Dining & Portions

by aimeekm 1 hour ago

I have had some ongoing stomach issues and as a result my stomach capacity is limited. On a good day I can consume ab...

Refining My Rome Dining List... Early June

by erica 16 days ago

I have read many CH threads about the city, and delved through the writings of Minichelli, Parla, Maureen Fant, and V...

Steve R

Steve R commented 6 days ago

Rome report

by jangita 14 days ago

I hope to add to this day by day as we are here for a week. Lunch yesterday at Armando. Perfect start to a week in ...


jangita commented 10 days ago

Easter Trip Report - Rome

by dublinlass 19 days ago

So - this is my report following my requests! (https://www.chowhound.com/post/itinerary-easter-rome-1068212) Wedne...

jen kalb

jen kalb commented 17 days ago

Itinerary Help - Easter in Rome

by dublinlass 3 months ago

I'm heading to Rome for Easter (Spy Wednesday to Easter Sunday) with a couple who have never been before. I find I ob...


jangita commented 18 days ago

Itinerary for Florence/Rome/Amalfi - any advice?

by LaLaLisa 26 days ago

Hi all! My husband and I are going on our honeymoon to Italy in April and food is a big part of the trip! I've pu...


LaLaLisa commented 21 days ago

Back from Rome and restaurants

by rhonda9156 3 months ago

We just got back and ate the most delicious food ever, Some of the places are la tavernaccia, pianostrada, flavio, a...


joycez commented 22 days ago

Rome & Venice with Kids in August

by BethBenandKids 1 month ago

Family of four (kids ages 3 and 5) will be in Rome and Venice at the end of August. We have traveled a number of tim...


lisaonthecape commented 29 days ago

Rome, Italy. Emma Pizzeria

by GrumpyHusband 12 months ago

Had lunch with friends. We are here for a month. Seating is like a cafeteria. Boring wait staff. Worst pizza we have ...


rhoffman000 commented 1 month ago

Taverna Trilussa or Armando Al Pantheon?

by lyxxx035 1 month ago

We will be in Rome for 4 nights in May and are planning on dining at the following places. We will for sure go to Emm...


vinoroma commented 1 month ago

Feedback on my Florence, Perugia, Rome restos

by Scagnetti 2 months ago

We're a 70 year old couple, first time travelers to Italy, enjoy a drink, good walkers so here is our 411. All of ...


BFoodie commented 1 month ago

4th Annual Eating Italy Adventure

by lavendula 2 months ago

Flights and accommodations are booked, now it's time for the most fun part! Just delving in, so any ideas & recomm...


jangita commented 1 month ago

Rome restaurant - seeking advice for last dinner

by nohofoods 1 month ago

Our little family (my husband, our then 2.5 year old and myself) will be in Rome for 10 days in April (including a 2-...

jen kalb

jen kalb commented 1 month ago

Hot chocolate in Rome

by Ninjacella 2 months ago

Everyone knows the coffee in Italy is amazing, but for those of us who like to limit our caffeine intake or just love...


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Restaurants & Bars Be the first to comment

Rome, and Venice in Early August

by smburgess272 2 months ago

Hello Chowhound community. I am traveling to Italy in early August.I know crowded and not ideal time.But it’s for a b...

Creating our own Rome food tour... suggestions welcome!

by coopgirl703 2 months ago

We're headed for the first time to Rome the first week of April and thought it'd be fun to create our own food tour b...


prima commented 2 months ago

Special lunches in Rome

by bsl2018 2 months ago

My family and I are coming to Rome in mid-June. We have two very full mornings of tours (Walks of Rome Pristine Sisti...


bsl2018 commented 2 months ago

What Foods/Liquors to Bring Home from Rome?

by josephsm 8 years ago

Going to Rome next week. What can I bring back home to New York City for the foodies in my life that they are unlike...


balzac_nyc commented 2 months ago

Food Tour

by bakerboyz 2 months ago

Will be in Rome soon but very briefly and would like to take a food tour on Saturday evening, February 24th. I have c...


lisaonthecape commented 2 months ago

Restaurant ordering etiquette - Rome

by bsl2018 2 months ago

I am traveling to Rome in June with my family including my 14-year-old son who is a "picky" eater. He likes many diff...


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