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Foreign Candy Near Santa Monica

by GoldfishHero 3 years ago

I'm looking for a specific South African candy called Peppermint Crisp for a gift. Anyone know of a specialty shop or foreign market near Santa Monica that sells this? Thank you.

If you were a fan of Ubuntu/Napa....

by tre2012 3 years ago

The WSJournal yesterday ran an article on chef Jeremy Fox. After some serious issues, he's now happily cooking at Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica, and recently completed his debut cookbook, which wil...

Great American Food & Beverage Co.

by Laurie 16 years ago

In Santa Monica, anyone remember? Great hamburgers and a full tray of ice cream for birthdays. Nothing like it! Any one know any place like it now? Thanks.

High tea in Los Angeles at Christmastime

by bearskinrug 3 years ago

Hello - headed to LA in a few weeks. I'd love recommendations on the best high tea. Tres by Jose Andres has an interesting menu for their service, but I'd love to visit one of the 5* hotels (that h...

Beachy Cream | Santa Monica

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

The final scoop of my LA ice cream touring was at Santa Monica's Beachy Cream. Known more for its ice cream sandwiches, I stuck with something smaller instead, a kiddie scoop for $2.99. Beachy C...

Dolcenero Gelateria Artigianale | Santa Monica

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last month I had a chance to check out newish gelato-maker, Dolcenero Gelateria Artigianale in Santa Monica. My usual MO at an ice cream shop is to taste several flavors before deciding. Often I wi...

Restaurants in Los Angeles

by celmast 4 years ago

Planning a trip from New York to Santa Monica to celebrate my husband's birthday in October. Would appreciate suggestions for higher end and foodie restaurants. Went to Gjelina in Venice and love...

Two Days in Santa Monica: Valentino's, Upper West and Santa Monica Yacht Club

by t19103 4 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, Here is my review of two restaurants in Santa Monica. SMYC My husband and I ate at the Santa Monica Yacht Club on a Wednesday night in early August. We called the restaura...

Daughter's 20th Birthday Dinner in LA with Family

by topekahawk 4 years ago

I am taking my family to LA for a family vacation (we are from the Kansas City area) and I am looking for someplace to celebrate my daughter's 20th birthday. There will be 5 of us -- myself, my wif...

Closed for Private Party Suggestions - WLA/SAMO/CULVER

by BigShotArtist 4 years ago

I'm looking for a small bar/restaurant to host my husband's 40th birthday in the West LA/Santa Monica/Culver City area. Approx 30 guests, hosted bar and small plates. Any suggestions? My budget...

Looking for a BIG restaurant in westwood

by hungryheart 4 years ago

Hi I need to find a place for a group of Australians about 60 people. We want to come in and eat off of the menu, and separate checks for parties of four or more. I'm worried about inundating a pla...

Solid pho in Santa Monica

by fish_n_rice 4 years ago

holly molly! solid pho in this pretty dead part of santa monica (well there's Satdha nearby which can be considered a destination restaurant). solid as in, serious *rich* broth on par with Phorage....

Christmas Eve dining

by macdog 4 years ago

Looking for a place for 7 of us in SM or Malibu or maybe Venice. We're driving down from Santa Barbara and don't want anything too far from the coast. Any ideas?

Best WLA French Dip

by WORX4FUDE 5 years ago

Was wondering if anyone knew of a place to get a killer, CONSISTENT, French dip in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica/Venice/MdR/Culver City. I struggle to find a truly delicious Frenchy, and would love...

Ingo's in Santa Monica (in old Callahan's space)

by yogachik 5 years ago

Went to Friends and Family this weekend, place officially opens on Wed night. Have to say, food was consistently excellent, service outstanding. Same owners as Misfit, so their bar/drink menu is ...

West Side Deli Lovers Rejoice Wexler's Deli is Coming to Santa Monica

by wienermobile 5 years ago

According to LA Eater Wexler's Deli is coming to Santa Monica Blvd. right across from The Santa Monica Main Library. The great news is a larger menu than the Grand Central Market location. Hooray!

Joan's on Third Is Coming to Santa Monica...

by wienermobile 5 years ago

Joan's on Third is coming to Santa Monica on Ocean Ave in the bottom of new Condos next to Chez Jay. The signs are up, opening hopefully this summer... Nice

Fuddruckers Santa Monica (Again)

by phamschottler 6 years ago

Looks like a Fuddruckers is opening in Santa Monica at 2002 Wilshire. It's a crappy chain burger joint with a free-for-all toppings bar and pump-your-own cheesy sauce, but I grew up near one and c...

2nd Anniversary Dinner

by mollyomormon 5 years ago

Hello hounds who never steer me wrong, My second wedding anniversary is coming up at the end of the month and I want to surprise my husband with dinner. We live in Santa Monica and I'd prefer s...