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Favorite menu planning apps? Suggestions?

by ForeverBirds 5 years ago

So I'm trying to find a good menu planning app for my phone, and thus far nothing really suits my needs. I'd like one where I can search for recipes and narrow down by including or excluding ingred...

NASA’s 3D Food Printer Will Make Pizza at Amusement Parks

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

" . . . Congressional budget cuts forced the space agency to give up auxiliary projects aimed at a future Mars mission, including work on the 3D food printer. So Contractor decided to reformat ...

Paprika App Updates

by prego_cook 5 years ago

I've been doing a lot of research on different websites to save recipes and am considering buying PAPRIKA but I've just noticed that the last time they did an update was 2014! They haven't even me...

Pepperplate mobile app bugs

by Rillensora 5 years ago

I've recently been having this issue with the Pepperplate app on my iPhone where the ingredient lists in recipes and shopping lists are cut off for no reason. The recipes and shopping list are stil...

Alternative to Paprika recipe app?

by sarahemmm 6 years ago

I just downloaded the app, but failed at the first hurdle when I could not set up the Pantry feature (can only pick from the picklist - I'm in the UK; I have granulated sugar, demerara, soft brown,...

MacGourmet recipe software users...

by IndyGirl 6 years ago

Has anyone else had a problem with their recipe window just not showing up when you open the program? As in, the program is clearly running but you click on the icon in your dashboard and you don't...

Using Paprika (app) with multiple category filters

by mickeygee 6 years ago

Anyone who uses Paprika, have you found a way to search on multiple categories. For example, I have categories for Poultry and Desserts and Seasons. If I wanted to find a summer chicken recipe or a...

IBM's Watson is now a cooking app apparently

by ennuisans 7 years ago

http://www.fastcodesign.com/3032501/ibms-watson-is-now-a-cooking-app-with-infinite-recipes This has a nice visual, but apparently it's very early in the process. http://asmarterplanet.com/blo...

App to enter recipe ingredients and it outputs calories?

by powell730 6 years ago

I'm looking for an app that I can enter my recipes ingredients and it gives me the caloric value per serving... I've used my fitness pal for this but I'm wondering if there's a dedicated app. MFP i...

Best Cooking Apps? Interested in Recommendations

by AyoGravyGuy 6 years ago

Looking for any insight on people's favorite cooking apps (preferably free). I'm new to the cooking world (and Chowhound). I have tried the Epicurious, Yummly and Cookpad apps. They're all pretty g...

Joy of Cooking App Available

by mcsheridan 7 years ago

For those who don't have the hard copy book, for app lovers, for the simple convenience of it. http://apps.culinate.com/joy/ Just saw this on a F&W e-mail this morning. It's $6.99 for the app, ...

Nominate Your Best Food App for "Best of 2014."

The Chowhound Team
by The Chowhound Team 7 years ago

Are you a food app fiend? Tell us your favorite food apps, which could have been released at anytime, the app does not have to be confined to just 2014. Please make sure to list the following: ...

Recipe organiser / app

by tam555 8 years ago

Hello, I'm sure I'm not alone in this situation: my recipes are scattered all over the place. Some are emailed to me, some I jot down on random pieces of paper, some are saved on sites like chow ...

Recipe Collection for app in progress

by gigidavies 7 years ago

ATTENTION LOVELY FOOD-Y PEOPLE! I'm starting to collect recipes, tips, tutorials, etc for a food app that is in the process of being created. It's going to be a place where EVERYONE can share and m...

Lucky Peach IPad app and Next Restaurant digital cookbooks

by mats77 8 years ago

Haven't heard or seen any updates about these and was wondering if anyone has any clue to if they are still even projects that are in the works? Would love to read Lucky Peach on my Ipad as it's th...

The Gilt Taste app

by andrea thurm 7 years ago

I loved everything about Gilt Taste - especially the recipes - and was very disappointed when the site died. At the time that they introduced a super and free iPad app, I still had a first-generati...

Timer app for Adroid with Overshoot

by kaleokahu 7 years ago

Hi, All: It's Day 2 with a smart phone, and I'm looking for a kitchen timer app that will count down, then, following the alarm, *continue* to count, but show me how long it's been since I sho...

Tablets, smart phones and apps in the Kitchen

by Antilope 7 years ago

Anyone use a Tablet computer (or smart phone) in the kitchen for recipes or other apps? I have used my android tablet a couple of times to refer to web page recipes and cook from it. I have e-co...

CIA Professional Chef iPad App Anyone?

by Chowstr 10 years ago

Thinking of putting this on the wish list. I have a couple editions of the print version, and enjoy them very much, but I'm intrigued by the new possibilities with video, comments, etc... a...

Phone Apps related to food

by pancake 11 years ago

I uploaded Mark Bittmans "How To Cook Everything" app to my iphone lastnight. One of the best food apps yet. Easy to use, lots of recipes at my fingertips. What food-related app's are other ch...