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Middle Eastern Markets & Restaurants, Rochester MN

by Taralli 14 years ago

Colleague, who loves Middle Eastern food, moving from Boston to Rochester MN. We'd like to locate ME markets for supplies & restaurants to dine for her and maybe send gift certificates. Can you he...

A little Chicago in Rochester MN

by Tickynaylor 14 years ago

I am originally from Chicago where the eateries were in high supply, but now I live in Rochester Minnesota. Anyone know of some great places to check out?

Divine Italian in Rochester MN

by mhcpita 15 years ago

I dined at Victorias' Ristorante last weekend in Rochester, MN. I cannot begin to tell you how awesome the flavor of the Veal Vesuvio was. It was divine. Their wine list is extensive and ver...

Brief report on Rochester

by Rochester visitor 15 years ago

Fellow hounds, Thanks many for your kind recs RE: food in Rochester. Given that I was visiting relatives, we didn't eat out as much as I otherwise would have. Still, we sampled: - Michaels: P...

Rochester short stay - recs?

by Visiting Rochester 15 years ago

Fellow hounds, I will be spending 4 days in Rochester MN. From what I read, the town is not exactly food mecca, but still I am sure there are some interesting places. I would thus greatly appre...

Best of Rochester, MN

by Mike 15 years ago

Rochester Magazine (Published by the Post Bulletin) has published its annual "Best Restaurants of 2006". Although it's 80% predicable, here is my critique of the top five and worst five selections...

Rochester MN---Prescott's

by Clifford 15 years ago

This place just sprung up in the old Bruegger's Bagels spot at Crossroads Center (shopping complex on the southwest corner of US 63 and US 14). Visited last night for the first time, and we were ex...

Good Eats In Rochester MN

by beth salzl 16 years ago

We are going to be in Rochester in September. Look for someplace fun to try. Money isn't a problem. so suggest away my friends. Thanks

Rochester Food

by BBQ fan 16 years ago

I saw a couple Rochester, MN threads on here, and nobody mentioned the true gold in Rochester. Someone asked for inexpensive, good eats, any cuisine. Surprisingly one of the true gems in the city...

Rochester, MN--Other Brother's Ice Cream Sandwiches

by Juha the Estonian Minnesotan 16 years ago

A recent find in Rochester (although I guess an article recently ran in the local newspaper, so there has apparently been some recent publicity): Right downtown, outside of the Galleria (I think...

Rochester, MN recommendations

by Foodgeek 16 years ago

We will be spending a week in Rochester soon, and would like recommendations for places to eat. Inexpensive is preferable. Any cuisine. Our hotel is downtown, so that area would be preferrable. ...

Rochester, MN Report #1

by Foodgeek 16 years ago

Shady Hill Grille......bleh. Everything tastes canned. The cinnamon icecream was the only thing that was good.

Rochester, MN Report #2 (including gluten-free)

by Foodgeek 16 years ago

Had lunch at Daube's today. had turkey sandwich w/green dressing, soup, and a cherry-almond muffin (yum). Good place. It wasnt teh one in the mall. I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, so I'm basical...

Rochester, MN---Broadstreet Cafe

by Clifford 16 years ago

The wife and I went to Broadstreet last Friday for the first time in over a year. I am happy to say that our meal was EXCELLENT. The best I have ever had in Rochester. Now, that's not saying much, ...

Rochester MN - Chardonnay

by AB 17 years ago

My sig other and I decided to cough up some cash and try Chardonnay for a date night. In a word... DON'T. The building was lovely, and would have made for nice ambiance had we not been the last ...

Minneapolis, Rochester and Decorah, Iowa - gotta go restaurants

by Yukari 17 years ago

Am coming home to the midwest from Tokyo. Have been gone for 2 years. Where do I go? Anything BUT Japanese please!!! Want good food and nothing else.

SE Minnesota near Rochester - Nosh

by AB 17 years ago

Rochester MN has one of the best farmer's markets in the country. We're surrounded by artisan dairies, chantarelle-ridden forests, and farms raising grass-fed beef and organic pork. With the availa...

ice cream in rochester - finally

by A Bentch 17 years ago

For being in a dairy state, Rochester MN has heretofore conspicuously lacked a place to go out for an ice cream cone. This deficiency was partially remediated when a god-awful chain opened up north...

Rochester, MN Grocery situation...

by Garris 17 years ago

I don't know if this is the appropriate board, but I thought I'd share a Wal-Mart and Target tale from out here in Rochester. We had a grocery store landscape that used to look like this in the R...

Rochester MN dining notes

by laurie 17 years ago

after careful review of these boards, had 2 dinners, 1 lunch, in Rochester, MN, a few days ago. Here are the notes, should others find themselves in seach or eats while at Mayo or in town for a Ho...

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