Frozen Sangria Slushies Are the Ultimate Summer Treat

Deliciously cold summer treats come in many forms, from classic ice cream and milkshakes to snow cones and ice pops. Most adults don't outgrow the taste for something refreshing and sweet, but when...

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by lizzieslulu 10 years ago

I am looking for a recommendation for great sangria in Santa Fe and Albuqerque, NM. We will be there the 1st week of Sept.

White Sangria [Moved from Tristate Region]

by robroy5man 13 years ago

Does anyone know the recipe for white sangria from IBERIA'S restaurant in the Iron Bound district of Newark, NJ If you do please post. Thanks

Sangria in Calgary?

by EpicureanActor 10 years ago

Hello all! It's getting to that very brief time of year in Calgary where it is wonderfully warm! And for me, nothing suits warm weather better than a nice pitcher of sangria. Does anyone know of...

Sangria Recipes?

by janetms383 10 years ago

I'm making a red sangria for 4th of July. See so many recipes online, but it's hard to know what will taste the best, so I'm reaching to the Chowhounds! Do you have a tried and truth recipe and ...

White Sangria Recipe

by drewb123 10 years ago

I am interested to see if anyone has a tried an true white sangria recipe?

bonefish white sangria

by scs955 10 years ago

does anyone have the recipe for bonefish white sangria? it's so light and delicious i'd love to be able to make it at home. thanks.

Sangria or Wine Cooler for large group

by itryalot 10 years ago

I need to make a large batch (for 30 adults) to go with an italian outdoor meal. I have heard people making wine coolers using wine and peach nectar. I am open to suggestions, red or white, cool...

favorite sangria in san francisco?

by turtl_girl 10 years ago

chowers - i'm longing for some good sangria, which for me involves red wine (sorry, white sangria folks), big flavor, depth over sweetness, lots of fresh fruit, and not too too alcohol-y tasting. ...

Modern Sedar looking for BEST SANGRIA RECIPE

by rhennis 10 years ago

Yeah, you read that right. Sorry but me and my peeps find Manischewitz only fit for poor Elijah’s glass and in the light of recent weather, want to wet our matzo whistles with some kick butt Sangri...

Legal Seafoods Sangria

by joelvenezia 10 years ago

Does anyone have the recipe for the Sangria served at Legal Seafoods?.. by far, the best I've ever had

Anyone tried the sangria at El Rincon? (Any other strong recs on what to order there?)

by Ediblethoughts 11 years ago

CHers are so keen on this place, we're going to try it out pretty soon so looking for ideas. I'm usually an enchilada person.

Best Sangria Spots in Toronto

by lily.violet 11 years ago

I was just wondering what are some of the best places to get sangria in Toronto. I've read other posts that all seem to recommend Torito in Kensington Market, but surely there are more?


by lildiss73 11 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place to get Sangria on the Upper West Side? I just found out that Comida Fresco Mercado is CLOSED!!! argh! Thanks!!

Does someone have the Sangria recipe I lost?

by drewb123 11 years ago

I have been using a sangria recipe called sangriaVI frm epicuriuos and epi doesnt have it anymore? does anyone have it by chance thx

White sangria or lillet blanc recipe???

by lynnlato 11 years ago

Yes, I know, there are several sangria threads out there. I've read them and am still uninspired. I have friends coming in town this weekend for a girls wknd. They are not wine drinkers. O...

Sangria's Oveido - Worth a visit.

by morganrsg2 11 years ago

Lately, I've been trying to dine closer to home and to support my "local" businesses. While Circosta's and Stefano's are both reliable, I wanted to try something new. Last night I tried Sangria's...

Sangria Wine

by emiliejolie 11 years ago

hello! i'm looking to make a big batch of sangria on a tight budget and need some help. ideally, i would be using a dry, no oak tempranillo but my restrictions are leading me to stray... i was e...

Where to find Tarantas Sangria

by Pezzy 11 years ago

It's officially summer and I've been craving this particular brand of Sangria. I like to jazz it up by adding cut up fruit and serving ice cold. They used to sell it at the Whole Foods in the Sou...

T.O's Best Sangria?

by BritinCan 11 years ago

Summer has arrived, the patios are filling up and there is nothing I like more than sitting out in the sun with a jug of sangria. I like to think that my sangria can hold its own amoung the best bu...

Sangria Recipe

by Carly 15 years ago

Could anyone point me in the right direction for a great red sangria recipe? Or, tell me what kind of wine they use to make theirs? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!