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Rochester - Stuck at Mayo for a few days! [Moved from Minneapolis-St. Paul Board]

by Aramek 11 years ago

As a quick preface, no, I'm not sick. I work as a Lab person in my Hospital's Cancer Centre, and was chosen to be the envoy of my department for this Medical Conference. As such, I'll be in Roc...

Rochester Mayo/Kahler Accessible Eats

by noshie 12 years ago

Jasper's-You can almost get there through the subway and skyway, its right across from the Hilton Garden Inn. Had a very nice choucroute garnie with a nice wine and TERRIFIC bread (this place is ...

Chow-worthy quick eats between Rochester, MN and Madison, WI?

by salvage7 12 years ago

Driving from Rochester to Madison tonight, and looking for something (preferably quick) worth eating. Anybody know of anything along the way? Not important what kind of food.

Chesters in Downtown Rochester Minnesota

by MarkG 13 years ago

ate there twice this past weekend and loved it. solid american comfort food. and great desserts. what do you think??

rochester minnesota eats?

by joie de vivre 17 years ago

My daughter and I will be spendinga week in Rochester, Minnesota. I haven't been there in 30 years and I imagine the dining scene has changed quite a bit. Can anyone recommend great places to eat?I...

rochester minnesota eats

by joie de vivre 17 years ago

This is a follow-up post for fellow chowhounds who posted re: good food in Rochester. I am happy to report that after following Garris' advice we developed a mantra: "All hail Garris!" His recommen...

Culinary Market in Rochester, MN

by nynative 13 years ago

I passed by a store "Culinary Market" in Rochester. It's by 300 FIrst (the old broadstreet cafe). I did not get a chance to stop. Anyone else have any info on this?

Rochester MN in mid July

by J and V 13 years ago

Will be spending a week in Rochester and wondering what locals or others would recommend. In particular things like steak, barbecue, pizza, casual dinners etc. Wine/drinks list not a factor. Tha...

Need {Recent}restaurant/food recommendations for area around Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN

by DebitNM 14 years ago

We are going to Rochester MN on 2/6/07 for approximately 2 weeks while I am treated at Mayo Clinic. I have read older postings on here and understand that we are not going to the gourmet capital...

New in Rochester

by Abby B 13 years ago

New in Rochester this spring: Chester's New in the Galleria Mall downtown. Trendy decor, pretty good food, and a fun atmosphere make it a good choice for a night out or a happy hour drink near ...

Cooking Club (Rochester MN)

by chefschmitty 15 years ago

I'm not sure if this is the proper forum for this topic or not, but I'm looking for a cooking club in Rochester, MN. It doesn't have to be fancy, theme based, or anything special. I'm just lookin...

Sushi in Minneapolis and Rochester

by daisyksr 13 years ago

I will be traveling to Rochester and Minneapolis in April and I am hoping to find a stellar sushi restaurant. Of course freshness is the number one priority but I am also quite adventerous and am ...

Rochester, MN

by Littleman 13 years ago

I will be in Rochesrter for two nights. I read an old thread about Broadstreet Cafe and Jasper's. Do you think these two would be your very finest choices for two nights. I'm interested in f...

Sontes in Rochester, MN

by Steveh 14 years ago

Lived in NYC for 20 years. Sontes in Rochester is probably the best Tapas I've ever had. Great wine and beer selection as well. Everything was top-notch.

Rochester MN Butter Update

by chrisinroch 14 years ago

Kerrygold butter has been price slashed at the barlow plaza hy-vee. Half pounds were marked down under $2. This butter is a very solid european butter...great flavor

Best Seafood in Rochester MN

by chrisinroch 14 years ago

So....Red Lobster took it down again?....nice. Thank goodness that City Cafe at least got honorable mention. Now if City Cafe could only master those damn addictive cheesy biscuits, it might be...

Rochester, MN - best bets

by omega3 14 years ago

We came to Rochester to spend a week at the Mayo Clinic. We knew we would be eating out a lot, and as many on the boards have alluded to, the food here in general sucks. The two places we liked...

Best Bets in Rochester, MN

by DKS1 15 years ago

Chicago hound looking for best eats in Rochester - husband will be spending a week there... Never been to the area and have NO clue what's around! Any help would be wonderful. Thanks in adva...