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5 Pro Tips for Perfect Biscuits Every Time

A good biscuit recipe is a must in any kitchen—they're a perfect side for Southern dishes, a tender topper for savory casseroles and desserts like cobblers and shortcake, and arguably the most important...

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by Meg 19 years ago

Does anyone know if you are allowed to substitute items on the tasing menu at Aqua? Also, is there a dress code? Thanks!

Melanie Wong and Stephen Kaye: Apologies for not reporting back

by Tida 19 years ago

Melanie and Stephen- I wanted to apologize for not reporting back on Mariposa and the Sonoma Valley wine tour. Though that weekend was greatly anticipated, our plans were derailed by an unlicens...

San Francisco Dungeness Crab Season Opens!

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

The SF Dungeness Crab season opened yesterday, Nov. 15 and will go until the end of June 2001. The fleet was delayed a day with yesterday's storm, very few boats going out in rough weather. With ...

Thanks for the tip about Dragon River

by Anne Emry 19 years ago

Five of us wanted to go out to dinner in SF and we were casting about for ideas. My solution was to log on to a friend's computer and call up the Chowhound message board! We opted for Dragon Riv...

Oakland Chinatown

by Dan Skaggs 19 years ago

Any suggestions for great Chinese food in Oakland's Chinatown?

new Bacar restaurant? any info appreciated

by jason dorn 19 years ago

this wednesday 12/6, there were 4 pages in the SF Chronicle about this "definitive San Francisco restaurant." some friends of mine tried to go-called it a "chinese fire drill" has anybody been? wha...

LuLu or Azie or 42 Degrees

by Angie 19 years ago

I hear that Lulu and Azie are sister restaurants. If you had to go to one of them, which one would you pick and why? If you've been to one or the other, pls. share your experience. Also, I hea...

Vacationing in Napa

by Geoff 19 years ago

My wife and I are going to be spending some time in late December in St. Helena. We are coming from New York and therefore know nothing about the dining in the Napa region. We've heard about Mustar...

What's the verdict on Bistro Jeanty?

by chita 19 years ago

I've heard it's really good... has anyone been there recently? Any recommendations? Thanks.

Okay, where did Des Alps and the Basque Hotel go?

by michelle 19 years ago

So I grew up eating at these Basque food places and now they are nowhere to be found-sad times. Where to now?

Villa Poppi--is it still good?

by steve drucker 19 years ago

Has anyone been to Villa Poppi lately? Is it holding up? An earlier post and the linked review in SF Guardian sounded good--straight ahead food without pretension, and I really liked that they w...

Dining with my daughter: Two different experiences

by judy leibovitch 19 years ago

Paradiso in San Leandro and Thanh Long in the outer Richmond were both on my list of places to check out. In general, I'd say JB and I have pretty strict standards for our 2 year old in restaurant...

wedding sites and bites

by virginia 19 years ago

though this is slightly out of the realm of usual chowhound topic boundaries, i thought i'd throw this one out to everyone: does anyone have any personal recommendations for memorable/wonderful we...

Peking duck for Thanksgiving

by smidgemao 19 years ago

Can anyone recommend a good place for Peking duck for Thanksgiving dinner? (My family hates turkey.) A place in Oakland would be ideal! Thanks!

Mexican, Thai and Indian in Walnut Creek/Danville

by Kelly Ann 19 years ago

Any recommendations for great mexican, thai or indian restaurants in WC/Danville? We have lived here for a few years but haven't found any favorite spots yet. Thanks.

fried chicken?

by rachel hope 19 years ago

I am feeling a craving, but don't know where to satisfy it. I want good fried chicken -- not frozen --with a little bit of spice, and crunchy crunchy crunchy. Any recs? Preferably in the east bay?

Alameda eats??

by Maura 19 years ago

I have a friend visiting Alameda next week, and was wondering if anyone knows of a good place to eat in Alameda...maybe something on the water???

Soup Fixation: Best Pho or Hot and Sour Soup

by sue 19 years ago

Any recc's on where to find either of these Asian soups? I've been getting my hot and sour soup fix from Ton Kiang - they deliver [!]

Tips for a special dinner in East Bay?

by chita d. 19 years ago

When it comes to excellent food and ambiance for a special dinner, we thought Chez Panisse would be perfect. However, my husband is deathly allergic to all things feathered (all meat, stock, pretty...

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