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Pile it on. Find the best salad bar near you, tell us what toppings you like, and share your thoughts on this quick lunch savior.

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Great salad bars near Bryant Park??

by alice.nyc 15 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a great salad to-go in the Bryant Park area? I've been to 'wichcraft and Chipotle many times... Thanks!

Salad Bar Downtown?

by jen 15 years ago

Is there a decent self serve Salad Bar downtown? I used to work in Century City where I was spoiled by Mrs. Winston's, now all I can find is Dan's Deli, which is cheap, but not that exciting. I'm...

Salad Bar-SFV-Glendale

by SimiHound 15 years ago

I am looking for a restaurant with a nice salad bar as well as a decent meal. I prefer to keep it under $30.00. Soup and Salad Exchange and places like that lack the meal I am looking for.

Salad bars - your favorite concotions?

by Sasha 15 years ago

I work near a great salad bar in LA called Mrs. Winstons. They have everything you could think of to put in a salad, and then some. The problem is, I always put in a little of this and a little o...

Salad bar on main line?

by Claire 15 years ago

My husband is working in Bryn Mawr for a few weeks and enjoys a good salad bar for lunch. However, he said neither the Acme on Route 30 near him nor the Whole Foods have salad bars. Anyone have a...

Best Salad Bar or Best Salads

by Michelle 16 years ago

Hi all, Besides the rest. at Bayview Village (I don't even like their salad bar anymore), are there any really good salad bars in Toronto, or have they all disappeared? Also I like really good ...

best salad bar at Brazilian steakhouse restaurant?

by cheri 16 years ago

Which Brazilian steakhouse (Fogo, Brazz, etc.) has the best salad bar variety? I'm going with someone who is not into heavy meat eating and would like to know they have lots of other options. I u...

City Bakery salad bar price lowered

by Caplock 16 years ago

For those who care, was there yesterday and the price was $14/pd. There's not THAT many items, but what is there looked good. Was surprised there was no soup. The only thing we tried was the chocol...

Downtown Salad Bars

by dork 16 years ago

I'll be working in downtown LA next week for a couple days and was wondering if there are any salad bar places in that area. I checked out the jury duty thread below and didn't see any mentioned. ...

Barbecue or salad bars

by Alan 16 years ago

Thanks for the responses to the inquiry about salad bars and barbecue in Savannah and Chaleston. Ok, here's a clarification. Salad bar or barcecue restauarants in Charleston or Savannah or on the...

best salads/salad bar downtown?

by robert 16 years ago

I'm new to SF and am sick of eating at Specialty's. Where can I get a great salad? Organic would be great, but not necessary. Thanks!

good supermarket salad bar in Arlington?

by Nancy 16 years ago

I used to be a big fan of the Whole Foods (Clarendon) salad bar for a quick and healthy to-go dinner. Don't think it's so good anymore - miss a couple of my favorite prepared salads that they no l...

salad bar pricing idea

by Benny Choi 16 years ago

So, I like to eat many different foods, including salads. I generally enjoy salad bars, but with my big appetite, I like to put together really big salads at salad bars. Most places charge a per...

Fresh Salad Bar - Arcadia area - Does it exist??

by The Oracle 16 years ago

Where can I find a fresh salad bar in the Arcadia area? I’m looking for a good, weekday, to-go lunch option, and have had a hard time finding something in the area. I’m looking for something l...

Revolting salad bar mash-ups

by PMac 16 years ago

So, I occasionally find myself at salad bars for lunch at work. In fact, I have a fairly decent "cafeteria" in my building which has a hearty salad bar. But, I have had something on my mind for s...

All-you-can-eat salad bar in NY?

by EJ 16 years ago

Sometimes I just like to catch up on my greens by sitting down to a nice all-you-can-eat salad bar, but all the salad bars I've found here either serve Midtown businessmen at $6.99/lb or are only ...

Salad bar item - moved from Manhattan board

by Pat Hammond 16 years ago

I agree that it's probably Chinese broccoli. Scroll down to that item at the link below, there's a good picture: Link: http://www.foodsubs.com/Greenckg.html

name this salad bar item

by melon 16 years ago

I often find what seems to be a cross between spinach and broccoli, or something like that at salad bars around town. It has stalks, but they are slender and tender, and it is usually served wilte...

Salad Bars in San Francisco

by GSchultz 16 years ago

Can anyone recommend a restaurant in San Francisco that has an all you can eat salad bar? Me and my friends have been in search of a place like this for 5 years... thanks, - G