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Salem Oregon Downtown with no car

by Wanda 12 years ago

I will be staying in Salem Oregon near the Capitol and train station. I will not have a car. What are the best restaurants, foodwise, where I can eat? I esp like Indian, Mideastern, all Asian other...

Food in Salem, OR?

by KAB 12 years ago

I'm going to Salem, OR, this weekend and wondered if there's any decent food there. I've heard the pickings are slim. I don't care whether it's fancy or if it's a particular cuisine, I just want go...

Found Decent Chinese in Salem?

by Amecameca 12 years ago

Hey, Salem area hounds, there is a new Chinese restaurant downtown that you might want to check out. The Hainan Orchid has taken over what used to be Mings at 440 State Street. My family went ton...

Salvador's In Salem Report

by Amecameca 13 years ago

Salvador's Bakery in Salem (3790 Silverton Rd.) is awesome at Christmastime. My kids and I went today hoping to take home tamales and "tres leches" cake and we weren't disappointed. The parki...

Need a new place in Salem, OR

by mewho 13 years ago

My daughter lives in Salem and everytime we visit her we eat at "Ram". I think the food look great but I don't think they taste as good as they look. However, my husband and daughter loves this pla...

Best Restaurants in Salem

by Schweet! 14 years ago

Attn: Salemjan, Yes, I occasionally find myself down there looking for a good place to eat -- Mexican, "ethnic," or otherwise. A few suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks!

Good eats in Salem or Silverton?

by Matt 14 years ago

My folks are moving to Silverton,OR this week. And I'll be visiting for Thankgiving. Anything good to eat there or in nearby Salem? I'm always on the lookout for a good hot dog stand, New York styl...

Something to bring back from Salem

by nearlywild 14 years ago

My fiance is in the town of Monmouth OR which is close to Salem. He asked me what I would like him to bring back. Are there any food items that are a specialty for this area that he can buy for me?

Need a few OR recs - Ashland, Portland & Salem

by nja 14 years ago

Hi Hounds, My wife and I are driving up to PDX this weekend for a wedding. We wanted to get a few ideas on places to eat and drink. We're generally looking to keep prices fairly inexpensive to ...

[SALEM] Thai Lotus

by extramsg 14 years ago

Met a friend for dinner in Salem the other night. Normally we just go to Thai Beer. It's easy to get to and dependably edible. However, we decided to try a new place, Thai Lotus. My friend got...

Pizza in Salem...Straight

by The Oregoner 14 years ago

Downtown Salem has a pizza joint that slightly outclasses Portland's Escape From New York, Bella Faccia, and maybe rivals Apizza Scholls. If you're craving New York style pizza in the Central Will...

Salem - Taqueria El Padrino

by Becky 14 years ago

I drove to Eugene via 99E last weekend. I figured I'd stop in Woodburn for tacos but it seemed like all the taqueria's were on the wrong side of the street (I didn't want to make a left turn). So, ...

SALEM: Taqueria Los Panditos

by Nick 15 years ago

Continuing my exploration of Salem, I stopped at Emilio's for some panes dulces and expected to go to a taco truck at the SE corner of State and Lancaster. (Anyone tried it?) Instead, across the ...

SALEM: Thai Beer...

by Nick 15 years ago

Had a meeting in Salem today and decided to test out some Chowhound recommended spots. Printed out reports from SalemJan and Amecameca. Met for lunch at Thai Beer just north of Hwy 22 on Lancaste...

SALEM: JR's Taqueria

by Nick 15 years ago

After Thai food, decided to try a few tacos. Salem is really an unexplored, or rather, undocumented, goldmine of Mexican food. I usually tell people that Woodburn is a great place for Mexican in ...

SALEM: Emilio's and Chula Vista...

by Nick 15 years ago

Stopped in Salem to try some Mexican on my way home today from Eugene. Just got off the interstate and drove up Lancaster until I saw something that looked interesting. Between two porn stores (d...

Salem Food Shopping: Cheese, Wine, Asian, Latino, etc...

by Aaron 15 years ago

Anyone know good food shopping in Salem? The best I can muster is Roth's, which is better than most supermarkets, but lacking in some of what I miss of the big city which I come (Seattle). Spe...

At Last, A Good Chinese Restaurant in Salem

by Amecameca 16 years ago

I have lived in Salem for 18 years and have never found a really good Chinese restaurant that does not pander to American tastes. We finally have one! It's called Hong Kong House, and it is locate...

Vietnamese and Mexican in Salem

by Flybottle 15 years ago

Just curious about whether anybody has opinions on joints in Salem. I'm visiting from Minneapolis where you can find fairly authentic versions of both vietnamese and mexican. Anything like that her...

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