12 Crispy, Gooey Quesadilla Recipes for Any Meal of the Day

It’s hard to go wrong with a warm, gooey cheese quesadilla. But there are many ways to dress it up, as these 12 quesadilla recipes prove. No matter what you fill it with, it's cheap, fast, easy, and...

La Super Birria in Santa Ana?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 8 months ago

Enjoyed the article about the sweets shop turned birrieria (starts on page 4), now I'm wondering if any 'hounds can share opinions of the place? La Super Birria 1041 W 1st St Santa Ana, CA 927...

BEST QUESADILLA (Taco?, Burrito?) EVER (In Salinas)!! [moved from San Francisco/Bay Area board]

by mikus 13 years ago

OK, so Salinas is a little south of the Bay Area but not too far south...right? Upon the recommendations and rumors posted on the California board, I had lunch today at Taqueria El Grullense at 97...

QUESADILLAS - Home Cooking Dish of the Month, February 2017

by herby 5 years ago

This is the thread to report on Quesadillas that you make in February 2017 and beyond. We got here by nominating a bunch of dishes https://www.chowhound.com/post/home-cooking-dish-month-february...

Pupusas and corn quesadillas

by Leucadian 15 years ago

I am re-reading Diana Kennedy's 'Cuisines of Mexico' and I ran across her description of a quesadilla. It's raw corn tortilla dough patted out, Oaxaca cheese placed in the middle, with a raja of ch...

Quesadillas de Huitlacoche

by neiladammcginnis 5 years ago

Yes i know there have been posts about this in the past but the restaurant business is extremely dynamic so it really felt like I needed a new post about the subject. My father just recently went t...

The Best Thanksgiving Leftovers Recipe – Turkey Quesadillas!

by LargoBarandGrill 6 years ago

Thanksgiving is over, you’ve celebrated with family and loved ones, feasted on delicious roasted turkey and so much more! After a long weekend of thanksgiving, and weeks of preparations, there’s no...

Mt. Signal Cafe - "puffy" quesadillas

by ibstatguy 14 years ago

This was/is on the old highway into Calexico, stopped there frequently as a kid (ok, a long time ago); they made a "puffy" quesadilla, the likes of which I have never seen elsewhere. Anyone have e...

Quesadillas loca

by ChiliDude 6 years ago

I have often stated at this website that I belong to the "What if...?" school of cooking specializing in "cuisine impromptu." A few weeks ago I bought a large bag each of whole almonds and pecan...

Chili Quesadillas

by ChiliDude 6 years ago

About a year ago my 28 year old grandson made some chili with shredded beef. I decided to try to make some chili also with shredded beef. It has worked out well. Shredding the beef that has been...

Want Amazing Tortillas? Head Over to Maizal Quesadilla Cafe in Liberty

by acd123 9 years ago

It just opened yesterday. They grind their own corn and make fresh tortillas every day. Had the beef tinga grilled quesadilla. The tortilla was one of the best I’ve ever had. The beef tinga an...

Best Quesadillas in L.A.!

by Quesadilla Queen 14 years ago

Hey. I'm writing a blog on the best Quesadillas in L.A. I welcome any and all reccomendations. I do not write bad reviews if I am unhappy with the food. I only put positivity into cyberspace. ...

Quesadilla Maker for Passover

by lukfam 7 years ago

I purchased 2 quesadilla makers recently with the intention that if it tested out well it would be a good addition to my passover kitchen. I have a lot of kids staying with the family over pessach...


by PotatoPeeler 7 years ago

Best quesadilla in San Diego? Tried a lot if different places, still looking. From Los Angeles and really liked el chato taco trucks quesadilla.

Roast Pork Loin Quesadilla for Lunch.

by ChiliDude 7 years ago

A local supermarket had pork loins on sale for a greatly reduced price, so I bought one. It weighed just under 5 pounds. I had in mind to roast it and thinly slice it to be used for lunch sandwiche...

Grilling Quesadillas

by paulgardner 14 years ago

Has anyone tried grilling quesadillas on a charcoal grill; if so, how were the results, do they get too charred to fold, how's the flavor compared to pan frying?

Deep-fried Quesadillas?

by rworange 13 years ago

Looking at the menu of a local restaurant I saw this item ... Quesadilla Turnover a big flour tortilla, deep fried and stuffed with cheese, ranchera sauce & refried beans Anyone had a ques...

Quesadilla Salvadorena

by rob44 8 years ago

I just discovered an absolute gem in East Boston. There is a new bakery at 319 Sumner Street called Adela's Bakery. They specialize in Salvadoran Quesadillas which are a type of pastry made with ...

Quesadilla de Huitlacoche in Long Beach

by stickerj 8 years ago

Yesterday we ate at Tacos La Mira, 2482 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach. We had quesadilla de huitlacoche and flor de calabasa. The tortillas were just-made thick corn tortillas and had just the right am...

Quesadilla Loca...

by ChiliDude 8 years ago

I do not like to waste food, so when we have some small quantities of leftovers, I make quesadillas. The quesadillas are made in an old-fashioned cast iron skillet. To avoid flipping the quesadi...