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Any copycat King Taco Salsa Verde Recipes?

by tacoguy88 1 year ago

Been working on this king taco salsa verde recipe for awhile. All i have read on here is the salsa roja, i'm not a bi...


freshlysteezed commented 18 days ago

How do you tame too hot salsa?

by newfoodie 8 years ago

I followed a recipe for roasted tomatillo salsa. The directions warned against removing the jalapeno seeds but I sho...


annie107 commented 1 month ago

One Mortar & Pestle to rule them all!

by Gelatodolci 1 month ago

Hi to all! ;-) Been looking for a mortar and pestle for various jobs, one that applies well for various cuisines,...

Gelatodolci commented 1 month ago

Taste like Rubio's Hot Red Salsa recipe finally!

by chef chicklet 10 years ago

I am so elated! Awhile ago I posted on Chowhound my request asking if anyone had or was able to duplicate the reci...

ChristinaMason commented 1 month ago

Making salsa verde & I need help, please

by toni6 2 months ago

I want to make salsa verde starting with a base of canned, pureed tomotillos, I'd like it to have that roasted taste,...


toni6 commented 2 months ago

What to do with Homemade "Chili" Sauce

by mmpott 3 months ago

My husband's uncle gave me a jar of his homemade chilli sauce that he made from produce in his garden but I have no i...


mmpott commented 3 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Marco's Mexican Restaurant -- Houston

by joyce805 4 months ago

Does anyone have the recipe for Marco's Mexican Restaurant's green sauce? We lived in Houston 25 years ago and they u...

Best Salsa/Salsa Bar in the City?

by mookied39 12 months ago

So, I plan on munching on a lot of Mexican food when I visit the great city of San Francisco this July. Many people ...


mookied39 commented 12 months ago

Anybody cooking from Tacos: Recipes and Provocations

by corneygirl 1 year ago

I recently picked this up and I'm excited to start cooking from it. I am interested to know what people think of it. ...


valadelphia commented 1 year ago

Best Store-Bought Salsa in Austin?

by Optimista 2 years ago

In a jar or on a salsa bar, I'm open to anything I can buy at a grocery store. What's the best? I would normally make...

malarkey commented 1 year ago

Best bottled salsa?

by SunnyD 9 years ago

Anyone have recs for a really good bottled salsa?


chowzin commented 1 year ago

Green vs Red sauce

by Munkipawse 1 year ago

Besides the obvious color, whats the difference between red salsa vs green salsa? I noticed a local burrito shop our ...

paulj commented 1 year ago

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Tamales @ California Street Market | Mountain View

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

This year's Christmas eve tamales came from Mountain View's California Street Market, recommended here, http://www.c...

Salsa "possible" problem?

by steelwool 1 year ago

I made some salsa and my seals did not seal. Will the salsa be safe to eat? Do I need to change lids as stated on s...


steelwool commented 1 year ago

Why is my salsa not hot?

by jay138 1 year ago

I absolutely love arbol + tomatillo salsa, but the place I used to get it closed down. Now when I make it at home the...

shanagain commented 1 year ago

Bufalo Chipotle Salsa: Who's Got It In Stock?

by silverlakebodhisattva 2 years ago

Can't seem to find it downtown to Mid-Wilshire, Hollywood, Silverlake, Los Feliz or Glendale, although lots of places...


silverlakebodhisattva commented 1 year ago

Why boil salsa ingredients?

by simplelife16 1 year ago

Hi all! I absolutely love my families salsa and they boil many of the ingredients beforehand. If anyone out there doe...

John E. commented 1 year ago

Using a dry chili powder for salsa??

by CourtneyI 1 year ago

Is it possible to use a dry chili powder in salsa that will approximate jalapenos? I am working with a cafe in East ...


ChiliDude commented 1 year ago

King Taco salsa [moved from Los Angeles board]

by chuye2007 9 years ago

Hi. I have looked everywhere trying to see if someone knows how to make King Taco's green salsa. It's the best green...


Tothemoongracie commented 1 year ago