schnapps vs liqueur?

by SusieQ 17 years ago

I have a chocolate bundt cake recipe which calls for raspberry schnapps both in the cake and the glaze. I can't find the schnapps but can get raspberry liqueur. Do you think I can substitute?

Source for aquavit / scandinavian schnapps in greater Boston?

by Jardinia 12 years ago

Helping to plan a swedish style midsommer feast, looking for a source of aquavit , brannvin or other (scandinavian) schnapps. I have seen an occasional bottle of Aalborg mixed in with the ouzo at s...

Good selection of eaux-de-vie / grappa / schnapps?

by Boston_Otter 7 years ago

In many liquor stores, I see fascinating eaux-de-vie such as the Clear Creek Douglas Fir, Nonino honey distillate, pear william, and other expensive little bottles. Is there anywhere around with a ...

Cocktail suggestions for rhubarb schnapps?

by biancani 9 years ago

I made some rhubarb schnapps from a Nigella Lawson recipe (600 g chopped rhubarb, 300 g sugar, 1 L vodka, let steep several weeks). I've now had it around for about a year. It's a little too vegeta...

Peppermint Schnapps in London? (Rumple Minze)

by rudolphsmama 10 years ago

Hi - I am having a hard time tracking down Peppermint Schnapps online in the UK. I was specifically after Rumple Minze and wonder if anyone knew of a stockist in London where I could get my hands o...

Is there such a thing as decent American schnapps?

by tatamagouche 10 years ago

Yes, I know "schnapps" means something different in Europe. But I'm wondering if there's any American producer that brands a well-made, non-artificially-flavored liqueur as schnapps. Thanks!

homemade fruit schnapps/digestivo?

by Redbone 17 years ago

I have a few red currant bushes--not enough to bother with jam. After a successful limoncello experiment, I'm wondering if I could do the same with my currants? We had a Serb neighbor years ago w...

strange question - where to find root beer schnapps in greenwich/stamford area?

by adam 12 years ago

I'm trying to find root beer schnapps, for a recipe I'm making, and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone by any chance know a liquor store that carries it?

Monoprix - Sauternes and Fruit Schnapps

by centralpark 13 years ago

I found a very inexpensive bottle of Monoprix Sauternes today and wanted to know if anyone has tried it. Also, when I was in Austria they had fruit schnapps made from ream fruit. Does anyone kn...

Cooking with Peach Schnapps?

by Googs 14 years ago

I received peach schnapps as a gift. Small problem: I don't drink the stuff. Does anyone have a recipe that uses it that isn't either a cocktail or dessert? My first thought is to incorporate i...

Where can I get decent sugar cane schnapps?

by Bulemaxiac 15 years ago

ANywhere in SF or in the East Bay? Doesn't have to be the el supremo brand. Thanks.


by thegolferbitch 15 years ago

Husband's lovely friends are having a "Schnapps" Christmas party to which each guest must bring a bottle of you guessed it. For reasons to innumerable to mention here (but which might include the s...

Update on homemade schnapps (aka infused vodkas)

by coolbean98 15 years ago

I'm happy to report that our schanpps experiments have been going well! Last night we combined 4 parts wildflower honey schnapps with 1 part cloves schnapps (which did mellow out nicely since we st...


by coolbean98 15 years ago

This weekend my husband and I tried out some recipes from this awesome site: http://www.danish-schnapps-recipes.com/index.html. So far we've made honey, basil, and tarragon schnapps. So far the ...

East Bay Holiday Treats – Nabolom’s run/schnapps soaked fruits and more

by rworange 16 years ago

I did some tasting and window shopping today for Christmas Eve. While Goggling to see if Masse’s had a website, this great article came up on Berkeley Holiday baked goods. I’ll add any finds from m...

apricot schnapps

by Nick Stone 17 years ago

Can anyone point me in the direction of a liquor store that sells Austrian Marillen Schnaps, a clear apricot spirit (sometimes called eau de vie)? Unfortunately apricot liqueur won't do. I've tried...

Using sake to make fruit flavored "schnapps"?

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

I read a thread below about using fruit and vodka to make flavored schnapps. Then a friend over the weekend told me about making her own leechee flavored saka and how good that was. Is vodka and ...

What to do with Peppermint Schnapps?

by G-Unit 18 years ago

I have some Peppermint Schnapps that was used once for hot chocolate and then put on the shelf. I can't think of anything I can use it in that's not dessert related. I was wondering if anyone els...

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