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Defonte Hot Roast Beef Sandwich - Brooklyn

by Brian Cohen 16 years ago

It seems to have been quite a while since Defonte's was mentioned here, so I figured it was due. Although many sandwiches of note may be had at Defonte's (379 Columbia St; near the Red Hook side o...

What, exactly, is Arby's "Roast Beef"??

by Guy 16 years ago

Arby's is running a 5 regular RB sandwiches for $5.55 deal, and a friend talked me into sharing a sack of these things. Their origin may well be beef, but the slices resemble no roast I'm familia...

Thanks, hounds, great roast beef sub!

by GretchenS 16 years ago

Was in Bedford today and followed the advice of some on this board to get a roast beef sub at Bedford House of Beef (328 Great Road). Excellent roast beef -- lean, tender and pink -- on a hot roll...

Secret to perfect roast beef ?

by Han Lukito 16 years ago

I like moist roast beef but not bloody. Anyone knows the secret to cook it perfectly ? I will use it to make sandwich. I do not have a meat thermometer at the moment. Thanks

Roast Beef - Westchester/CT and Manhattan

by Howard Burkat 17 years ago

Looking for real roast beef. Like Lawry's in LA and Chicago. Or Rib Room in New Orleans.

Roast Beef around Scarsdale

by Howard Burkat 17 years ago

I am looking for real roast beef. Like what? Like you get at Lawry's in Chicago or LA. Or the Rib Room in New Orleans. Thick. Juicy. Serious.

Roast Beef Po'Boys

by HotStuff 17 years ago

It just gets harder and harder to find a good roast beef po'boy at a workingman's price. At Least, that's been my experience lately. Anyone have any suggestions?

Anglophiles... best Roast Beef & Yorkshire?

by TastyJon 17 years ago

I'm waxing nostalgic for a good old British weekend lunch of Roast Beef, Yorkie Pudding, roast potato and assorted overboiled veggies. Me thinks the key to this meal is the gravy (rich) and the Y...

Really First Rate Roast Beef

by Terence 17 years ago

I am happy to report that the roast beef cold cuts for Sale at Tuller on Court Street is some of the finest roast beef I have ever had. Its just fantastic. Its everything you knew roast beef sho...

John's Deli- Bensonhurst Brooklyn- Roast Beef

by Eris23 17 years ago

Do you people know of this place? It's on like I think Stillwell and 86th street near L&B Spumoni Gardens and on Wed, Thurs, and Saturday they have this roast beef hero with fresh mozzarella, dark ...

Roast Beef sandwiches

by BM 18 years ago

Hi! I recently moved to the South Shore (Quincy) and am in search of a great roast beef place-to give you an idea of what I'm looking for, I LOVE Nick's in Beverly, and also Bedford House of Beef i...

roast beef sandwiches

by Paul Lukas 18 years ago

Three Brooklyn roast beeferies have recently been recommended to me, although I haven't yet checked any of them out. Can anyone else vouch for them? They are: - Zeke's Roast Beef (6523 8th Ave) -...

Clementes Roast Beef Hero

by Abbylovi 17 years ago

Clementes, a butcher shop on Avenue T in Brooklyn has an unbelievable roast beef hero. I got one with provolone and gravy, and I'm dying to go back. The roast beef is rare with an rich, big flav...

liberty roast beef in southie

by papoon 17 years ago

after walking past this dodgy looking restaurant for the past 7 months, i stopped in last night and had one of their roast beef sandos on onion roll. what a find! it was one of those sandwiches...

Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches

by TJ 18 years ago

Growing up on the North Shore of Boston, there were dozens "hot roast beef" sandwich shops often operated by Greek families. Chick's (Ipswich), Nick's (Beverly) Bill&Bob's (Salem), and numerous ot...

delicious roast beef sandwich???

by donna slote 18 years ago

We used to get wonderful roast beef sandwiches in manhattan.. can't find one now.. any recommendations???

Anyone looked for the best roast beef sandwich?

by Adam 18 years ago

Hi folks When some of my friends come to Boston, I bring them to Daddy's Roast Beef (Kingston St near Downtown Crossing) for a super beef sandwich on an onion roll. I explained to them that like ...

Real Roast Beef in Manhattan

by Howard Burkat 18 years ago

I'm looking for real roast beef - preferably the end cut - in Manhattan. Not the wimpy skinny pieces served at the Vegas all you can eat buffetts called "prime rib." We're talking about thick, juic...

Classic Roast Beef in Manhattan.

by Howard Burkat 18 years ago

I'm looking for real roast beef - preferably the end cut - in Manhattan. Not the wimpy skinny pieces served at the Vegas all you can eat buffetts called "prime rib." We're talking about thick, juic...

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