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Manhattan: place for group luncheon

by Lizbet 3 years ago

Six high school friends, from many years ago, are planning to get-together for a late lunch in midtown Manhattan for lunch. We decided to meet at 3:00 on a Sunday to avoid noise and crowds. We li...

Best Culver City Dinner $100 each with wine

by chnewbie2015 4 years ago

Visiting friends and looking for a place for dinner in or near Culver City. Criteria are up to $100 per person with wine, tip and some place quiet enough to have a conversation

Suggestions for quiet book club restaurant

by LucySnowe 4 years ago

We are a group of six looking for restaurant suggestions for our monthly book club meetings. Most importantly, restaurants quiet enough for six people to hear each other. Decent moderately priced...

How Sound Affects Taste

by patsully 4 years ago

Restaurant design is quickly imitated, so here's hoping designing for quieter restaurants becomes a big trend in 2018. "Music and conversation should create a veil of privacy around you and your...

Raleigh: Where to host a small, quiet bridal shower

by Aravisea 9 years ago

I'm planning a bridal shower for a friend who lives in Raleigh. I'm looking for a nice place to have it since I don't live locally and can't host it myself. Does anyone have recs for a nice restaur...

Desperately seeking quiet new range

by Zaminder 14 years ago

Hi, We are renovating a NYC apartment and must choose a 30" gas (or dual) range. I was interested in the GE Cafe Range but read online that it has a noisy fan you can't turn off, even if you aren'...

Langdon Hall alternatives?

by ParentofPets 4 years ago

I'm looking for fine-dining suggestions anywhere in the GTA and as far west as far as Kitchener. We have been to Langdon Hall many times, and would like to know if there are any suitable (and maybe...

Quaint Twin Cities breakfast ideas?

by chocolatemint 4 years ago

Hello! On the hunt for beautiful, cheerful, charming and quaint places to eat breakfast. We live near the St. Croix River Valley, but willing to drive farther out for that special place. Would ...

Trying To Replace Andre's Monte Carlo

by Unkle Al 4 years ago

I have often enjoyed, the now closed, Andre’s at the Monte Carlo. I am very partial to restaurants run by chef owners. Andre’s had terrific food and a quiet comfortable environment. Are there a...

Fresh Soft-shell Crabs @ Christopher's on Lincoln in Carmel

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

Last Monday, we headed to Christopher's on Lincoln in Carmel to follow-up a tip for FRESH soft-shell crabs flown in from Maryland. Not listed on the printed menu, I was a bit nervous that we might ...

Good food AND low decibels?

by mbfant 4 years ago

I'm trying to compile a short list of places to keep on hand where the noise level is relatively low and conversation is possible—without sacrificing food quality. Casual or stuffy, I don't care as...

Quiet kosher restaurant (Long Island or Queens)

by EmpireState 5 years ago

Does such a thing exist? I think that I've been to every kosher restaurant in Cedarhurst or Great Neck but maybe I've missed one. I've only been to pizza places and HaPisgah in Queens.

Quiet Manhattan restaurants below 14th St.

by nmoconnor 4 years ago

We prefer downtown restaurants, especially the East Village and Lower East Side. But they can be really noisy with blaring music, etc. We're looking for places where normal conversation is possib...

Need a Quiet Restaurant for Candidate Dinner

by jellybell 4 years ago

I need a place to take a job candidate to a pre-interview dinner. Some places that are already in play are Estia, and Osteria. The place has to take reservations, be comfortable for city stranger...

Special occasion for 8 serious food lovers in SF/East Bay

by OakTownHound 4 years ago

My mother-in-law's 70th birthday is coming up in a few months and she's coming to the Bay Area from the East Coast for the weekend. We're looking for a special occasion restaurant that can take a g...

Need Recommendations for a Book Club dinner locations around West LA

by Regina 4 years ago

My book group (5-10 women in our late 30s early 40s) meet once a month on Sunday evenings to have some wine, catch up, and maybe mention the book we were supposed to read. Our old standy, Chalet ...

Quiet group dinner in Soho

by manhattank 5 years ago

I'm looking for a quiet spot around Spring and 6th Ave for a business dinner for 8 people. Entrees should be below $30. Thank you!

Commander's Palace Alternative

by PattyOK 5 years ago

I have organized a trip with my 80 year old dad to New Orleans. I told him I'd take him to Commander's Palace. Unfortunately, they are fully booked for the weekend we plan to go (March 17). Do you ...

Looking for relatively quiet NYC restaurants

by DebMG 5 years ago

We will be staying in Midtown Manhattan for five nights later this month. My husband has SSD (single sided deafness) which believe it or not, makes it impossible for him to enjoy himself and engage...