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Does anyone have a recipe for the garlic marinade from Versailles Cuban restaurant (Los Angeles area)?

by rhgindc 10 years ago

They call it the "Versailles Mojo". It's basically a citrusy garlic marinade sauce. If not the exact recipe, an appro...


joelq_wehoworld commented 2 days ago

King Taco: what's in that sauce?!!?! [moved from Los Angeles board]

by jms_5150 11 years ago

Savor the Flava. i've come close to mastering this sauce at home, but mine taste more like El Taurino aka hoover tac...


williamsonoma commented 2 days ago

EV Brown Sauce recipe? (Split from SF Board)

by Brad Goeppert 10 years ago

Greetings to all of you EV Brown Sauce lovers! My wife and I took my mother out to lunch yesterday to the Hickory P...


mmagoo commented 1 month ago

Thicken sauce for shrimp scampi?

by laraibcooks 2 years ago

I don't want my sauce to be too thick. So instead of making a roux or a slurry with cornstarch I was thinking about c...

Thymus commented 1 month ago

Will this work?

by TureB 1 month ago

I am going to make beef wellington, and i wonder if i could add this salad to it instead of potatoes. And what sauce ...


Autumm2 commented 1 month ago

what goes with Vodka sauce?

by mollyditty 9 years ago

Hello! I'll making some pasta with Vodka sauce tonight, and was wondering what people think would go with it? I woul...

ZoeyCovey commented 1 month ago

Lobster sauce

by BeverlySM 4 years ago

When I was a kid in 1950's Boston the restaurants were known by their address - as in 25 Tyler St. The food was wonde...


marqos commented 2 months ago

Creme fraiche in cooking

by BangorDin 3 months ago

If a cooked sauce calls for creme fraiche, can I just use a little buttermilk and cream instead, without waiting for ...


medlar commented 3 months ago

Bearnaise Sauce Finely Chopped Shallots

by Foodie564 3 months ago

Hey, whenever i make classical french bearnaise sauce at home, i can always taste and feel the shallot bits in my sau...


Foodie564 commented 3 months ago

Peruvian dipping sauces for Plantain chips

by brooklynmasala 3 months ago

I recently bought a huge bag of plantain chips because I wanted to recreate the chips and dips appetizer at my local ...


maestra commented 3 months ago

Japanese dipping sauce recipe

by TrishUntrapped 3 months ago

I really like the soy based dipping sauce that goes with tempura at Japanese restaurants and would like to duplicate ...

TrishUntrapped commented 3 months ago

Savoury black currant sauce

by MissTrees 4 months ago

I'm curious about making savoury black currant sauce with this recipe, but I'm looking for other proteins to pair it ...


MissTrees commented 4 months ago

Spicy Sweet Habanero Dipping Sauce

by arjeh4 2 years ago

Greetings! Have you tried the habanero sauce that Dave and busters makes? It is amazing. It's sweet and spicy ...


rawgoblue commented 5 months ago

ISO Vttp926 for a recipe

by Barbarainnc 5 months ago

I had Chicken Katsu in a restaurant. I want the recipe for the dipping sauce. It was dark and sweet. Didn't taste lik...


ricepad commented 5 months ago

Is duck sauce in Chinese restaurants ONLY a New England thing?

by justicenow 6 years ago

I know I am only one of many frustrated former New Englanders who have been puzzled why Chinese restaurants elsewhere...


CLODER1243 commented 5 months ago

Lost my mom's sweet chili sauce recipe ...

by Spanish Willy 4 years ago

Hi, I'm from Ontario. My late mother used to make a sweet chili sauce which was great on eggs as well as other stuff...


Spanish Willy commented 5 months ago

Creating wing sauce from scratch

by Pwelsh4 4 years ago

I was wondering if anyone has or knows how to make wing sauce from scratch. Yeah sure its easier to just go get a bot...


Stobes76 commented 5 months ago

Ah So sauce...Am I the only one

by TrishUntrapped 10 years ago

For Christmas Eve the family wanted finger foods to pick on rather than a formal meal, so I made an assortment of mea...


DonnaMarieNJ commented 6 months ago

Cherry reduction recipe help

by E_M 6 months ago

I bought some sweet cherries today from the local farm, intending to make a cherry-wine reduction sauce to serve with...

tim irvine commented 6 months ago

Jack-in-the-Box: Sauce

by Ken 14 years ago

When I was a child, one of my favorite hamburger places was Jack-in-the-Box. They had a special sauce that I cannot d...


trickard52 commented 6 months ago

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