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Pure Rhubarb Pie Recipe Sought

by nofunlatte 10 months ago

Hello, 'hounds! Despite being the end of March (and, ergo, "spring" here in the Midwestern US), the winter doesn't se...


nofunlatte commented 7 months ago

Ideas for using specialty salts?

by IrisAnn 2 years ago

I just got back from Iceland, and brought home rhubarb salt and licorice salt. Now what? I'm looking for ways to not...


Billy33 commented 2 years ago

Watery Rhubarb Pie

by BarbaraGale 11 years ago

I made a strawberry rhubarb pie on Saturday and it came out watery, even if it did taste terrific. I added no butter ...


cookie54 commented 2 years ago

Fresh Rhubarb - when?

by Joani Macaroni 3 years ago

I plan to make a rhubarb dessert for company in early April - will fresh rhubarb be in season by then?


OCEllen commented 3 years ago

ISO Frozen Rhubarb

by MsKnowItAll 3 years ago

Where can I find bags of frozen rhubarb in the GTA? It used to be plentiful, had no problem finding it to make straw...


youdonut commented 3 years ago

Rhubarb is in Season

by Querencia 5 years ago

I always just make rhubarb into rhubarb sauce and have begun snooping around recipes for cakes and pastries, thinking...


masha commented 3 years ago

What do I make with these ingredients?

by anniam 3 years ago

I am doing this farm share thing this summer and I have to use this stuff before it rots. Week 1 included the followi...


Ttrockwood commented 3 years ago

Rhubarb question...

by gutreactions 3 years ago

Is it best to shave off the outer layer of the stalks to make them more tender when cooking? What are your favorite r...


Candy commented 3 years ago

Saving my rhubarb

by autumm 3 years ago

Yesterday morning Mr Autumm was spreading the weed and feed to help cure my dandelion issues, and it looks like he go...


autumm commented 3 years ago

What is your favorite rhubarb recipe?

by kattyeyes 10 years ago

God, I love rhubarb and start craving rhubarb crisp every time I see someone typing about it on any of these boards. ...


rasputina commented 3 years ago

Can I just cut the slimy parts off my rhubarb?

by jen223 3 years ago

I bought some rhubarb stalks 11 days ago and neglected to use them. Now I'd like to make a crumble, but I'm not sure ...

babette feasts

babette feasts commented 3 years ago

Favorite strawberry rhubarb recipes

by The Librarian 4 years ago

I woke up this morning thinking about making strawberry rhubarb upside down cake or maybe a strawberry rhubarb cake o...


DebinIndiana commented 4 years ago

Rhubarb mead

by OhZenobia 4 years ago

A group of friends and I have the opportunity to borrow some brewing equipment and plan to make mead, which we've nev...


OhZenobia commented 4 years ago

Fresh rhubarb emergency!

by Nyleve 4 years ago

I need fresh rhubarb for a specific reason. Have checked everywhere in peterborough area, including wholesalers. Anyo...


Nyleve commented 4 years ago

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