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Best burrito (authentic) in Las Vegas/El Pastor on the spit

by mookied39 4 days ago

Where is the best (in your opinion) burrito in vegas. Love an authentic pastor/asada or a combo. The only real must...


Dave Feldman commented 3 days ago

Taste like Rubio's Hot Red Salsa recipe finally!

by chef chicklet 11 years ago

I am so elated! Awhile ago I posted on Chowhound my request asking if anyone had or was able to duplicate the reci...


yami209 commented 3 months ago

Salsa help!

by amayats 4 months ago

So, I've spent several months trying to replicate the salsa at one of my favorite taquerias. I've made a lot of good ...


amayats commented 4 months ago

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Great non-perishable condiments

by Pan 6 months ago

Hi, everybody! I'm thinking of starting a business selling great condiments that are hard to find. Do you have any fa...

SALSA - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, August 2017

by L.Nightshade 9 months ago

Welcome to our FIFTH ANNIVERSARY Dish of the Month! Dish of the Month was started in August of 2012, and we’ve been g...


chowlinda commented 7 months ago

ISO recipe for habanero salsa with hierba de olor

by LorenzoGA 3 years ago

I'd like to replicate a salsa I encountered in a restaurant in Cozumel. Maybe it's a Yucatecan thing? When I asked th...


shahlajc commented 7 months ago

Re-Processing Canned Salsa

by susansgarden 8 months ago

I cooked and canned salsa yesterday. I would like to add more tomatoes for color. Can I empty the jars, add tomatoes,...


ricepad commented 8 months ago

Help a salsa out

by e_bone 3 years ago

I made some really great salsa last weekend. Super pleased with the flavor/balance/heat. The problem is the texture. ...


e_bone commented 8 months ago

Mushrooms in salsa?

by NateHevens 9 months ago

Man... it's been a few years since I last posted on Chowhound! Anyways... so I wanted to get y'alls thoughts on th...

C. Hamster

C. Hamster commented 9 months ago

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Looking for Recipe of Orange Colored Salsa in Tako Factory La Mesa, CA

by ad7yn 9 months ago

Hi guys, please help me recreate the orange salsa of Tako Factory located in El Cajon Blvd (La Mesa, CA 91942)

How do you tame too hot salsa?

by newfoodie 9 years ago

I followed a recipe for roasted tomatillo salsa. The directions warned against removing the jalapeno seeds but I sho...


amsutton commented 10 months ago

The Corner House | Soledad - Salinas Valley

by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

A month ago I had a chance to stop at The Corner House in Soledad for lunch on my way back from King City. This spot ...

Melanie Wong

Melanie Wong commented 11 months ago

Any copycat King Taco Salsa Verde Recipes?

by tacoguy88 2 years ago

Been working on this king taco salsa verde recipe for awhile. All i have read on here is the salsa roja, i'm not a bi...


RabidHare commented 12 months ago

One Mortar & Pestle to rule them all!

by Gelatodolci 1 year ago

Hi to all! ;-) Been looking for a mortar and pestle for various jobs, one that applies well for various cuisines,...


Gelatodolci commented 1 year ago

Making salsa verde & I need help, please

by toni6 1 year ago

I want to make salsa verde starting with a base of canned, pureed tomotillos, I'd like it to have that roasted taste,...


toni6 commented 1 year ago

What to do with Homemade "Chili" Sauce

by mmpott 1 year ago

My husband's uncle gave me a jar of his homemade chilli sauce that he made from produce in his garden but I have no i...


mmpott commented 1 year ago

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Marco's Mexican Restaurant -- Houston

by joyce805 1 year ago

Does anyone have the recipe for Marco's Mexican Restaurant's green sauce? We lived in Houston 25 years ago and they u...

Best Salsa/Salsa Bar in the City?

by mookied39 2 years ago

So, I plan on munching on a lot of Mexican food when I visit the great city of San Francisco this July. Many people ...


mookied39 commented 2 years ago

Anybody cooking from Tacos: Recipes and Provocations

by corneygirl 2 years ago

I recently picked this up and I'm excited to start cooking from it. I am interested to know what people think of it. ...


valadelphia commented 2 years ago