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Flat bottom roasting pan

by dennis7490 8 years ago

Hello everyone, Why this seems to be a problem and why retailers don't list whether or not their roasting pan bottom are flat is beyond me...but. I need an inexpensive stainless steel roaster...

Mauviel Copper tin-lined roasting pan?? Not sure of how to use??

by coppergirl 9 years ago

I am hoping someone can answer a few questions. #1 What are typical foods that will alter the color of the tin? Is red wine an issue? I know vinegar, tomato and lemon juice are a problem. If...

ISO Detroit REstaurant supplier (reasonable) with good roasting pans

by itryalot 8 years ago

There are a few and I'd be driving 4 hours so I would prefer some advice from people in the know. Thanks!

Need a new rack, not a new roasting pan

by Eujeanie 8 years ago

The heavy black rack that came with my All Clad roasting pan is now all peeled away and rusty. Pan is still fine, I'm just finding flimsy racks sold separately. Anyone know where I can get a new ...

Gifted nonstick roasting pan with rack- unsure what to do

by HungryHoya 8 years ago

I was recently given a nonstick roasting pan with rack from my soon-to-be MIL. She is very sweet and wanted to make sure we had a Thanksgiving here even though we cannot be with family this year. S...

Lining roasting pans with foil/parchment?

by pdxgastro 8 years ago

I keep seeing commercials for avoiding having to clean sticky, baked on messes by lining baking pans with foil. And now, Martha Stewart's foible of not liking foil to touch her food has resulted in...

straight onto a roasting pan? Marcella Hazan's Lemon Roasted Chicken

by nasv 8 years ago

I'm in love with Marcella Hazan's _Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking_ (recent) gift her lemon chicken caught my eye (and those of many others as I can see by doing simple searches). Quick qu...

Do you roast with or without water in the roasting pan?

by ryanlm 8 years ago

I am about to make a 4 pound top sirlion roast, and some of the recipes I have seen do not mention water at all. Which got me thinking, is it normal to put water in a roasting pan? So, I started ...

Tin lined copper roasting pan

by cavazos 8 years ago

I started to roast a chicken in a tin-linned copper pan at 475 degrees before reading here that tin melts at 450. After about 15 minutes at that temperature, I turned it down to 375. There is some ...

Where can I find a small non-stick roasting pan with rack?

by Michelle 9 years ago

Hi, I've been looking for awhile now for a small non-stick roasting pan. All the roasting pans I see are turkey-sized. I am looking for something smaller, smaller than 9 by 13 inches for sure,...

Using carbon steel skillets as roasting pans?

by jljohn 8 years ago

I just roasted a small batch of fingerlings (tossed with olive oil and some spices) in my roaster. There was a lot of room to spare in the roaster, and I started wishing I had something smaller to...

Help! Can't figure out how to deglaze bumpy slotted grid in a roasting pan!

by marytw 8 years ago

I'm cooking Molly Stevens' short-ribs-with-porter recipe and browned some of the ribs under the broiler, using a roasting pan with a raised metal grid that the meat sits on. Looks like all the good...

au gratin v. flared roasting pan v. traditional roasting pan (roaster question)

by jljohn 9 years ago

I am thinking through roasters and want to try to understand the pros and cons of several options. Let's assume I am considering the following options (all in the 16" range): #1 - 16" Tradition...

Yet another roasting pan question: reco for high end SS pan that won't warp

by kdkrone 9 years ago

I want to pop for a roasting pan about 16" or so in longest dimension and which can be placed on a burner or two to deglaze it. I would like for it to not warp when heated and to dissipate heat we...

What to look for in a good roasting pan

by michaelnrdx 10 years ago

I roasted a duck last night in a thin roasting tray (or maybe it's a baking sheet...I don't know. It's barely 2 inches deep.), and the veggies that were suppose to make up the pan sauce burned. I'd...

Non-Stick SS Roasting Pans and Tasty Brown Bits?

by Dansky 9 years ago

Has anyone else has had trouble acquiring "brown bits" while trying to deglaze a non-stick roasting pan? I've had better luck using enameled cast iron for this (cooking chicken), but lack the la...

In a Roasting Pan, does the aluminum layer need to go up the sides?

by goodeatsgal 9 years ago

I would like to buy a stainless steel roasting pan to replace my old and scratched nonstick pan. From my research, it appears that some roasting pans have an aluminum layer just on the bottom, whi...

Veggie Roasting Pans?

by pongstress 10 years ago

Looking for a good pan for roasting veggies. Here are my requirements: 1) Dishwasher safe, easy cleaning 2) Large 3) Sliced veggies (occasionally diced) 4) Rimmed 5) High temp (no warping)...

What size roasting pan should I get?

by michaelnrdx 10 years ago

What dimensions should I look for in a roasting pan for roasts up to 10 lbs? I want a pan that will fit the roast, but not squish it against the sides or be so wide that my gravy will burn. And wil...