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Quintessential Bay Area in 4 Days

by El_Duderino 5 years ago

I'll be visiting the Bay Area soon with family and we only have about four days. What are the eats we absolutely MUST try? This includes restaurants, food trucks, take-out, bakeries, desserts, ice ...

New Yorker looking for quintessential Montreal cheap eats 2014

by FoulShotz 5 years ago

I'm going to be in Montreal for a couple of days - are there any signature or must-have cheap eats that I should have while I'm there (under 20 dollars a person) both including restaurants and othe...

Quintessential NYC (Manhattan) fare

by flygirl 6 years ago

Good morning This is a celebration trip that I have planned. I want it to be special for my Mom. I am taking her on a week long visit to NYC (with three nights in the Hudson Valley). She ...

New Yorker looking for quintessential Chicago cheap eats

by FoulShotz 6 years ago

I'm going to be in Chicago for a couple of days - are there any signature or must-have cheap eats that I should have while I'm there (under 20 dollars a person) both including restaurants and other...

Quintessential Asian Lunch around San Gabriel

by Kharin 7 years ago

Can anyone give me a good lunch suggestion? Our plan is to driving from Canyon Country (Santa Clarita) to San Gabriel Area (to buy some asian groceries & amazing Banh Mi) then we'll be heading t...

Quintessential "LA" Food?

by lokier01 7 years ago

So I've been on a food adventure with my pregnant wife, where I'm trying to get every possible type of food into her belly (the hope being that the kid will have a wider palette). I've compiled ...

If you were to update the 50 best/quintessential restaurants of Philly

by ramenbound 7 years ago

Let me preface this post by saying that while I clearly am referencing the PhillyMag 50 lists of yesteryear, I do not intend for this to be a Food Media & News topic. I am an ex-Philadelphian of...

looking for "quintessential" NOLA...

by esmetutu 7 years ago

Looking for quintessential New Orleans' experiences: -Gumbo -Jambalaya -Snowball -Fresh redfish or catfish, expertly prepared -Sunday Jazz brunch (preferably a la carte, not buffet) Mostly ...

Kuala Lumpur - The Quintessential Malaysian Breakfast

by klyeoh 7 years ago

So, where does one go to look for the quintessential Malaysian breakfast when one is in the CBD? One precious tip - go to Jalan Tengah, that slender lane which runs through the backs of two rows of...

SF Restos: Local or quintessential? :-) + Veg-Friendly

by hillaryhillary 7 years ago

Hi all! My partner and I will be in SF staying in North Beach, without a car, from June 8-15. We're from Toronto and are looking for places to eat that are uniquely San Francisco! This can inclu...

Quintessential Cape May - 2012

by toscanos 7 years ago

Hey folks, I'm headed to Cape May for the first time the first week of May. I'll be there for 48 hours. I will have two small children in tow, so "quintessential" will have to exclude all fine d...

Looking for a vegetarian friendly, quintessentially "Toronto" restaurant open on a Sunday

by Suburban Gourmand 7 years ago

Not too much to ask right? A vegetarian (no meat, no fish, no seafood) friend of mine is visiting Toronto for the very first time, and I wanted to take him out to Lee on Sunday but they are clos...

quintessential NY

by gogan49 8 years ago

We're visiting NY in June and are looking to have dinner at one of the staple restaurants in Manhattan. Nothing chic or new, just one of the old standbys that have been cranking out good food and ...

Quintessential CA restaurant for an early dinner with kids after a Sunday Marathon?

by ginnie09 8 years ago

We are a group of 6 adults and 2 little ones. I am looking for a moderate to not-quite-splurge restaurant that will accommodate us for an early quintessential California-style dinner (not vegetaria...

Needed: Quintessential LA

by jlmann 8 years ago

Leaving in a week to visit LA with two girlfriends. We're all southern and have limited knowledge of the LA area. We're for sure hittting In N Out and Pink's. We have reservations at STK. What are ...

Looking for quintessential Seattle eateries

by JBinOC 8 years ago

Hi, In every city, there are eateries that are beloved for aura, stability/longevity, etc. by its citizens, and are equally well-known outside its borders. For example, in LA, everyone kno...

Quintessential Cleveland restaurant for Saturday lunch or dinner

by chocolatetartguy 8 years ago

Due to a change in travel plans, I will have a whole day in Cleveland proper. I may go antiquing or to the Rock HOF. I plan to have one meal at Sokolowski's, lunch if they are open. Where else...

Looking for quintessential PNW meal

by hamburguesa 8 years ago

Looking to entertain out of town guests for a fantastic meal which offers the best our region has to offer. Locally sourced and organic ingredients should be the highlight. I've thought of Paley's,...

Quintessential Virginia

by Shann 8 years ago

I'll be in Virginia on vacation soon. I've already asked about good restaurants in the VA Bearch area and thanks for the tips. This question is more about whether there are things that are uniq...

Quintessential Houston Fine Dining

by dailybread8383 8 years ago

coming in late may and looking for the absolute best Houston has to offer, considering Catalan and Feast, what are your recs?