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Ingredients that lose their flavor when heated too long

by michaeljc70 6 months ago

I did a search hoping to find a list as the title mentions. Didn't find anything. Does anyone have one or can point...

dave_c commented 6 months ago

The Science of Sauteed Mushrooms

by Perilagu Khan 6 months ago

I gotta confess--I'm a sauteed shroomaholic. If they're on a restaurant menu, odds are close to 100% that I'm orderin...

Perilagu Khan commented 6 months ago

Need a new cooking oil

by zackly 2 years ago

I need a new reasonably priced ($10.00 or less a gallon) oil to sauté and pan fry with. My old standby, corn oil, no...

coll commented 7 months ago

When to add vegetables to ground beef recipes

by antihawk 10 months ago

Hi all, In recipes containing ground beef, such as Bolognese and Chili, there are a wide variety of instructions a...


tastesgoodwhatisit commented 10 months ago

My meatballs ALWAYS fall apart!

by Michelly 5 years ago

I've made many different recipes of meatballs. I do not overmix them, and I gently form the balls. However, when I sa...

eLizard commented 12 months ago

Pan for tossing/sauteing pasta?

by owen311 1 year ago

Hi, everybody, I'm a new comer. I plan to buy a (2.5-3 quart) stainless steel pan for tossing/sauteing pasta (and ...


owen311 commented 1 year ago

Pierogi's - Boil before Saute ??

by Jimbosox04 7 years ago

I made some fresh Pierogi's today and was wondering if I should boil them for a few minutes before I saute them in a ...


beachdog7 commented 1 year ago

Dredged, Sautéed Chicken Cutlets?

by DuffyH 1 year ago

For years I've been making simple flour-dredged sautéed chicken cutlets, but have often wondered if they have a prope...


DLovsky commented 1 year ago

Best way to Pan-Roast Chicken?

by SmallSteps3000 1 year ago

Help! Brines and Marinades are RUINING the skin on my chicken! The skin is not as crisp and as dark as I'd like it...


damiano commented 1 year ago

Heating oil correctly

by Marie... 2 years ago

One thing I admire about cooks in the kitchen is their comfort and ease at cooking with oil. I find this step of sau...


DLovsky commented 2 years ago

All purpose non GMO oil for sauteeing

by sueatmo 4 years ago

I've used canola oil for a long time for sauteeing. I've used extra virgin olive oil for decades for salads. One of m...


MikeG commented 2 years ago

Kale Preparation

by Kayasuma 5 years ago

Any suggestions on how to cook this stuff? I love it, but every time I prepare it (saute), it comes out so darn toug...

zeldaz51 commented 3 years ago

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