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La Pachanga - Redwood City

by Wendy-san 18 years ago

Has anyone been to this place? It was mentioned in this morning's Chronicle Friday Peninsula section in an article about local mariachi groups. One of them plays weekly at this restaurant and it lo...

redwood city tamales

by razordog 18 years ago

i stopped by the tamale lady in redwood city. she sits outside the mercadito latino (across street from BevMo 1745 el camino) with a cart and cooler full of tamales i got two chicken tamales for...

Redwood City Courthouse-Walk to Eats

by Bunny Silverman 19 years ago

Hello, I have to be at the RWC Court House for the next month and a half or so...what great walking distance places are there for lunch...getting tired of Max's and Ben Franks!

Middlefield Road taco crawl (Redwood City/Menlo Park)

by Windy 18 years ago

13 intrepid hounds braved the heat today to explore Middlefield Road, an area we've talked about for some time and encouraged by recent postings from vlibin, shocker, yimster, and Melanie Wong. T...

Palestinian baker in Redwood City?

by Melanie Wong 18 years ago

The Persian owner of a wine country deli told me that he used to buy freshly made, good quality pocket bread from a Palestinian baker somewhere near Whipple in Redwood City or Belmont. Anyone have...

Take-out in Redwood City area

by Amber 18 years ago

I'm due to give birth to my second child any day now and would love some good suggestions for take-out in the San Carlos/Redwood City/Menlo Park area. Whenever I'm too tired to cook, I'm at a comp...

redwood city, good/cheap

by justin 18 years ago

quick: where can i get a good and not-too-expensive dinner in redwood city?

South Pacific Island Bakery -- Redwood City

by Ruth Lafler 18 years ago

On the way to today's Redwood City taco crawl I found myself doing a U-turn to check out the South Pacific Island Bakery (793 5th Ave., Redwood City, 650-306-9608). After some discussion with the...

pre concert dinner suggestions in Belmont, Redwood City, San Carlos?

by joyban 18 years ago

Looking for any good midpriced Thai, Indian, Greek, ect. Thanks in advance

City Pub, Redwood City

by Yvonne 19 years ago

I enjoyed a nice lunch with friends at City Pub yesterday. It's got nice menu of appetizers, burgers and sandwiches, pasta, and some entrees. The food was a bit "lighter" than traditional bar foo...

Need reccos for Redwood City area??

by Jennie Sheeks 19 years ago

I'm attending a conference in Redwood City next week. Here's the deal; the conference does not include meals, but because of the structure of the conference, I won't have extended periods of time t...

Gonzalez Taqueria, Redwood City

by Judith Hurley 19 years ago

Following up on a fairly recent posting on this board, we gathered up some friends for dinner at the Gonzalez Taqueria in the Fair Oaks area of Redwood City. It was well worth the trip. We had a va...

Tu Casa Salvadorena, Redwood City (Long)

by Peter Yee 19 years ago

I read a review of this restaurant in the Mountain View Voice (local MV free weekly paper) and knew I had to try it. Why the Mountain View paper would be publishing a review of a Redwood City rest...

Gonzalez Taqueria, Redwood City

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Finding myself on the Peninsula last weekend after dim sum trials with the South Team, I finally had a chance to check out Redwood City’s “Little Michoacan”. With my brother in tow, I met my frien...

D' Asaro restaurant in Redwood City

by Derek Foy 19 years ago

About a month ago we had a first class meal at this restaurant. Recently, we went back and - in every respect - it was a letdown. Food was mediocre, service was amateurish, not a trace of excellenc...

Can't wait to eat SF and Redwood City

by Lizzy from NC 19 years ago

Dedicated Chowhound headed your way! Am traveling with a non-meat eating companion that will happily devour fish or seafood at just about every meal. Will be based in Redwood City and plan to eat...

Redwood City tamale stand?

by Melanie Wong 19 years ago

Lambert - please tell us where to find the vendor for the tamales you shared this morning. Thanx! Link: http://chowhound.com/chowmarket/index.html

Looking for Killer!!! Chinese in Redwood City, San Carlos, Menlo Park area

by Lee 19 years ago

Please help... I am craving great chinese take out but am finding it almost impossible to find on the pennisula !!!! :-)thanks

City Pub in Redwood City report

by Wendy Lai 19 years ago

As the poster below told me, this was a pretty yuppie pub, but not in a bad way I think. Its interior is quite nice, good use of industrial materials and lights. In the middle of the room was a ...

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