From Caesar to Waldorf, salads can be as virtuous or indulgent as you want. Discuss your favorite types, get inspiration for new and creative salad recipes, and ask around for the best restaurant salads near you.

Celebrate Spring with These Harvest Salad Recipes

Summer may seem like prime time for salads, but fresh spring produce also shines in simple preparations that showcase our favorite vegetables' tender new forms. Every time March rolls around, I remember...

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Best place to get a Caesar Salad?

by Angie 20 years ago

Where do they make the best Caesar salads in the Boston area (within 1/2 hour radius of, say, Cambridge)? I've read through the thread on this board that rates Cafe Escadrille (in Burlington) fai...

Bay Wolf / great salad

by Ann Leneave 19 years ago

At a lunch at Bay Wolf, in Oakland, I had a fabulous starter/salad of tiny grilled squid, just barely caramelized, the freshest mache, tiny chunks of toasted almonds, and little thin meyer lemon tr...

desperately seeking superior salad

by louis 20 years ago

Florida Chowhounds - I am down in South Florida for two months, and I would love to find a restaurant (or even better, several restaurants) where I can get a great salad. I'm a veggie (dairy prod...

puntarella/puntarelle salad greens

by Jenny 20 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy them or a Bay Area restaurant that serves them? It's time to send to Cook's Garden for seeds if I'm going to plant them this spring but I'd like to taste them first. ...

Crabmeat Salad/Crab Recipes

by Sarah 20 years ago

Hey guys, this one goes to my mother who is forever telling me to post something. So i need your help. I bought a lot of crabmeat this week at the supermarket, and me being a college student has ...

Super salad

by Ken Hoffman 20 years ago

I have always enjoyed the mesquite chicken salad served at Andale Taqueria in Los Gatos or Palo Alto. The salad is simple: boneless chunks of mesquite BBQ chicken, soft goat cheese, avocado, romain...

Lemon Grass Salad Splash

by galleygirl 20 years ago

I love this stuff! It's made by Thai Kitchen, and not all their products are worth the money, but this salad splash is great..It's basically a rice-vinegar vinaigrette w/lemon grass and chilis, bu...

fresh salads in downtown Oakland?

by Marc Wallace 20 years ago

Anyone have suggestions for a good, fresh salad in downtown Oakland? Preferably a "pick up and take back to the office" place. My current fave is "The Fine Place" (17th, between Franklin and Web...

papaya salad wekkend (nhu hoa and yum thai)

by zim 20 years ago

this weekend i had the opportunity to try out a couple places that I had been meaning to check out for a while. Nhu Hoa - Laotian/vietnamese place on argyle and the thai menu at yum thai. Friday...

Salad, scumbags

by Thi N. 20 years ago

Samo suggested in an earlier post that I probably detested salad. I have no idea why anyone would think this. Samo, why would you think that? I love salad. I adore salad. The holy trinity of the gr...

Salad Garden Express

by mimi 20 years ago

In a quiet corner of the maze of shops and restaurants in Illinois Center is a nice little place for lunch that serves salads and wraps. It's called "Salad Garden Express." Is anyone familiar with...

looking for a great salad in baltimore

by Louis Berney 20 years ago

On occasion, when I go out to dinner, I sometimes yearn for a really wonderful salad, one that can almost constitute a meal in itself. But when I try to conjure up a restaurant in Baltimore that se...

Portland - good take-out Caesar salad?

by Theresa O'Connor 20 years ago

Does anybody know of a good Caesar salad I can get to go from a deli or restaurant here in Portland? Preferably the southwest, Tigard, Beaverton, or downtown, but if you've got a good recommendati...

Biggest Pet Peeve of the all - Wet salad

by Vital Information 20 years ago

Please, Jim, in the next go around, how about pins that say, I'd like my salad shaken not wet please. How many times have you been served a salad so wet that the dressing mearly whispers seven se...

Looking for green papaya salad in brooklyn/queens

by nicole 20 years ago

I'm willing to travel back and forth between the two boroughs until I find the perfect green papaya salad. any leads will be most appreciated.

Thx to Caitlin McGrath for Winter Salad recipe

by jenniferfishwilson 20 years ago

Caitlin recommended a wonderful lettuce/pear/vinaigrette/toasted nut salad a month or two ago. I finally made it last night--it was a perfect balance to the heavier latkes and pot roast. I used a ...

Saladang Song Cafe

by tanyal 20 years ago

Has anybody else tried this thai cafe in Pasadena? Curious to hear what others think. I had tried the first Saladang years ago and was not impressed, but good reviews made me want to try the cafe. ...

Best Caesar Salad (anywhere) & Best Pizza on Long Island

by Chris Rafter 23 years ago

The Caesar Salad is a hard pick, since it's on the menu of nearly every restaurant, it's real hard to do a comprehensive assessment. I try to get it everywhere I can, and it's one of my favorit...

Caesar Salad Rant

by chowborg 20 years ago

I saw a posting on the New England board by deb-in-billyburg about Pete's Indian Head Cafe. One of Deb's comments was that the Caesar salad did not contain anchovies. Does anyone other than us feel...

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