My short list in Rome

by sidcundiff 1 month ago

The best fine dining where I've been: La Pergola, very expensive and reserve two months ahead Il Convivio Pipero Trattorias: Armando al Pantheon (reserve early) Hosteria Nerone La Campana ...

Buying wine between Lucca and Rome

by Russian 4 months ago

Hi all, on an Italian trip and driving down gradually from Lucca to Chianti and on to Rome before flying back to London. Will have a few days in each place. Any suggestions for good places to buy w...

Summer 2-week foodie road trip in Italy incl. Sicily - need ideas!

by Belkisw 6 months ago

If things in Italy open up this summer, my hubby and I want to do a foodie roadtrip there in July. I know some parts of northern Italy decently well (did an incredible foodie trip to Modena and Bol...

Who has plans?

by jangita 5 months ago

I just got frequent flyer seats for spring 2022. Into Rome and out of Venice with (maybe) a week in Abruzzo in between. I am dreaming of meals at Armando for starters. Anyone else going this yea...

Easter Sunday and Monday in Rome

by AWG 1 year ago

I am arriving in Rome on Easter Sunday and spending 5 nights there. We are staying near the Jewish Ghetto. Prefer dinners close to our home base. For Tuesday through Thursday I have decided on Pipe...

Fantastic Rome Restaurants suitable for a 20 month old

by tedurden 8 years ago

Hi, we are soon off to Rome for a few days and I am looking for some great restaurants. The kicker --- my husband and I are traveling with our 20 month old daughter. Therefore I am looking for some...

Rome market question

by jangita 2 years ago

We will be in Rome this week for the last leg of our 2 month adventure. I would like to bring home some dried porcini and small tins of olive oil. Any suggestions on where to buy those things? ...

Rome recommendations for New Year's Eve?

by allysond 2 years ago

I'm looking for somewhere for a nice -- but not extravagant -- New Year's dinner with two kids (ages 5 and 8). We definitely do not want to do the whole cenone thing because our kids won't have the...

Rome Trip Report July 2019

by alantz21 2 years ago

Santo Palato We chose Santo Palato for our first evening in Rome because we were there on a Sunday night and it was one of the few restaurants open near (ish) the city center. Since the majority o...

Rome restaurants

by khor1 2 years ago

Hi, I will be traveling to Rome with my 10 year-old son for a week and I am looking for restaurant recommendations. I've looked on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Eater 38, but I really only trust the peo...

Contemporary Rome restaurants with great food

by maculapr 2 years ago

Hello, we will be going to Rome in early May. I will be going to the usual excellent Roman Trattorias but would like to go to a more modern, contemporary restaurant, not touristy, ideally with a go...

Sicily trip debrief (w bonus Rome content)

by NY350GT 2 years ago

Given there is a lack of resources on restaurants in Sicily figured I'd share a writeup I did on the back of our recent 12-day trip. General notes: The restaurants below are listed in the sam...

Dessert in Rome

by dallarose23 2 years ago

My husband and I will have 4 days in Rome this December and I'm looking for recommendations on where to go for inventive desserts- can be cafes, restaurants, sweet shops, or anything in between. H...

Lucca (and drive-by question for Rome)

by Maximilien 2 years ago

We'll be in Lucca the first week of October. Any recommendations for good places in and around Lucca? If we want to splurge on one night (or lunch), any special places? We could rent a c...

What will be open in Rome on Ferragosto?

by vvv03 2 years ago

Our family will be in Rome the week of Ferragosto. The timing is unfortunate, but the cost of the plane ticket made it too good to refuse, so now I'm doing some research to find the best places to...

5 days in Rome (then Bologna and Tuscany). Need recs. Gluten free friendly

by Moll91 2 years ago

Hi! My girlfriend and I have 5 nights in Rome in Sant'Angelo/Regola near the fontana della tartarughe. For our days in Rome I'm looking to do primarily casual restaurants where we will be e...

Armando Al Pantheon vs Cesare Al Casaletto

by jcoves73 2 years ago

I have a reservation for a night at both of these restaurants and I need to cancel one. First time in Rome. Which would you recommend? Thanks

Roscioli in Rome - Rimessa or Salumeria?

by CKN 2 years ago

I will be visiting Rome for a few days his summer and I am hoping to have a meal at Roscioli. I know Salumeria has been highly recommended by many but I can't seem to find much talk about how Rimes...

First time in Rome: 3 nights and four days

by jcoves73 2 years ago

Hey everyone. I will be going to Rome for my first time at the end of May. I have reach a bunch of the other posts and appreciate all the recommendations but am slightly overwhelmed all all the opt...

Rome Fall, 2018. Notes from the City

by erica 3 years ago

Last Sunday afternoon after a two week-long driving tour beginning in Fiumicino (1 night), and moving on to Norcia (Umbria); Senigallia and Ascoli Piceno (Le Marche); and Sulmona (Abruzzo), we had...