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Road Trip

Hit the road--and don't miss a bite along the way by talking to Chowhounds in advance about where to eat on your route. Plus get the best (and most creative) ideas for road snacks to pack.

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Food stops along I-95

by tdg 1 year ago

I'm driving from Miami to NY, mostly straight up 95. Looking for recs of places to stop along the way. Criterion A:...


Indy 67 commented 3 months ago

Cocktail Pairings

by hadedabird 5 months ago

So it is the beginning of November and tomorrow we are heading out for 4 days in our RV, Friday will be 78 dropping t...


Bigley9 commented 5 months ago

SF - LA US 1

by IronStomach 10 months ago

I know there is a big landslide in Monterey, but still, I have already booked everything for a late September, early ...


evamore commented 5 months ago

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Traving I-65N

by B_and_Lee_85 6 months ago

Looking for GOOD FOOD, mom and pops not far off I-65 traveling Nashville to Kentucky! HUNGRY NOW!

Truffle-related gift in the D.C. area?

by kathryneganbrown 7 months ago

Hi, all! My husband is rather fond of truffles (sadly, I'm one of those people for whom truffles just taste


ilovecilantro commented 7 months ago

Nashville to Memphis: where to stop

by matika 9 years ago

Hi, We are travelling from Nashville to Memphis and wondering the best places to stop for lunch, foodie stops, etc...


Ilovetoeat27 commented 7 months ago

PA to FL - Good Eats near I-95

by jennyjennyjenny 8 months ago

Family trip to Disney from Philly - looking to stay close to 95, any good family friendly spots, or some must have so...

erica commented 7 months ago

Cleveland - Detroit area road trip food suggestions?

by kwfoodiewannabe 9 months ago

I have tickets to see Jays vs. Indians on Fri 7/21 in Cleveland. Looking for suggestions for a pre-game dinner (and p...

NancyH commented 8 months ago

Lunch Spot Between Boston Logan Airport & Portland, ME

by cdntxn 8 months ago

Arriving at Logan airport just before lunch and driving to Portland, ME. Would like to find a high quality lunch spo...


total13 commented 8 months ago

Arlington, VA to Maryville, TN road trip - Rte 81 recs

by Cocinero Cubano 8 months ago

All - We're off to see friends in Maryville, TN tomorrow and most of the drive will be south along I 81. I'd like ...


Khotso98 commented 8 months ago

Kosher from NJ to Toronto?

by randi9w 8 months ago

Hi. We are traveling from Teaneck, NJ to Toronto with our children. Does anyone know of a kosher spot where we can st...


craigcep commented 8 months ago

Road Trip to Maine

by caphill2320 1 year ago

We are taking a first time family road trip to Maine this summer from NYC and need some pit stops along the way. Our ...


oceans commented 9 months ago

Lunch stop halfway between San Diego and Santa Barbara

by mndib 9 months ago

Hi Everyone! I would really appreciate any suggestions you all might have for a nice place to have lunch on the wa...

glbtrtr commented 9 months ago

Autogrills on A1 - Rome to Greve

by gina2178 10 months ago

My family of 5 (2 children) leaves next week for our two week Italian adventure and ironing out the little details. W...

jen kalb commented 9 months ago

Road Trip SD, MT, WY, CO please help

by sasicka 1 year ago

Hello, I'll be doing a 2-3 week road trip starting and ending in Denver. We're planning of driving through Colorado t...


RWTagg commented 9 months ago

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