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Here's your Santa Ana food scene update: Chowhounds chat about openings, closings, and the best places to hit while you're in town.

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Lunch in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa/Irvine area

by Loree 14 years ago

Looking for suggestions for lunch, we have an hour and work in the Santa Ana/Irvine area, 55/dyer, any suggestions for must haves? Hole-in-the-walls are great too! Thank you

help me find this amazing Mexican bakery around Santa Ana

by joe 14 years ago

Years ago, before I attained chow consciousness, I was driving around in the vicinity of Santa Ana in early November when I happened upon a Mexican bakery that had the most spectacular seasonal swe...

Greek Island Grille - Santa Ana

by Greek Island Grille - Santa Ana 14 years ago

My craving for gyro or doner kebap had to be satisfied. So today I drove to the nearest place I could get it that wasn't Daphne's. I first heard of Greek Island Grill on Chowhound ([BROKEN LINK REM...

Niki's Indian Food - Santa Ana

by elmomonster 14 years ago

Here's a place that I was bound to try sooner or later. It is, after all, just a block away from work for me and perhaps the nearest Indian food near South Coast that isn't Royal Khyber (not that I...

Lunch recs in Tustin/North Irvine/South Santa Ana area??

by AltadenaJack 14 years ago

I'm in the area often for work - I really enjoy stopping at the Wine Club in Santa Ana afterwards but I haven't found many great lunch spots. There's Thanh for pseudo vietnamese, and Citrus Cafe f...

What to get at El Gallo Giro - Santa Ana

by elmomonster 14 years ago

I'm going to El Gallo Giro for lunch today...the first time for me. What should I order? I can't seem to find the old posts about it.

Business Lunch Recommendation - Santa Ana/Anaheim

by sam wick 14 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good restaurant for a business lunch in the Santa Ana/Anaheim area? Normally I'd go to Artesia or Westminster, but need something a bit more professional (yet still fun). ...

Lunch in Santa Ana tomorrow

by Jess 15 years ago

I'm going to be in Santa Ana tomorrow, near Grand and the 405. Any recommendations in that vicinity for lunch? I'm not looking for anything too expensive, but just great food of any cuisine.

Tacos Colima, Santa Ana

by Stuartmm 15 years ago

A few months ago i asked for lunch recs. along Santa Ana South Main street from Macarthur towards First. The posts tended to veer away from this area towards South Coast Plaza. So we just started p...

coffee, pastries Santa Ana

by Thi N. 15 years ago

I need a place to chill out for a few hours and drink some coffee and eat good pastries in the Santa Ana region. -thi

Jerry's Dogs - Santa Ana

by WLA 15 years ago

Nice piece by Elmer Dills this morning on Jerry's Dogs, (see link to their web site) in Santa Ana. Evidently they have all of their dogs made to order just for them. It certainly looked really go...

Mariscos Tampico - Santa Ana (longish)

by Professor Salt 15 years ago

Fourth Street in downtown Santa Ana brings back memories of Mexico City when I visited there at 10 years of age. There are pushcart vendors hawking fresh fruits and Mexican snacks on every corner o...

Need recs for Asian noodles near Santa Ana/Tustin

by SoCaliChowGirl 15 years ago

I love Udon noodles, and I work off of the 55 in the Santa Ana/Tustin area. Any recommendations for Asian noodles? I am open to adventure, but I do like udon and even thai noodles. thanks.

Santa Ana city hall, anything chowish?

by wombat 15 years ago

I am flying from Maryland for a job interview at Santa Ana city hall which is scheduled for right after lunch. Is there anything distractingly good for lunch around there? I like to eat as much M...

Lunch suggestions; Main Street, Santa Ana

by Stuartmm 15 years ago

Suggestions for lunch ? Orange County We have pretty much gone through the lunch places in the South Coast plaza /Bristol St area. My office is at the corner of Main and MacArthur in Santa Ana so w...

Recomendations on Tustin Ave from Santa Ana to Anaheim

by Diamond Dog 15 years ago

There are so many good restuarants on Tustin Avenue starting in Santa Ana and going through Orange. Problem is, I am unfamiliar with most of them past Chapman. Could someone enlighten me? In exch...

Ferdussi, "Taste of Persia" - Santa Ana

by Sweet Willie 15 years ago

One night I ate at Ferdussi “Taste of Persia” in Santa Ana, but only a couple blocks from my Costa Mesa hotel. Started out with the appetizer of Stuffed Eggplant: beef, garlic, onion, herbs & tom...

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