Restaurant Closings

All good things must come to an end. Explore restaurant closings in your area and find out which spots are coming and going with the help of other Chowhounds.

When You Can't Work From Home: This Week in Hospitality

On Sunday, March 8, I left New York for a trip to London, joking with one of my coworkers during my last restaurant shift that maybe the trip would get extended if the coronavirus ratcheted itself up...

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Hamada closing?

by chowhoundX 18 years ago

Through the window of the 41 bus this morning, I saw a "For Lease" sign in the window of Hamada, the coffee/falafel shop (Union/Hyde) we've talked about here before. Does anyone know if it's moving...

Xaviers in Garrison is closing 12/31/02

by Bill Rubin 18 years ago

According to an article in Monday's Journal News (the Gannett paper in Westchester), Peter Kelly will be closing the Xavier's in Garrison after New Years Eve this year. The article says that he fee...

Kosher Burrito Closing

by mc michael 18 years ago

Cal Trans is taking over the block at First & Main, so KB is closing May 28. Bye bye heartburn.

Asia de Cuba closing

by Wondering 18 years ago

Has anyone else heard this? Could be just a rumor but my source is pretty reliable.

Hi Profile Health Dept Closings

by 9lives 18 years ago

First it was the original Todd English's Olives in Boston..next the much hound loved Di Fara's in NY; which sadly I haven't been to yet. Are the Health Dept's targetting the guy's at the top? In Bo...

Buzzy's closing and late night dining

by Joki 18 years ago

So I read today that Buzzy's at MGH closed it doors. Now admittedly, Buzzy's food hasn't been anything to talk about for a long time now but it has been a part of the late night scene in Boston fo...

Cleveland The Big Egg is closing again

by Jerry 18 years ago

Hard to believe---I'm kidding. Once the scene of late night recovery, no more: Big Egg on Its Face For better or worse, the West Side greasy spoon was a Cleveland landmark. Not anymore. BY SAR...

Closing Time

by Tugboat 18 years ago

Anyone else have this happen. . . You show up at a restaurant or bar. You may be pushing closing time, but you certainly are not past it. Then you get the stares and attitude from the staff as you ...

Boston Banh Mi Closing

by C. Simon 18 years ago

I wandered over to Boston Banh Mi today for lunch. As expected, I am loving my Banh Mi and my shrimp summer rolls. However, it is a bit bittersweet. The very nice lady who runs the place told ...

Mysterious Closing of Lower Manhatten Jamaican

by epicure-us 18 years ago

Does anyone know when and why Yummy Crust (on upper Nassau Street near Pace University) closed? Last week I had to turn back when I found the store dark with a red "for rent" sign in the window. ...

Mariposa closing

by so sad 18 years ago

For those of you who do not know...Mariposa in Windsor is closed. Last Thursday was their last night of dinner service. I hear that they will be opening in SF sometime in the future.

Gary Danko, Campton Place, Kuleto's closing temporarily

by jenniferfishwilson 18 years ago

for renovations/retrofitting. Danko's will reopen end of Feb; Campton Place: April; Kuleto's: March. Thank you to GraceAnn Walden for info. (GraceAnn: I'm sorry I wrote disparaging remarks ab...

Gary Danko closing for renovations

by dixieday 18 years ago

Just an FYI--Gary Danko will be closed for most of February (feb.3-24) in order to do extensive kitchen remodelling.

Quilty's is Closing!

by Tom Steele 18 years ago

Alas and alack, a major downtown restaurant closing has been announced: Quilty's in SoHo will shutter Jan. 1. Chef Katy Sparks will undoubtedly land on her incredibly capable feet, but I'm deeply a...

Crow's Meats Closing

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Just heard from a friend today that specialty meat market, Crow's Meats, in Napa will be closing. The owner has decided to retire because it was too hard to find good help. My friend got quite a ...

Alain Ducasse Closing Its Doors?

by ForkinMouth 19 years ago

I have heard from a reputable source in the industry, but not confirmed, that Alain Ducasse is closing or has just closed. If true, this would certainly be one of the most visible restaurant closu...

More SF restaurant closings

by duke dee 19 years ago

Laghi Restaurant (Centro Culinario Romagnano) never caught on at its obscure Fillmore location. 2101 Sutter at Pierce- restaurant graveyard-add another tombstone. The coming war against arab terror...

Sriprahphai closing for vacation, Sept 17-21

by Helen 19 years ago

There are signs posted on the walls about their upcoming Mon-Fri vacation. Take note.

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