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Everything you need to know about sauté pans is right here, from care and storage tips to recipe ideas and brand suggestions from fellow cooks.

I Tried the Popular Pan That Claims It Can Replace 8 Kitchen Tools

The Always Pan has gained a cult following, promising to take the place of eight other kitchen tools. The popular pan is finally back in stock after a long stint on backorder so we put it through its...

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Which Saute Pan?

by nuCook 12 years ago

I'm a newbie so please be gentle :-) Which saute pan is best from these two? The Le Creuset: http://bit.ly/6pSuNg Or the Raymond Blanc by Anolon: http://bit.ly/65kCWI After speaking to b...

Mauviel Saute pan

by casimir 12 years ago

I'd appreciate any users' comments on the Mauviel Saute pan and or Mauviel in general.

Saute Pan vs. Sauteuse

by cheesemaestro 12 years ago

I'm trying to decide between the All-Clad 4-quart saute pan and their same size sauteuse. The only differences I can see are that the saute pan has a long handle plus a "helper" loop and a flat li...

Will a Demeyere saute pan work well on an uneven electric coil?

by snax 12 years ago

I'm currently using a cheap and nasty electric frying pan, and a couple of cheap pots on the electric coil cook top for my cooking. I have a Demeyere Atlantis saute pan in storage (in another coun...

Do I need a 4-qt saute covered saute pan?

by nofunlatte 12 years ago

I am running out of storage space (thank goodness for a 2-car garage, but only 1 car!) but I'm jonesing for some new cooking equipment! I've decided to postpone the $700 Musso ice cream maker--per...

What size saute pan should I buy?

by snax 12 years ago

I am looking at purchasing a stainless steel sauté pan, and to be honest I have never used one in my cooking history. Firstly what do you use yours to cook? I am thinking of using mine to brown s...

All-Clad Copper Core Saute Pan Question

by MacGuy 12 years ago

I recently bought the 6 Quart Saute Pan and have a question about the shape of the bottom. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00028X2VE/ref=pop Mine seems to be raised in the center. When I pu...

CIA saute pan: yea or nay?

by CKN 12 years ago

I just bought a CIA (Culinary Institute of America) 10" saute/frying pan for $50. It's 7-ply copper clad stainless steel. It was the only one left and unfortunately it has scratches all over which ...

Gourmet Standard 10" Saute Pan

by mliew 12 years ago

I've read that apparently GS is out of business (although their website is still up). Does anyone know of a place that still carries the 10" Saute Pan? Every place I found online is out of stock....

2 quart saute pan, is it worth it?

by hikerbj 13 years ago

I've been cooking more and more lately and really enjoying the experience. Most of my cookware is All Clad stainless steel and cast iron. I've been eyeing a 2 quart saute pan for a couple of mont...

Saute Pan

by caphil07 13 years ago

Any suggestions on a decent-sized saute pan to give as a gift this Christmas? My father wants one that is oven-safe with decent depth. Any personal favorites out there that can be recommended? Tha...

Question re All Clad 6 qt saute pan

by lvhkitty 13 years ago

I am contemplating "investing" in the 6 qt saute pan. I had the 3 qt in a box with the receipt and think it's too small. I already have a great 12 qt AC stock pot (which is amazing), AC 3 qt ...

Saute pan advice

by lyssaflin 13 years ago

I am looking to replace my nonstick calphalon saute pan with stainless steel. I have seen several of the all clad vs. Demeyere posts, and I know that either of them would be fine for my needs, but...

All-Clad 6 qt saute pan opinions

by CACook 13 years ago

I need to decide on an All clad stainless vessel that has a large frying area. I had a cheap 12" I used to cook a 2 steaks or 4 pork chops at once. I did not really like the 6 quart saute p...

saute pan vs. braiser

by sepandee 13 years ago

On another thread I was asking about which saute pan to buy, and mentioned what I have and what I need: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/564724 (taken from the aforementioned thread): " ... lI h...

Which saute pan to buy

by sepandee 13 years ago

First of all, I have a glass ceramic kitchen stove, and the largest burner I think measures 9.5"... a standard, crappy glass ceramic kitchen stove (I miss my gas stove). I need a suate pan. I'm ...

NYT writer tests saute pans

by mpalmer6c 13 years ago

http://www.nytimes.com/2008/10/08/dining/08curi.html?pagewanted=print Good old cast iron doesn't fare well on the stovetop.

Advice on buying a saute pan.

by mippy 13 years ago

My bf and I desperately need to buy a new saute pan. No teflon, but something that will last a long time. Do you think that going to a prefessional kitchen supply store is definately the way to go...

Affordable Saute Pans

by morphone 13 years ago

I'm sorely in need of a saute pan - aluminum pan with a stainless lining, with aluminum that comes all the way up the sides of the pan. Sadly, money's not growing on trees these days and the $200 ...

Buying all-clad: saute pot vs. saute pan

by noya 13 years ago

Is there any difference between the abovementioned? Many thanks!

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