, Pancakes, and Scones

by foxy fairy 9 years ago

**April 2009 Cookbook of the Month is Breakfast, Lunch, Tea: The Many Little Meals of Rose Bakery by Rose Carrarini. ...

pistachio peas

pistachio peas commented 3 years ago

What would YOU do for a scone recipe?"

by nofunlatte 3 years ago


The Chowhound Team

The Chowhound Team commented 3 years ago

Buttermilk scones -- what if you didn't use any cream?

by pitu 3 years ago

Have you ever made an all-buttermilk scone? I like the idea of extra tang in a savory scone, but really I just don't ...


pitu commented 3 years ago