Impress Your Date with These Easy Salmon Dinners for Two

Salmon is a sure bet for a delicious dinner, and these date night salmon recipes are especially great for impressing a special someone. So, you’ve just volunteered to cook dinner for you and your significant...

What to do with a big, frozen salmon?

by Hawashingtonian 1 month ago

A week and a half ago, a relative gave me a whole, frozen, salmon that they caught. It's about 6 lbs (2.7 kg) and cut in half to make it shorter. My first thought was to fillet it and cut it into s...

Pickled lox

by kodozzz1048 3 months ago

I'm hoping someone can help me figure out how to make pickled lox (the type sold at Zabar's in NYC). It's sensational and I'd love to be able to make it. Any clues? Clearly the quality of salmon is...

2021 Monterey Bay Salmon Season

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

After a two-week pause, Monterey Bay salmon season started up again on June 16 and continues till June 30, and is joined by the opening of the season northward up to Point Arena. https://wildlife.c...

ALASKA trip Booked!

by OrganicCavalry 12 months ago

My wife and I have had the rug pulled from under our feet 3 years in a row now... Hopefully it goes this time! We are spending 2 weeks all over the place. Seward, Kodiak, Anchorage, Craig on Price...

Seeking recipe to use "juice" from canned salmon

by Enso 11 years ago

I've been saving and freezing the water and salmon oil that I drain off when I open a can. Do you think the flavored water is not worth it, and I should only 'harvest' the salmon oil? In either ...

Salmon temp

by bsugarcream 1 year ago

We like our salmon medium but I am having a tough time figuring out what temp that is. I've read that medium is around 125˚ but when I cook it (usually in the oven) to that temp, it is overdone. Th...

What to do with salmon tails?

by acecil 1 year ago

So I just got some really thin salmon fillets, essentially the tails with the skin on, and am trying to figure out a good way to use them. My husband loves salmon cooked with crispy skin, but the s...

Smoked salmon ideas - no cheese

by ScarletB 11 years ago

Hello, I love smoked salmon and am always looking for meals with good protein since I seem to be lacking in that area. Problem is that I can't think of what else to do with smoked salmon other tha...

New Zealand Ora Salmon?

by cornichonronald 1 year ago

Yea or nay? Yes, it's "farmed." But is it "bad"?

Hot smoked salmon - left out of fridge 3-4 hours, safe to eat?

by baobab808 1 year ago

So, we had two mishaps with Whole Foods delivery today and want to know whether we should be eating either of these... 1.) Scenario 1: Shopper took 4 hours from the start of shopping to dropping...

Recs for a nice restaurant in Ottawa with a patio and seafood

by prima 1 year ago

Asking for a friend. I love the Whalesbone, which has a patio at the Elgin St location. Unfortunately, not enough cooked seafood options for one person in the group. Thanks for any ideas!

ABS Seafood

by JadeM 1 year ago

My friend ordered sashimi grade tuna and salmon from ABS Seafood, a wholesaler located at Pier 45. They are now also selling directly to individual customers. She said it was the best sashimi she h...

Stocking Freezer during COVID19

by elizbanks 1 year ago

I want to stock the best King Salmon I can find in my freezer. Any recommendations?

Hot smoked salmon in DMV

by edub 1 year ago

Hi- anyone know where I can buy this locally? The prices online are too high for me. I might try making it depending on what equipment is needed - I’ll have access to a gas grill in a few weeks

Commercial salmon season opens today, May 1

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

The season opener starts today, May 1, in the area from Pigeon Point near Pescadero to the Mexico border. Then the area to the north from Point Arena in Mendocino County to Pigeon Point opens May 6.

What sides with Salmon croquettes?

by kengk 9 years ago

I'm speaking of the typical Southern style salmon patty. Canned salmon, egg, bread crumbs and pan fried. I like them but don't really ever know what to serve with them.

Defrosting in the Oven

by hanguolaohu 13 years ago

I'm a bachelor and end up freezing meats because I cannot get eat them fast enough on my own. The problem I keep encountering is I get hungry but don't plan my weekly menu accurately, so I don't h...

Where in St. Petersburg can I find salmon to make sushi?

by hamiltonmktg 2 years ago

I want to make sushi from home and have been told that the salmon I need to buy needs to have been specially treated to kill off the parasites by being frozen at a specific temperature for a specif...

Some frozen sockeye salmons taste fishier than usual?

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hey I have been buying wild Sockeye salmom from the local Whole Foods. The fish comes in packets of about 6 fillets. Often, the taste and smell is mild and lovely. Othertimes, the fish smells s...