Rotisserie Chicken

11 Quick Meals from Store-Bought Rotisserie Chicken

Give yourself a break on your busy weeknights. It's alright to take a few shortcuts when making your home-cooked dinner. Yes, you are proud of your from-scratch values, yet you don't have to be 100...

Amaaaazing Rotisserie Chicken at Yummy Market

by Ambaherd 4 months ago

What's amaaazing about it is that (a) it isn't loaded with salt and chemical marinade like the chickens from Costco, Metro, Supercentre (b) it emerged from a Russian kitchen with very little salt. ...

Costco rotisserie chicken...why is it so good?

by riceisnice2011 8 years ago

One of the only reason i shop at costco is because of the rotisserie chicken, not because its cheap, not because its convenient, simply because its the best spit roasted chicken. Just wondering if...

MF Chicken - Delivery or Take-out Only

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Reading the mixed reviews of RT Rotisserie's chicken offerings, I'm wondering how folks are liking MF Chicken. This is the new delivery or take-out only rotisserie chicken project in North Beach fr...

RT Rotisserie

OC Mutt
by OC Mutt 2 years ago

I keep seeing RT Rotisserie listed as a "BEST NEW RESTAURANT IN SAN FRANCISCO" or "HOTTEST new restaurants" lists. This is entirely unearned. The simple condensed version is this: they seemingly...

Costco's $5 rotisserie chicken is a good deal!

by gutreactions 2 years ago

While shopping at our local Costco we spotted their Rotisserie Chickens and they looked good. They normally weigh in at 3 pounds. We surrounded it with a few homemade sides and it was a great meal,...

Rotisserie Chicken--like Boston Market?

by DeborahLuby 15 years ago

I've finally rec'd the rotisserie attachment for my Weber grill, and I'm anxious to try my first whole chicken. I hate to admit it, but I *love* the flavor of the Boston Market chicken and would l...

Frozen Rotisserie Chicken left out

by Rak5 2 years ago

Hi. Generally I'm pretty safe with this, but things got hectic. Fresh, well done rotisserie chicken breasts picked up and put into freezer. Meant to leave some out, but did not. Frozen at -4 F with...

Rotisserie Chicken leg attachment

by mikelovin 3 years ago

Good day forum. I have a small rotisserie take away shop, and I currently cook the chickens whole, the traditional way. What i would like to do now is cook on the swords whole chicken legs. ...

Favorite packaging for store roasted chickens? Plastic or Paper?

by panhandlerestaurantsupply 3 years ago

I have a client that is going into the roasted chicken business and they want to package their chickens for take out. I am selling them a Hatco warming table (range 80 to 180 degrees). For all ...

Costco "Rotisserie Chicken Cooked Breast Meat"

by Shrinkrap 3 years ago

So I've read about it before, then bought some on a whim several weeks ago, and now want to use it in a recipe for "Chicken and White Bean Chili" http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Chicke...

Can you stuff a rotisserie chicken?

by PinotPlease 11 years ago

Hey Hounders - I'm thinking of doing a chicken for my small Thanksgiving of 2. I'd love to do a chicken instead of a turkey for size with bread stuffing, but since we're blessed with So. Cal's gr...

Dirty Bird's expansion

by coasts 3 years ago

Dirty Bird, mostly known as a rotisserie take-out, has expanded their W. 14th St. location to include table service and, more importantly, a very interesting wine program - seriously. everyone...

Places that sell rotisserie chickens?

by Bonbon898 3 years ago

I'm a student living in University City, Philadelphia, and looking to use grocery stores' rotisserie chicken as easy and affordable meals. Could you guys tell me where can I buy them chickens? The ...

Doctoring up Costco's rotisserie chicken

by Monica 3 years ago

I am not a huge fan of store bought rotisserie chicken...but I can't pass it on when I am at Costco. It's cheap and it's convenient for a working mom like me. Plus it's relatively healthy and off...

What to do with over-cooked, dried out rotisserie chicken breast?

by bitchincook 4 years ago

I bought a rotisserie chicken at a store that used to cook them properly, but not anymore, apparently. The dark meat was fine, but the breast meat is dry and tasteless. What can I do with it to mak...

Rotisserie Chicken on the Webber 22.5

by Dogboa 4 years ago

Got a good deal on a couple of whole chickens at Penn Dutch along with the Kingsford charcoal deal at Lowe's. I'm going to break out the rotisserie for my grill. I'll use a simple rub of S&P, coat ...

Whole Foods Rotisserie Chicken ... or what a Giant Unsweetened Peeps would taste like.

by ipsedixit 9 years ago

I had to swing by Whole Foods to pick up something last night (it was olives for my SO), and because it was late decided to pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner. Epic mistake on my part. ...

What to do with leftover rotisserie chicken?

by FoodNewb 4 years ago

I have absolutely no experience in cooking but a friend recommended this forum to me so I would stop asking them questions about cooking. I have a bunch of leftover rotisserie chicken and was wo...

Best rotisserie chicken in NYC

by Blumie 4 years ago

A friend, a lifelong vegetarian, has decided that she MUST try rotisserie chicken. Where should I take her? I have a car; anywhere in Manhattan or the boroughs is fine.

Superb rotisserie chicken sandwich at Chicken Provence, 39th between 3rd and Lex

by Blumie 5 years ago

This relatively new place seems to be flying under the radar; I know of it only because I use the citibike docking station right out front. I tried it today for the first time and give it VERY hig...