Squeeze Every Last Ounce of Flavor from Summer Produce with These Unique Cocktails

These late summer drink recipes take full advantage of the last seasonal produce before fall's apples, pumpkins, and root vegetables take hold. For many, Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer...

The price of berries...

by gutreactions 10 months ago

We have been overloading on berries all winter so far. We enjoy them, of course. Blueberries, raspberries and blackberries mostly. They have been selling for remarkably low prices this season at ou...

Fresh raspberry baking ideas - without oatmeal

almond tree
by almond tree 1 year ago

Just bought about 3 cups of fresh organic raspberries on special and would like to bake them into a (non-dairy) dessert, possibly a crumble. I have NO oatmeal and NO cornstarch, which play a role i...

Does This Happen to You? - Raspberries Rot/Mold Overnight

by amstrgy 13 years ago

We buy raspberries primarily at Fairway. However, often they rot or mold the day after we've bought them. It doesn't seem to matter whether we put in fridge, wash or not. Does this happen to any...

Overwintering container fruit plants

by DonnaMarieNJ 5 years ago

I live in New Jersey and have several blueberry, raspberry and blackberry plants in small containers. Most of these plants are very young. Should I leave them outside all winter? Put them in the...

Raspberry Brandy vs. Raspberry Liqueur

by travelling princess 5 years ago

Hi, All. Can anyone tell me the difference raspberry brandy and raspberry liqueur. From reading the internet, it looks like the brandy is alcohol made from the raspberries themselves and the liqu...

Need help finding recipe for raspberry topping for angel food cake

by shemill202 5 years ago

My Grandmother used to make a topping for angel food cake that we called Raspberry Fluff. I have searched everywhere and the closest I've gotten is a 2008 post here at Chowhound that could have bee...

Don't ever wash raspberries - Good Advice??

by ExercisetoEat 14 years ago

So I was watching food network at the gym over my lunch hour (somehow I always feel guilty having the elliptical screen on that channel, but I can't help myself!) and Ina Garten said something that...

Black Raspberries - Where to Buy?

by crocodileguy 6 years ago

Not blackberries, but black raspberries. These are quite elusive, it seems. Anyone have a source in the L.A. area? EDIT: I tagged this post "General Discussion" so I'm not sure why it's in "Re...

Help constructing cake: blackberry, raspberry, chocolate

by bmorecupcake 6 years ago

I'm baking a birthday cake today. I want the flavors to be blackberry, raspberry, and chocolate. I'd appreciate any comments on if these flavors will work together. I have already pureed the bla...

Black Raspberries in Orlando area?

by jword2001 14 years ago

Is there any place to buy these in the Orlando area, I am in Apopka, and have never seen them in the stores, I love these things, and the wild berries are even better, I know fresh is out of the qu...

Raspberry desserts

by sweetpotater 6 years ago

I want to make a dessert for Saturday that highlights the beautiful raspberries at the farmers market this week. Individual parfaits or the like might be a little tricky because I'm bringing them t...

Have any of you made a real buttercream icing before?

by javaandjazz 6 years ago

Thinking about making the raspberry white chocolate buttercream in this recipe? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks. http://www.pineappleandcoconut.com/easyrecipe-print/1481-0/

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