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Good Roasting Pan - Is Copper a Help or a Hindrance?

by Zedeff 12 years ago

I don't have a proper roasting vessel despite my downright love for roast chicken. Currently I roast in a gigantic, thin, stamped metal roasting tin - more like a vat really, based on size - that ...

Help with buying roasting pan - moved from Home Cooking board

by jessheslin 12 years ago

Hi, I have never had a real roasting pan... I tend to cook things on top of the stove or bake fish and chicken pieces in a corningware pan but now I finally need a roasting pan for real. My main us...

Roasting pan - non-stick or stainless?

by JanRan 12 years ago

I'm in the market for a new roaster. Recommendations for material, specific brands and the perfect are appreciated!

Got a Cool Roasting Pan For Christmas - Now What?

by jamesm 12 years ago

My GF got me a really good roasting pan for Christmas and I'm dying to use it. What are your favourite recipes/ways to use your roasting pan? Thanks in advance!

Roasting Pans

by Nunzio 12 years ago

One thing I'm lacking in my kitchen is good quality roasting pans. What does everyone like and reccomend. What do the pros use? Should it be non stick?

stock in turkey roasting pan

by dijon 13 years ago

I am seeing several recipes suggest putting two cups of stock in the roasting pan for the roasting period. Wouldn't this prevent the formation of the brown drippings that are necessary for a flavor...

Small Ikea roasting pan

by flowergarden129 13 years ago

There have been a couple of threads recently about Ikea enameled cast iron. Ironically, I was on the board to post about my little $9 roasting pan I got there a couple of weeks ago. It's stainles...

Need a new roasting pan

by Jack_ 13 years ago

The old one just died a tragic death, I won't go into details. We usually use it to roast a checken. BB&B has the All-Clad Petite Roasting Pan with Rack (14X11) $160 and the highly rated Calphalon ...

Roasting Pans

by Jakesdad 14 years ago

Thanks to a cheap aluminum roasting pan my gravy tasted burnt this year for Thanksgiving. Never again!! I need some recs on the best good size, at least big enough for a 12 lb turkey, roasting pa...

roasting pan

by NYchowcook 14 years ago

I love doing Thanksgiving, but this year I refuse to put up w/ a mediocre roasting pan. I want to make a good sauce/gravy and have a large, heavy pan. I threw money away on a Cuisinart $95 pan wh...

Substitution for Roasting Pan?

by stephanieb 14 years ago

I've got a chicken that I want to roast this evening, but no "roasting pan." Is it possible to substitue my Calphalon "Everyday Pan" for a roaster? Or is there something that might be more suitab...

Roasting Pans [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

by nissenpa 14 years ago

I don't have a roasting pan. I use my 9x13 baking pan. What is the difference and is it worth getting an actual roasting pan? Last night I made Nigella's Garlic and Lemon Roasted CHicken in my 9...

Braising 2X: Two pots or roasting pan with foil?

by Romanmk 14 years ago

I'm planning on doing some braises and doubling the recipes. I can just barely fit my 8 quart all-clad and 5.5 quart le creuset pots kitty-corner in my simple gas oven. They come very close to the ...

Anyone Own an Anolon Roasting Pan?

by silverlakelisa 15 years ago

I'm purchasing my first roasting pan to cook my first Thanksgiving turkey in. I'm a pretty serious chef, so I want to get a non-stick pan in order to be able to deglaze the pan to make gravy. I ...

large roasting pan

by NYchowcook 14 years ago

Okay, what I really want is the All Clad, but budget says no. I recall that Cook's Illustrated perhaps did a comparison of roasters and recommended a moderate priced one? Does anyone recall? A...

World-class roasting pan recco?

by carswell 15 years ago

After years of making do, I'm about to buy an honest-to-god, damn-the-expense, world-class roasting pan. Had my eye on the gorgeous All-Clad but was shocked to find that it isn't. Clad, that is. I...

Roasting Pan: Le Creuset vs. Stainless Steel

by ML8000 15 years ago

Looks like I'll be cooking a standing rib roast for Xmas. Looking at the current roasting pan I know it's time for a new one. I cook probably 2-3 turkeys &/or roasts a year so it's not a high pri...

Favorite Roasting Pan?

by silverlakelisa 15 years ago

I'm 28 and I'm cooking my first Thanksgiving turkey this year, for my boyfriend's parents and brothers. Please tell me about your favorite roasting pans, no matter what the price (though I want ...

Roasting pans for convection oven?

by sgtyson 15 years ago

I just upgraded my kitchen appliances and am already hooked on my electric convection oven. But I need to have different roasting pans to be successful -- low sides, plenty of room for the air to c...

Roasting pan and rack -- shape?

by MAH 16 years ago

I am about to purchase a new roasting pan. I'd like to get a non-stick pan with a rack. I am considering a Simply Calphalon or Circulon pan, both available on Amazon. One has a flat rack, one has a...

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