Chowhound's go-to sausage guide. We've got sausage recipes, tips for how to make your own sausage, and suggestions for where to find, eat, and snack on the best sausage near you.

How to Make Your Own Sausage for Oktoberfest

There's no need to restrict your homemade sausage adventures to autumn, but Oktoberfest is prime time for chowing down on German food, which includes several worthy types of sausage (bratwurst, weisswurst...

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Sausage stuff

by DALE 17 years ago

Since having returned from Italy last Friday, I have bid successfully for a grinder-stuffer machine on EBay. (The easy part.) I now need to know the definitive guidebook and where to purchase cas...

Sausage making and equipment

by James Q. 17 years ago

For the last two years, I have been living in Switzerland, and have become completely fascinated by the sausages here (and indeed in other parts of Europe). Since I know I won't be able to buy mos...

Chipolata Sausages?

by Gabriel Solis 18 years ago

Can anyone tell me what sort of sausage a chipolata is? I've run across it in _Cooking with Pomiane_ (which, incidentally, I can't recomend enough...what an engaging book), but don't know what it ...

help/tips/recipies for making sausage

by Greg Spence 18 years ago

It's the time of year when we hunter - gatherers make sausage. I always make mine at home (a tolerant wife and a few friends make it pretty easy) but I'm looking for some new ideas. This year we ...

Hebrew National Polish Sausages

by Jill Rovitzky Black 19 years ago

I haven't been able to find Hebrew National polish sausages lately. Anyone know if they are still available, and if so where I could find them?

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