Restaurant Closings

All good things must come to an end. Explore restaurant closings in your area and find out which spots are coming and going with the help of other Chowhounds.

When You Can't Work From Home: This Week in Hospitality

On Sunday, March 8, I left New York for a trip to London, joking with one of my coworkers during my last restaurant shift that maybe the trip would get extended if the coronavirus ratcheted itself up...

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Kramarczuk's now closed

by ChancesR 5 months ago

I see that in light of our pandemic, Kramarczuk's has decided to cease operations. Let's hope they are able to reopen after this Covid outbreak has passed. Of course their restaurant was great,...

Fabian's Cafe in Scarborough is gone

by summ3r 5 months ago

Fabian's Cafe, 876 Markham Rd., Scarborough, is closed. I went by for a coffee at the beginning of March and there was a sign by the cash register letting people know that their last day at the cur...

SF Restaurant Closings + Gift Cards to Help

by patsully 5 months ago

In my neighborhood, Garibaldi's announced that they were closing on Sunday and hoping to re-open before the end of the month. I think that may be overly optimistic given the way things are trending...

Pam's Real Thai has apparently closed permanently

by prima 5 months ago

Does anyone know why Pam's Real Thai has closed? Google seems to suggest it has closed permanently. Thanks for any information.

Is Woodlot gone?

by happycamper 5 months ago

https://www.reddit.com/r/FoodToronto/comments/fb5jsj/xpost_rtoronto_woodlot_restaurant_closed/ We were trying to book a table a couple of weeks from now through Opentable. Woodlot was not taking a...

Concord: LiMA will close 3/15

by tre2012 5 months ago

A friend alerted us that LiMA would close in March. Spouse and I love LiMA so we quickly drove out to have a last lunch. It is in Todos Santos Plaza, not far from the Fry's/Concord. Ceviche Mixt...

Jennifer Colliau's New Cocktail Bar "Here's How" Closing

by patsully 6 months ago

It's one thing to push back against a chain fast food restaurant moving into a neighborhood, but something entirely different when a locally owned business is forced to close. Having seen shows at ...

Openings & Closings Sept-Dec 2019

by JerkPork 11 months ago

No point in going with quarterly threads as the Montreal board is nowhere as busy as it used to be unfortunately. Seems like Uniburger on Cote de Neiges is closed down that or they are completel...

Gordo's closes in Hawthorne...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Local news is reporting the closure of Gordo's Restaurant & Tavern in Hawthorne. They had been operating along Commerce Street for 40 years. Any memories of Gordo's?

Thai Chef

by lewinters 6 months ago

Does anyone have any further info about Thai Chef in Montclair? I was craving Pad Thai plus chocolate souffle and was dismayed to learn that they are closed.

Zhuo Kitchen - Closed

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 months ago

Very sad to read that San Francisco's Zhuo Kitchen has closed after about a year in business. This was one of the really good ones among the many new Chinese restaurants I've tried the past year. I...

Flushing Golden Mall - basement is closed

by kimijye2 8 months ago

Whoa, a friend told me last night that the underground Golden Mall in Flushing has closed, taking with it our favorite dumpling spot. We called it the Three Ladies dumpling restaurant – located ...

Fat Angel Has Closed

by DavidT 7 months ago

You can add Fat Angel (on O'Farrell @ Fillmore) to the list of places that have closed.

Oriental Garden, gone for good?

by jumpingmonk 7 months ago

Greetings all. Does anyone know if Oriental Garden on Elizabeth St is gone permanently? I know it was closed temporarily for remodeling, but google now says "permanantly closed" So does anyone k...

No Name - No Mo

by treb 7 months ago

Not surprised that No Name is closed. I remember days a long long time ago when I’d be waiting in line with bottles of wine and coolers of beer. It was always a party while waiting in line. ...

What's Happening to Our Village?

by Ziggy41 8 months ago

Is it me or the East Village seems to be hurting right now with closings accelerating. Harry and Ida's (the most painful one), Maharlika, Moishe's, Martina, Le Sia (maybe temporary), Tramonti, the...

Chinese Restaurants Are Closing

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

" . . . the share of Chinese restaurants in the top 20 metropolitan areas has been consistently falling. Five years ago, an average of 7.3 percent of all restaurants in these areas were Chinese, co...