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NYT: Bathtub Rice Wine

by Kagemusha 10 years ago

Drink up! http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/20/nyregion/sale-of-illegal-wine-flourishes-in-chinese-enclaves.html?_r=1

shaoxing wine

by shaebones 10 years ago

Is that the same thing as chinese rice wine? Can I sub chinese rice wine if its not the same thing?

Shaoxing wine

by chilibeanpaste 10 years ago

Several sites say that Shaoxing wine was available on Spadina in Toronto. I live in Halifax and am out of Shaoxing and hope to pick up some in TO in mid May on my way through. Here in Chinese s...

Rice Wine and Sticky Rice

by dcarterb 10 years ago

Hi! I'm having trouble finding some ingredients for an upcoming dinner party. I want to make rice skin dumplings, inspired by the ones at yakitori totto - so yummy and rich! Can anyone help ...

Rice Wine Making Kits @ H Mart-Tried One Yet?

Sam Salmon
by Sam Salmon 10 years ago

Perusing the shelves in HMart today I happened across some kits for making Korean style Rice Wine @ home-any locals have tried this yet? Not sure if this is the same brand but the process is simil...

help with shaoxing wine: "Hua Tiao" vs. "Jia Fan"

by lidia 10 years ago

It's very hard for me to get to any Asian grocers, and their prices for rice cooking wine can be outrageous (a bottle that would cost $1.89 in the US selling for €8-10 which is $12-15). Though bo...

Shaoxing wine

by susmita 11 years ago

Dear friends, I like chinese vegetables and planning to cook it. Here , Chinese restaurants serves Fusion chinese vegetables with Bengali-Indian cooking style. They serves a white gravy chin...

Looking for Chinese rice wine for cooking

by Katchowhound 11 years ago

I can't seem to be able to find Chinese rice wine for cooking anymore - the kind WITHOUT salt. Any ideas ( I am in NDG area)? Thanks -

Source for Shaoxing wine in or near Thousand Oaks?

by mvcv 11 years ago

I need a bottle of Shaoxing wine for a recipe and don't want to drive to the closest 99 Ranch market which is nearly an hour away. Anyone know a market near this area that carries Shaoxing Wine? -...

Shaoxing Rice Wine in Westchester

by Reposado 11 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy a good quality Shaoxing rice wine in mid to lower Westchester? Liquor stores don't seem to have it, at least not those I have tried, and, thanks to their lobby, th...

Where to buy chinese rice wine

by monkeyman 16 years ago

Up from Philly, where you can't buy Chinese rice wine, as far as I know. (Went to Chinatown and the Asian markets elsewhere, but no go, and the state stores don't sell...) So I'm assuming that i...

Looking for Advice on Shaoxing rice wine

by Nathan P. 17 years ago

I'm getting ready to try some of the Sichuan recipes in Land of Plenty and one of the ingredients I need that I have not purchased before is Shaoxing wine. Are there any particular brands or thing...

Gu Yue Long Shan rice wine?

by Michael Rodriguez 12 years ago

Does anyone know of a source for this Chinese rice wine? Can anyone write the name in Chinese, so I can show it to shopkeepers? Thank you for your help. Michael Rodriguez

Chinese rice wine

by gourmet wife 13 years ago

Hey everyone, I'll be heading to China and Hong Kong next week. Can't wait to try all the tasty treats there. One thing I do want to try is their rice wine especially the "flower" one. I'll be i...

Korean refined rice wine, where to buy

by msmouser 12 years ago

Where can I buy Korean refined rice wine (cheongju) in the Boston area, or online H Mart doesn't carry it msmouser

Akadama Red Wine (rice wine)

by dudley829 12 years ago

Hi, I have been trying for quite some time to locate Red Akadama Wine. My boyfriend drank this several years ago in Okinawa and loved it. We've only been able to find Akadama Plum Royale. Not t...

Chinese Rice Wine ... ?

by CindyJ 12 years ago

Is that the same thing as Chinese rice cooking wine? Is that a product I buy in a grocery store, or in a liquor store? I always keep my distance from products labeled "cooking wine."

Chinese rice wine with no added salt

by APNY 13 years ago

I've been looking everywhere (in the NY area) for unseasoned Chinese rice wine, to be used for cooking... All of the ones I found so far contain 1.5% sodium. Does anyone know where I can purcha...

Need advice on rice wine

by billieboy 12 years ago

The local liquor store (LCBO Canadian government bootleggers :-)) cannot get Shaoxing Rice Wine but they can get Glutinous Rice wine. Is there any similarity? Is it the same? Is it a good substitut...

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