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Tapioca vs Sago - what makes what kind of pudding

by spahkee 10 years ago

Confused coming back from the local marekt - there is tapioca and there appears to a similar dried up pellets for sag...


medlar commented 3 months ago

Chocolate Pudding Just Won't Set

by GenoveseC 4 years ago

Hi. Does anyone know why once I put my homemade pudding in the fridge, it turns soupy? While cooking, it smells and...


CPAP commented 3 months ago

Popovers vs Yorkshire Pudding

by conroyea 12 years ago

Just curious, what is the difference between popovers and Yorkshire pudding?


Smeee commented 6 months ago

Rice Pudding

by randyjl 4 years ago

I made my first rice pudding today. It said to rinse the rice before cooking. I forgot and it turned out fine. Why r...


paulj commented 8 months ago

Help! Can you freeze a banana pudding? Paula Deen's recipe [moved from New Orleans board]

by nosurndr 8 years ago

Thought I would ask New Orleanians about a staple southern dessert: I am making a modified version of Paula Deen's...


LupaGlupa2 commented 9 months ago

Christmas pudding help please

by farthing 10 months ago

I made my usual Epicurious Christmas pudding recipe which I have made umpteen times before. This year when I steamed...


farthing commented 10 months ago

How can I repair my crunchy rice pudding?

by hungryinmanhattan 3 years ago

I followed the instructions on chowhound for "Easy Rice Pudding." Now that it is cooled, it is still a little crunch...


momurdock commented 1 year ago

Cake recipe calls for instant vanilla pudding. I don't have any. Is there a substitute?

by xena 11 years ago

I was just about to make a cake using a recipe shared here by renov8r and discovered that I needed a box of instant v...


paulj commented 1 year ago

What seeds can turn milk into a pudding (like chia?)

by glify 2 years ago

I hear flax can do it also but must be ground, not ideal here in Thailand when I'm on the run (we don't have Whole fo...


CreativeLowCarbFusion commented 1 year ago

ISO best salted caramel budino recipe (Not too sweet) like Campagnolo TO

by itryalot 2 years ago

I am looking to make a salted caramel budino for Christmas party (individual portions). I have heard that Campagnolo'...


itryalot commented 1 year ago

Christmas cake or plum puddings

by yeggy 2 years ago

What is the best Christmas cake and plum pudding sold in supermarkets. Thanks


C70 commented 2 years ago

Indian pudding questions

by Lady_Tenar 6 years ago

Hello chowhounds! So, I am visiting my parents and doing a lot of cooking for them and my mom has requested that I In...


paulj commented 2 years ago

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Hilda's Mart & Bake Shop | Excelsior - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Hilda's Mart & Bake Shop is a Filipino bakery that I first tried about two years ago when we were spending more time ...

Steamed Pudding

by BabsW 7 years ago

Do I have to have a lidded mold to make a steamed pudding, or can I use a bundt pan and cover it tightly with foil?


I_Fortuna commented 2 years ago

tapioca pudding

by hotoynoodle 9 years ago

it seems so simple, i cannot get it. never liked it as a kid and have no desire to eat it now, but b/f my likes it a...


Querencia commented 2 years ago

Real Banana Pudding

by mariedumas 2 years ago

I cannot find a "from scratch" banana pudding recipe. All of them are for vanilla pudding with sliced bananas layere...


Madrid commented 2 years ago

Failed pudding - can it be saved?

by snacktime 3 years ago

I wanted a quick and easy gluten-free dessert and found Joy of Cooking's Vanilla Pudding. The recipe says to cook unt...


yayadave commented 3 years ago

Looking for a Chocolate Steamed Pudding Recipe!

by natalielovesfidalgo 3 years ago

Hello! I've been doing a lot of research on the internet in regards to steamed puddings. I want to make a Chocolate S...


eatingjoy commented 3 years ago

Parve rosewater pudding. Recipe?

by AdinaA 3 years ago

I had a wonderful rosewater pudding as the dessert course at Rafael's in Paris. More or less a sherbet you eat with ...


SonnyJoon commented 3 years ago

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