A One-Pot Roasted Chicken with Cauliflower That’s Weeknight Cooking Gold

As much fun as cooking is, there’s one part of the job that’s hard to adore: cleaning up. When you’re the dishwasher, sometimes all you want is a meal that results in minimal fuss. Enter “One Pot Feeds...

Where to buy saffron?

by Lawrence Joe 19 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy just a little bit to make some paella? Does Trader Joe's have any?

Saffron Questions

by zackly 1 year ago

I don't use a lot of saffron but I do keep it on hand mostly for one pot rice or potato dishes and butter based seafood sauces. I think I've always bought fairly high quality saffron but I'm wonde...

Costco - Good Deal on Saffron

by ferret 3 years ago

Costco is selling 1/2 ounce of Spanish saffron online for $70. Great quality at a good price.

Finding Iranian saffron in Montreal

by Veenago 3 years ago

I know there is Iranian saffron at Akhavan, but where else? That store is a bit far for me. Thanks.

Where to buy Pennsylvania saffron?

by jenmess 6 years ago

I'm looking to pick up a bit of the famous local saffron from the Lancaster County area and was wondering if anyone had ever had luck locating it at one of the many wonderful roadside stands around...

Does Saffron taste like plastic to anyone else?

by blkery 12 years ago

I always pitied people who thought cilantro tasted like soap (I love the stuff), but I'm realizing after a few exposures that I don't like saffron - it tastes very plasticky to me. This is both the...

Saffron Source

by Querencia 3 years ago

I don't know whether a link to a commercial source is allowed on chowhound but I have discovered an online source of saffron from Spain that, while still expensive, costs less than in the US. So go...

Does Saffron go bad?

by marietinn 13 years ago

My mum has had some saffron in the pantry for...ten years...she thinks. She only uses it once or twice a year, but she's hesitant to throw it away considering how expensive it is. So, does anyon...

Sell saffron

by ehsan684 3 years ago

How can I sell my Iranian pure saffron in turkey? Do you know any place?

How much saffron powder is a saffron thread?

by lottobear 9 years ago

Okay so it's not too unusual for me to see saffron threads being used in recipes and here's the problem; powder is so much easier to acquire but how much powder is a saffron thread really? I honest...

Iranian saffron

by sandiasingh 6 years ago

Will you shell out for authentic Iranian saffron soon to reach American shores? Don't know what the price will be but I'll be watching.

Saffron prices, what gives???

by SG 18 years ago

Okay bought this Spice Hunter brand of saffron for $7.99 / 0.5g from my local supermarket. http://www.kitchenetc.com/Products.cfm?sku=000889329&trackingid=cmjctn&AID=10274067&PID=673632 and then...

Achiote - substitute?

by dhchait 15 years ago

It seems this is used primarily for color, therefore I'd think I could sub either paprika or saffron, or leave it out completely. Am I right? Or does it in fact impart significant flavor?

Where to buy locally grown saffron?

by jenmess 6 years ago

Has anyone had luck buying locally grown saffron (say, Lancaster County) at the physical location of the Pennsylvania General Store at Reading Terminal Market (http://www.pageneralstore.com/)? T...

Saffron . What should I make ?

by emglow101 6 years ago

After watching PBS the Spice Trail . I am really enthused to search out this la Mancha saffron or comparable . Sounds like there are a bunch of fakes on the market . I have used saffron a couple ti...

Real saffron vs fake saffron

by hobbess 10 years ago

I was reading this article in the New Yorker, and the guy profiled made some startling claims about saffron and how what we end up buying is color-dyed fakes. (Of course, he claims that he's sellin...

Is this saffron?

by heylids 7 years ago

Hello, I posted this end of last year and still haven't figure out what exactly this is. A friend brought this back from Iran, his family lives there...I have attached better photos and I included...

Online sources for quality saffron

by durhamois 7 years ago

Over the past few months, I have cooked with saffron from Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, A Southern Season (a large specialty food store in Chapel Hill, NC), and my regular grocery store. I find I am g...

Saffron Question

by christina z 19 years ago

I just found about an ounce of saffron in my frig. I purchased it in Morocco about 6 months ago and it's remained sealed in the refrigerator since then. Is it any good or is it totally dead by no...

Buying Saffron in Istanbul

by katie570 14 years ago

Does anyone have any advice for buying saffron in Istanbul? I was asked to bring some back, but I don't eat a lot of it, so I don't even know if there is anything I should be looking out for. Als...