What will be open in Rome on Ferragosto?

by vvv03 9 days ago

Our family will be in Rome the week of Ferragosto. The timing is unfortunate, but the cost of the plane ticket made it too good to refuse, so now I'm doing some research to find the best places to...

5 days in Rome (then Bologna and Tuscany). Need recs. Gluten free friendly

by Moll91 20 days ago

Hi! My girlfriend and I have 5 nights in Rome in Sant'Angelo/Regola near the fontana della tartarughe. For our days in Rome I'm looking to do primarily casual restaurants where we will be e...

Armando Al Pantheon vs Cesare Al Casaletto

by jcoves73 1 month ago

I have a reservation for a night at both of these restaurants and I need to cancel one. First time in Rome. Which would you recommend? Thanks

Roscioli in Rome - Rimessa or Salumeria?

by CKN 22 days ago

I will be visiting Rome for a few days his summer and I am hoping to have a meal at Roscioli. I know Salumeria has been highly recommended by many but I can't seem to find much talk about how Rimes...

First time in Rome: 3 nights and four days

by jcoves73 2 months ago

Hey everyone. I will be going to Rome for my first time at the end of May. I have reach a bunch of the other posts and appreciate all the recommendations but am slightly overwhelmed all all the opt...

Rome Fall, 2018. Notes from the City

by erica 8 months ago

Last Sunday afternoon after a two week-long driving tour beginning in Fiumicino (1 night), and moving on to Norcia (Umbria); Senigallia and Ascoli Piceno (Le Marche); and Sulmona (Abruzzo), we had...

Traditional Dinner in Rome near Piazza Farnese

by adi 1 month ago

Hi Originally I hoped to make reservations at Armando al Pantheon but they don't have availability for 5/24 for 7 people. Any suggestions for a like experience in that general vicinity? TIA Adi

2-week trip to Italy. City/town recommendations?

by FrancoS88 3 months ago

My wife and I will be visiting Italy in July. Right now, we are considering visiting Rome (we will be landing in Rome and only spending one full day there), the Amalfi Coast (Positano, Sorrento, an...

Sushi in Rome

by pookie1234 2 months ago

As I am doing my homework for a Rome trip this fall, sushi keeps cropping up as food to try in Rome. I am sure there will be one day or evening I’ll want something lighter or get a craving for sush...

Easter Trip Report - Rome

by dublinlass 1 year ago

So - this is my report following my requests! (https://www.chowhound.com/post/itinerary-easter-rome-1068212) Wednesday - lunch Cucina al Teatro (behind Gelataria on via Coronari) - very nice, si...

Dinner in Rome near Spanish Steps

by mlin1 3 months ago

I’m traveling to Rome in mid June with my husband and ten year old daughter. We will be in Italy for two weeks- Milan, Modena, Venice, Florence, sorrento, then five days in Rome. My husband and I ...

Restaurant Help Needed

by keciacourtemanch 3 months ago

I am going to Italy in June and July and am DESPERATE for recommendations on places to eat in Rome, Florence, and Venice. I have seen a few posts, but not many. I could REALLY use some help!

Rome and Florence/Tuscany with Kids, High End

by ben12345 3 months ago

I am planning a twelve day trip to Italy with my family, kids aged 7 and 9. I would like recommendations on restaurants that offer high quality food and experience, price is not a concern. The ab...

Contemporary Rome restaurants with great food

by maculapr 4 months ago

Hello, we will be going to Rome in early May. I will be going to the usual excellent Roman Trattorias but would like to go to a more modern, contemporary restaurant, not touristy, ideally with a go...

Rome restaurants

by khor1 4 months ago

Hi, I will be traveling to Rome with my 10 year-old son for a week and I am looking for restaurant recommendations. I've looked on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Eater 38, but I really only trust the peo...

Best Cacio & Pepe in Rome?

by arturop 4 months ago

Hi all, so I have a bit of a culinary question for the locals and experienced travelers regarding Rome's best pasta dishes. In honor of the late Anthony Bourdain, I want to have the best possible C...

One Dinner/two lunches in Rome

by adi 4 months ago

I will be in Rome for one night in May with my family (all adults including my 80 year old Mom). we are staying on the Piazza Farnese. I am looking for a Roman trattoria for our dinner that is not ...

1 night in Rome need foodie recs!

by mdiwan 5 months ago

Hi, we are staying in Rome for 2 nights en route to Amalfi...wanted a good rec for a nice dinner 1 night (& actually casual rec for other night would be great!). For the nice dinner willing to tra...

Suggestions welcome for Rome first timers

by JCnCG99 5 months ago

Family trip to Rome in February with my husband and 2 teenage daughters. Looking for 2 great dinner suggestions. We are staying close to the Spanish Steps but we're happy to travel for some great f...

Rome and Florence

by Robert_ 8 months ago

We are travelling to Florence and Rome in mid November. Please provide some of your favourite restaurants.