Creating our own Rome food tour... suggestions welcome!

by coopgirl703 15 hours ago

We're headed for the first time to Rome the first week of April and thought it'd be fun to create our own food tour b...

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What Foods/Liquors to Bring Home from Rome?

by josephsm 8 years ago

Going to Rome next week. What can I bring back home to New York City for the foodies in my life that they are unlike...


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Special lunches in Rome

by bsl2018 4 days ago

My family and I are coming to Rome in mid-June. We have two very full mornings of tours (Walks of Rome Pristine Sisti...


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Feedback on my Florence, Perugia, Rome restos

by Scagnetti 13 days ago

We're a 70 year old couple, first time travelers to Italy, enjoy a drink, good walkers so here is our 411. All of ...


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Food Tour

by bakerboyz 10 days ago

Will be in Rome soon but very briefly and would like to take a food tour on Saturday evening, February 24th. I have c...


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Restaurant ordering etiquette - Rome

by bsl2018 8 days ago

I am traveling to Rome in June with my family including my 14-year-old son who is a "picky" eater. He likes many diff...


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Rome, Italy. Emma Pizzeria

by GrumpyHusband 10 months ago

Had lunch with friends. We are here for a month. Seating is like a cafeteria. Boring wait staff. Worst pizza we have ...

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Foodie Itinerary February Rome Trip Report

by Kalenden 14 days ago

Hi, This community has been so kind to help me out with a foodie itinerary for Rome, see


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Stay in the neighborhood (Monti) or branch out?

by MusicSue1 1 month ago

Hi everyone! So I am a major Chowhound fan and always like to check in with experts in the city before traveling. H...


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Itinerary Help - Easter in Rome

by dublinlass 26 days ago

I'm heading to Rome for Easter (Spy Wednesday to Easter Sunday) with a couple who have never been before. I find I ob...


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October 2017 Rome Report -- Long

by TNExplorer 4 months ago

We recently returned from a trip to Italy that included a week in Rome, October 6-12, 2017. Thanks to all of you on t...


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Back from Rome and restaurants

by rhonda9156 1 month ago

We just got back and ate the most delicious food ever, Some of the places are la tavernaccia, pianostrada, flavio, a...


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ROME... food scene, few questions... also hotel area

by erica 1 month ago

At the suggestion of VinoRoma, who has been so helpful here, I am beginning this thread. Please keep in mind that I...


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Food for Shore Excursions Florence Rome Naples Venice Ferraro Modena

by glecroy 3 months ago

Sorry for the long post but I could use some help. We are going on a Mediterranean cruise in June 2018 and have very...

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Rome Foodie Itinerary Feedback

by Kalenden 2 months ago

Hi, I'd like to request some feedback on a 5 day trip to Rome, Monday to Friday with Friday being a lunch only, al...

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Long Thanksgiving Week Trip Report (Rome, Florence, Orvieto)

by concordcourtney 3 months ago

Thanks to all here who offered advice and also to the websites of Mss. Minchelli, Parla, and Fant we ate a lot of gre...

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4 days in Florence - restaurant critique

by ekartash 5 months ago

We are off to Florence next week for 4 nights. We studied abroad there about 15 years ago and have been back a few t...


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Eating in Rome for One Week - Please Help!

by foodieinmyhead 3 months ago

Ciao! My husband, our teenage son, and I will be headed to Rome for one week between Christmas and New Year's. I've o...

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Christmas Day open trattorias with a la carte menus (no set menu) in central Rome

by patriciatbrogan 2 months ago

Hello, We are in Rome for a 4-day weekend, having arrived here on Friday night and perhaps because we have been ve...

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